15 Trash to Treasure Triumphs That Will Make You Love Industrial Decor

Rich patinas, chippy paint, metal pipes - these abandoned pieces are about to reach a new level of sophistication.

By Hometalk Highlights

Thrift Store Find to Faux Card Catalog

A fresh coat of paint, a dark stain, and vintage style pulls turn this ordinary find into a stunner.

Industrial Table from Scraps

This couple decided to turn their last project’s scraps into a colorful couch-side surprise.

$2 Goodwill Fan Goes From Outdated to Antique

It started off outdated and a little tacky, but the finished fan is full of chalky character.

From Rusted Workshop Tray to Wall Organizer

It was rust and worn, but one DIYer took it home and turned it into back to school organization.

Metal Style Nightstand from a Wooden Castoff

For an edgy upgrade, you can turn a wooden nightstand into a metal locker lookalike.

Vintage Typewriter Table to Sweet Sewing Cart

A fresh coat of paint and a cute vinyl message brought this flea market orphan into the modern day.

Vanity Bench to Fresh Side Table

A pockmarked vanity bench was just looking for love, but what it found were pallets and a fresh look.

Art Deco Vanity Goes Aged Metallic

You would never know that this vanity is actually made of wood and not oxidized copper.

Average Metal Cart Gets a Chic Transformation

Who’d have thought a standard office cart could become the perfect industrial accent?

Basic File Cabinet Goes Farmhouse Industrial

Add wooden feet and dark layers of paint to turn a boring file cabinet industrial.

Industrial PB Style from Salvaged Side Table

Inspired by a Pottery Barn industrial-style stunner, this DIYer made her plain table spectacular.

Sad Little Cabinet With a Shiny New Finish

It was dirty and plain, and the hardware was falling. But now? She’s a shimmering beauty.

Card Catalog Becomes Stylish Side Table

It took new color and stylish legs, to turn this plain card catalog into a living room looker.