Curtain dilemma

I have 2 windows and only 2 curtain panels. They are out of stock as I purchased all they had and cannot get anymore. Does anyone have any good ideas how to use the panels? Place on rod and gather halfway down in the middle?
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  • Jeanne Jeanne on Aug 28, 2015
    Use as a balance over shears or mini blinds
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 28, 2015
    How big are the curtains and windows?
  • Raelene Raelene on Aug 28, 2015
    If you really love them, add another set or two of panels which coordinate with them either in a solid or print pulling out the colors you already have. It will give you a stripe effect at the window. Just keep the panels the same kind as in gathered, tabbed, etc.
  • Louise Louise on Aug 29, 2015
    If you post a photo of your windows and panels it might help us give you suggestions.
  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Aug 29, 2015
    As has been mentioned, more information would help considerably. If two panels are enough to cover one window, though, then you can add additional fabric/curtain panels to stretch it to fit two. As Raelene suggested, find another set of panels, cut all four in half lengthwise and stitch them together. If I were doing it, I'd buy more than 2 additional panels and use the ones you prefer as a leader stripe on the inside edge. Or make it both inside and outside edge, but I think the accent stripes should be smaller than the middle panel. Good luck to you.
  • Vicki at Entri Ways Vicki at Entri Ways on Aug 29, 2015
    Cut each panel down the middle vertically and now you have 4 panels. If you need more fabric add a plain coordinating piece to each
  • Chris Mullican Chris Mullican on Aug 29, 2015
    use one panel to each window and tie back to one side. pick out prominent color and add a valance...with that color
  • Deb2174528 Deb2174528 on Aug 29, 2015
    Use as scarves. Lay a panel in front of you horizontally. Fold back and forth in 3" folds. Place decorative hardware (tie back holders, medallions, etc.) in upper corners of the window. Drop folded curtain into hardware. Gently pull down on the folds to create smile shaped swoops. Comb with your fingers to soften the folds. The sides will be fish tailed. Take it one step farther by sewing the curtain into a trapezoid shape before folding. This makes the sides cascade better.
  • Mona Mona on Aug 29, 2015
    I'd cut the 2 panels in half - add tablecloth as panels et voilà!
  • Linda Hewett Linda Hewett on Aug 29, 2015
    I would do the same as Chris said. One on each window pulled back. If it looks too sparse, put sheers up.
  • Cut the panels. Here's a link to what I did when faced with the same problem:
  • Mary Mary on Aug 29, 2015
    Roman shades.
  • Sharon Russell Sharon Russell on Aug 29, 2015
    Just today..on another post...they're talking about using a tablecloth for curtain material because it's heavier, and comes in many styles, colors and fabrics. And then of course, there is always the cloth bathroom shower curtain!! Since I like to sew, I've bought an extra one, and edged towels with it - made a custom designed set for a newlywed :)
  • Cheryl Harrison Nettles Cheryl Harrison Nettles on Aug 29, 2015
    Pick a color and add fabric that matches to make extra panels
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Aug 29, 2015
    drape/scarf it across the top of each window on the rods or use iron bonding and make a window shade
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Sep 01, 2015
    Here's an idea.
  • Donna Woolley Donna Woolley on Sep 01, 2015
    check ebay, etc for more of same............. good luck ............... you could make cornice boards and tie backs with your drapes.......... then use solid fabric for drapes...... should be able to get a few toss pillows and fabric inserts from your fabric also........
  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 03, 2020

    Put the two panels on the outside edges, and fill the inside with sheers.

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