11 Charming Things You Can Do With An Old Milk Can

You wouldn’t believe what some people can do with this rusty old container!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make a Bold House Number Sign

Instead of hanging your house number in some hidden spot, display it clearly with a can.

Create Cottage Inspired Decor

A milk can is the perfect size & shape to light up empty corners - after a quick makeover.

Make a Couple Stools

Using a spare tractor seat, make a simple stool and dress it up with a color or logo you love.

Turn It Into a Patio Table

Highlight the milk theme, and turn an empty can into a cute, cow-themed patio table.

Set Up a Unique Porch Light

Make your can work double-duty, and use it as the base for a standing porch light and planter.

Use It as a Water Feature

Cover up a garden eyesore, or add interest to a boring outdoor space, with a fun fountain in a can.

Stencil It for the Perfect Planter

Bold paint and a stencil can turn an old milk can into a flower-filled porch stunner.

Include It in Your Fall Decorations

What goes better with pumpkins and fall foliage than a rustic, rusted milk can? Not much!

Combine Elements and Make a Side Table

Raid your collection of vintage odds and ends, and construct a little side table that guests will admire.

Set Up An Umbrella Stand

Create little farmhouse-style oasis, by using an empty milk can to hold a large outdoor umbrella.

Make a Halloween Display

Halloween is right around the corner, so get that milk can cleaned up and ready to spook!