12 Brilliant Things You Can Make From Common Thrift Store Finds

All those classic thrift store items can be so much more - but wait til you see just how much more!

By Hometalk Highlights

From Kitchen Wall Decor

You know those signs you see around in thrift stores? Any one of those can be your dream decor.

From an Abandoned Tea Set

There are tons of things to do with an old tea set, including create a floral display.

From an Old Wooden Mail Divider

This fun shaped mailbox was exactly what one DIYer wanted, but the lettering was a bit old. Makeover!

From a Tired Mirror

A plain mirror looks like the picture of elegance with a little paint and some gold trim.

From a Lonely Cutting Board

Thrift shops are full of cutting boards, but this is proof that they can be much more!

From a Glass Display Cabinet

An all glass display cabinet gets a country style twist and a lot more privacy.

From an Elegant Candle Sconce

Think 'big picture' when thrifting - pairing pieces, like a sconce and a base, is key.

From an Ugly TV Tray

Pieces can go from low-class to high-brow with just a touch of paint.

From a Framed Picture

A framed picture is a thrift store staple, and a great place to grab cheap canvas and frames.

From an Old Magazine Rack

A magazine rack is underwhelming - until you turn it into an amazing portable office.

From Dingy Yellowed Prints

With dingy, $3 prints, you can make designer wall decor to totally dress your space.