Asked on Feb 15, 2013

Using peanut butter with bird seed when makling molds.

LindaSow and DipityYair Spolter


I read if you use peanut butter with bird seed it will stick to the beaks of the little birds and they cannot open their little beaks again. I want to make the hanging feeders with my grandson when he comes to visit. Any truth to this bvefore I feed or kill the birds?
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Feb 15, 2013

    Linda, according to the Cornell University Ornithology Lab, there is no evidence that this is the case. Any concerns you have could be mitigated by mixing grit or cornmeal with the peanut butter. So make those feeders with your grandson and enjoy the birds.

  • Linda
    on Feb 16, 2013

    Thank you very much. I didn't think so but I wanted to make sure. Now to go have fun with our 10 yr old grandosn and make bird peanut butter/bird seed molds for our feathered friends.

  • Yair Spolter
    on Feb 17, 2013

    Linda, to be sure, you can ask @Shelley @ Sow and Dipity who posted this:

  • Sow and Dipity
    on Feb 17, 2013

    Thanks @Yair Spolter ... Hi Linda, I will first say that I am not an expert on birds, but suet and peanut butter etc from what I've always understood are fat's that birds benefit from, especially in leaner months. My only suggestion is to use a natural organic peanut butter without sugars etc. The birds will just peck at the seeds stuck in the peanut butter ( use only as much as needed in a thin layer and really roll the seeds into it ). Hope you have a fun day with your grandson!

  • Linda
    on Feb 22, 2013

    I would like to thank everyone who helped me. My grandson and I had so much fun making the "peanut butter/seed" feeders. Almost as much fun as we did watching the birds eat!

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