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coffee anyone

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee, it gets me started in the morning, and clears out all the cobwebs! First, please forgive the pics. My Iphone drowned so I am using an old phone to take the pics.I recently was given an Espresso Machine to review. I love it! As I sat the espresso maker beside my coffee maker, I realized I have a coffee bar in the making.

how to grow amaryllis

How to Grow Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulbs are big, chunky bulbs and often come in pretty boxes for gift giving. Planting those big bulbs and following a few simple growing instructions will result in the most amazing, big and beautiful flowers. Follow along today as I share some easy tips for growing Amaryllis Bulbs indoors.

make rustic stars out of sticks

Make Rustic Stars Out of Sticks

Do you love craft and DIY projects that are free as much as I do?These adorable rustic looking stars are completely free to make. You just have to gather some sticks from your yard or a local park. That, plus some string and a little creativity, and you're on your way.See the tutorial below. You can see more photos, plus download a free DIY guide over at Single Girl's DIY.

diy charred wood candle holders

DIY Charred Wood Candle Holders

These charred wood candle holders are incredibly easy to make, but they make a big statement in your fall decor! They're the perfect touch for Halloween that can also carry your decor through the rest of fall - and this simple little trick can be applied to just about any wood decor piece, so you can try it on all sorts of things around the house! If you like this project, check out the rest of my easy & affordable DIY ideas on my blog, Love & Renovations.

woodsy scented campfire candles

Woodsy Scented Campfire Candles

My husband and I used to go camping all the time. But nowadays it just seems like way too much work. But I really do miss the smell of the forest and watching the campfire burn low as the sky gets dark. So, instead of spending too much time in longing, I’ve decided to pay homage to the campfire with these Woodsy Scented Campfire Candles, with real wood wicks.Read the full article and why soy wax and wood wicks are a healthier option. http://www.thehiphomestead.com/how-to-make-enamel-mug-soy-wax-candles/

down by the seashore

Down by the Seashore

So much of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. I shop Pinterest like some women shop for shoes. This project being no exception, Of course, no two artworks can be the same. This tutorial tells you the "how to".

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diy rustic industrial shelves from reclaimed barnwood

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves From Reclaimed Barnwood

Learn how to make these gorgeous shelves from reclaimed wooden boards and plumbing supplies. Then decorate them with unexpected accessories for the perfect mix of old and new, rustic and glamorous.

welcome to plastic trash bag mountain let s transform it

Welcome to Plastic Trash Bag Mountain. Let's Transform It!

I have seen a lot of solutions for what to do with those pesky plastic shopping bags that can be useful but difficult to store. My girlfriend showed me a solution that has revolutionized my life... So I can't take credit for it. However, it has changed the way I think about those plastic bags and how to store them so they are more usable.There are a plethora of uses for these bags... But here is my solution to storing them and a couple of ideas of how I use them

entertainment center to a dollhouse

Entertainment Center to a Dollhouse

My first blog... forgive meThis was my attempt to turn an entertainment center i got at a thrift shop to a dollhouse... the whole project only was only $15.

make a decorative horse sculpture, My bronze horse started as a plastic toy

Make a Decorative Horse Sculpture

Using a brick and a toy horse, I made this faux bronze sculpture using chalk and metallic paints.

kitchen transformation for under 400

Kitchen Transformation for Under $400

A tight budget and a tired kitchen led to this amazing kitchen makeover.

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How can I cover my ugly furnace door?

The furnace door is soooo ugly! And it's right next to the bathroom so it's in plain sight. Yes, it's functional so I guess air needs to be allowed in. Something easy and inexpensive and safe that looks nice. Any ideas?

q how can i cover this

Can you do a GLAZE ONLY on laminate cabinets?

I have seen LOTS of posting on painting laminate cabinets. I am hoping to discover if it is possible to use a glaze only without having to primer, then paint, and finally glazing them. My cabinets have subtle wood grain details and are still in excellent condition after 18 years. I'm hoping to knock off the starkness and give them a blush of color not sure what yet. The priming, painting, glazing and sealing is a lot of work for some subtle highlighting. I'm on the lookout for some curbside doors to do some practice run's.

q can you glaze only laminate cabinets

How do I cut wall panels for my bathroom to fit around the window?

I want to put up bath surround panels over a tub and also a shower base, but there is a window that would be half covered up. I want to cut it to expose the window area but afraid I’d ruin it - either it would look cheap & cheesy or I’d ruin it structurally. Added photos of each grisly bathroom!! Anyone? Help?

q has anyone used bath surround panels and successfully cut altered it

How do I cover up my fireplace for child safety?

we don’t use our fireplace and we need to cover it for child safety purposes ( daughter is crawling around to it etc) so... what can I do that’s an easy DIY, inexpensive and can come off if we ever sell our house? Any ideas I would greatly appreciate.

q how do i cover up my fireplace for child safety

What are your ideas for this interior brick planter?

My son and his girlfriend just purchased their first home. The home was built in the 1960's and it has this brick planter near the front door. Other than using it for a plant, does anyone have any other ideas? If you have something similar, please show me your pic! Thanks so much.

q what are your ideas for this interior brick planter

How can I organize my kitchen/office table?

This is my kitchen table, it's like this every day it's also my office table. Only table in the house to eat.

q do they have any organizing helpers in the area of inkster michigan

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diy mini red truck buffalo plaid christmas tree ornaments

DIY Mini Red Truck & Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have decided to do a farmhouse theme on my flocked Christmas Tree this year and I wanted to make some new ornaments for it.I happen to run across a set of mini vintage looking red truck ornaments that had tiny little bottle brush tree's in the back of them and thought they were just about perfect for what I wanted.I wanted them to have a bigger presence on my tree so I got a bag of wood shapes, and since I am using a lot of black and white buffalo plaid this year I picked up some printed scrapbook paper.

shopping bags advent calendar

Shopping Bags Advent Calendar

I have to tell you that I am a total 80's girl! I'm a very nostalgic person who loves anything from the 80's & 90's, so I absolutely love how my shopping bags advent calendar turned out! If you've never done the advent calendar thing, now is the time to start. It's such a fun tradition and kids absolutely love it!

essential oil holiday room sprays

Essential Oil Holiday Room Sprays

Want to make your home smell amazing for the holidays? These essential oil room sprays are the perfect blend to have your home smelling amazing!!

heirloom recipe card christmas ornament

Heirloom Recipe Card Christmas Ornament

This is a great way to preserve family traditions and remember loved ones during the holidays. This recipe card Christmas ornament is a great way to display heirloom recipes and keep traditions alive! They make great handmade gifts too!

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update on the pantry hang drywall

Update on the Pantry (Hang Drywall )

Happy Sunday you guys I hope you all had a great week. Today in my video my husband tells you about how he spent this week at home doing different DIY projects and completing some of them. And spending some quality time with me and the kids. I hope you guys enjoyed the video have a great week be careful, be safe, and be bless. See you on the next one.How to build a pantry playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlREfeh19Gef_bOBJd1x4IEI1A7Eu9C5i

diy road trip backseat car organizer

DIY Road Trip Backseat Car Organizer

We all love trips, right? But, sometimes, when traveling with the kiddos, the disorganization and lost items can make us nuts! Solution? Sarah, from The Created Home, designed and built this amazing car organizer.

https youtu be kt2v0ahacvs

DIY Sock Snowman

In this video we show you how to make an easy and cute snowman made with old socks

dollar tree diy farmhouse style home sign home decor budget

Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Style Home Sign | Home Decor | Budget

I love the Farmhouse style lately so I created this HOME sign for my home using items from Dollar Tree!