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Dollar Store Flower Pot Spring Gnome

I love doing crafts! I hope you do too. Here is a simple Dollar Store Spring decoration it is easy and inexpensive. This can be a great craft with the kids or grandkids f…

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Let me show you how to make a hula hoop chandelier just in time for spring. You can see more of my projects here at Celebrate & Decorate!

Simple DIY Bamboo Ring Floral Hanging Design

Hello everyone! Let me start by saying I appreciate every single one of you. Those of you who create these crafts with me, thank you! I hope to inspire, and motivate thos…

DIY Plaster Wall Art

A completely original piece of wall art with salvaged table leaves and plaster.

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Ikea cabinet repair help

Hello,The drawer accidentally damaged the door of my IKEA kitchen cabinet, and IKEA doesn’t sell it anymore. I added a tape on it to avoid further damages.My place is ren…

Vintage green yellow bathroom?

I'm redoing my bath, vanity, sink lighting. Going to re-texture the bad job done before. The help I need is what color to tone down the tile? The pictures on the wall are…

New Windows Installed...Caulk is discoloring in spots?

Had all new windows installed in house in February of this year (2021). Already have some areas where the new interior caulk is discolored, and has gotten worse over th…

Screws won’t stay in wall!

I’ve moved into a fairly newly built place and I can’t seem to put up curtain poles or blind brackets. The wall just seems to crumble? I have tried wall plugs but these o…

Help with cabin exterior paint colors please!?

Lake Cabin in NW WI needs a new coat of paint and would like to freshen it up and modernize as much as possible. We joke that it looks like a dollhouse right now! Not a b…

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Updating A Coffee Table Using Chalk Paint And Retique It Liquid Wood

We desperately needed a new coffee table, so I went on the hunt!After a few days of searching, I found the coffee table pictured below on marketplace. The piece itself wa…

Decoupage Paper for Furniture

Are you looking for the best decoupage paper for furniture? Me too! Let’s do this easy decoupage project together!As an Amazon Affiliate (and other companies including Di…


How to grow sweet peas from seed? Start 4-6 week before last day of frost, scarify the hard surface of the seed, soak seed for 24 hours, plant seed indoors on a root trai…

Farmhouse-Style Easter Egg Wreath

Make this beautiful rustic Easter Egg Wreath using dollar store plastic eggs, two-wire wreath forms, and pastel paint!

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Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

Turn an old chair into a canvas and create a gorgeous piece of art with this Bob Ross tutorial.

Decorative Easter Basket DIY

Make a decorative Easter Basket in minutes using Dollar Tree supplies!

How To Hydro Dip Vases With Spray Paint (Easy DIY)

Do you have some blah-looking vases that are in need of a makeover? Or maybe you want fancy looking ones that you can get on a dollar-sized budget?Then you gotta check ou…

DIY Large Concrete Silicone Mold For A Planter

If you have wanted to make a large concrete silicone mold and haven’t known where to start, then I’ve got good news, you’ve come to the right place.Making your own mold m…

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How do I replant my bougainvillea topiary that broke off?

My Beautiful bougainvillea topiary broke off during a windstorm here in S. FL. Is there anyway I can save it, replant it, etc? I am sick about this....really want to sa…

How do decorate a wall with thermostat in the middle?

I should have said this is in my kitchen.The wall measures 6ft 2in wide with a pantry door on one side and hall entrance on the other. I have struggled with this wall fo…

How can i make a plaster sculpture more protected?

I have a plaster sculpture, and i worry that because plaster is really fragile, I'd like to I guess coat it with some hardening-surface that makes it less delicate and le…

How Do I Remove These Shelves Without Drywall Damage?

We are re-doing one of our rooms and desperately want to remove these shelves. The screws have either been filled or are hidden, but we aren’t sure. All I know is that it…

My porch and take up this carpet?

What can i do with this porch? I want to take up the carpet

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Pool Noodle Lighting Hack

I figured out the coolest way to light my yard using a pool noodle!


Sharing a hack to fix sagging couch cushions- it’s like Botox for cushions.I have a couch cushion hack today that does not involve batting. ** Update I added a video link…

DIY Fireplace Makeover: How To Add Brick To a Fireplace

DIY Fireplace Makeover: How To Add Brick To a FireplaceEasily elevate your boring fireplace with this simple brick makeoverThis project is sponsored by Glen-GeryY’all we…

Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf DIY

Learn how to make a beautiful Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf with wood boards, chicken wire, dollar store hula hoops, and a little paint!