retro filing cabinet makeover

Retro Filing Cabinet Makeover

In a previous iteration of this retro filing cabinet, I had fun turning it into a planter. There’s...

thrift store rug makeover

Thrift Store Rug Makeover

I transformed a thrift store rug into a Native American style decor! It took a few simple steps and...

diy lunch prep station

DIY Lunch Prep Station

With two kids needing to get out of the door on time in the mornings, keeping my mornings running...

how a pattern and a ribbon saved my old bedroom curtains

How a Pattern and a Ribbon Saved My Old Bedroom Curtains

Here’s a simple story of an old pair of curtains and a red ribbon that updated my bedroom and turned...

gorgeous colourful upcycled giant tassels for the home

Gorgeous Colourful Upcycled Giant Tassels for the Home

These aren't any old tassels, well they are actually as they are made from scraps of old jeans. ( I...

diy window seat cushion in under an hour

DIY Window Seat Cushion in Under an Hour

All that was left to do was make the cushion for my window seat. I did it all for less than $60...

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How do I cover low hanging duct work?

I think I accidentally sent a picture of my grandchildren when I asked...

q how do i cover low hanging duct work

How to treat branches I bring in to bring outside inside?

I walk at sunrise by the Chester River on MD’s Eastern Shore & gather...

q how to treat branches i bring in to bring outside inside

How to remove wooden decals from antique furniture ?

Restoring a vintage radio cabinet from 1929. The previous owner(s)...

q hhow to remove wooden decals from antique furniture

How do I refinish a wooden sign?

we have replaced our roadside sign, but we want to refinish the old...

q how do i refinish a wooden sign

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bear and basket for house

Bear and Basket for House #

We had a wooden bear gifted to us years ago by my dearest friend. If you knew her, you would love...

transform your old shed into a garden table

Transform Your Old Shed Into a Garden Table

After much deliberation my husband and I replaced two rotting sheds with one large one (I confess to...

recycle the summer challenge disposable picnic spoons, The Finished box

Recycle the Summer Challenge. Disposable Picnic Spoons

I had some leftover wooden disposable spoons. I love using these in my projects. I use them in the...

learn how to use powder glaze on furniture the easy way

Learn How to Use Powder Glaze on Furniture the Easy Way

Do not be intimidated by powder glaze anymore!! Learn how to use powder glaze to take those...

fall window box for your door

Fall Window Box For Your Door


one room schoolhouse desk gets new life

One Room Schoolhouse Desk Gets New Life

I found this desk on the side of the road. It sat there for a week and I finally decided to pick it...

Watch video tutorials

How To Stencil a Spooky Skull Damask Wall

Hey there! Ever craved a bold accent wall but didn’t know where to start? Well, we have a unique...

DIY Cupcake Tray for a Party

My little girl had her 6th birthday and she wanted and all pink Princess Birthday! We had a blast...

Bridal Show Floral Arrangement

This is way to construct a big floral arrangement. I hope you can do it.

Chinese Evergreen Care & Growing Tips

Algaonemas aka Chinese Evergreens are easy houseplants to care for with beautiful foliage in a...