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This post looks at the benefits of a cold frame and shows you our clever design for transforming a raised bed into a cold frame in mere minutes.

how to make a patio party bar diy

How to Make a Patio Party Bar - DIY

Make a Bar for your patio and enhance your time outdoors this summer!

diy little girl s playhouse for 300

DIY Little Girl's Playhouse for $300

DIY Little Girl's Playhouse built with pallets, tin and faux shiplap! Completed for around $300. Full tutorial can be found at my website.

how to concrete pump house, concrete masonry

Vertical Carved Concrete Pump House

I have flower beds all throughout the yard. Which, in the heat of summer requires hoses all over the yard. I'd like to say "he loves me" and that's why he trenched water lines everywhere to help me keep my flowers alive, but the truth is he was really sick of hoses everywhere! I'll take it- watering is so much easier!
Now, to hide the pump...sounds like a good summer project doesn't it?

box in your ceiling beams

Box in Your Ceiling Beams!

There are times when things would go so much easier if I just maintained a conventional norm....but that's not me! After putting up my plywood walls, I wondered which stain I should use for the overhead beams I wanted to box in. Decisions, decisions. Hmmmmmm....why not use them all?

how to build a chicken coop from repurposed pallets

How to Build a Chicken Coop From Repurposed Pallets

We got chickens! I needed to build a coop for them, but most of the plans I found online were not free . I'm the type of DIYer who just has to start building and figure it out as I go. So here's what I did to build my own coop:

easy flower planter

Easy Flower Planter

Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods and now it’s time for planting . Planters made of wood are so expensive . So I ve decided to build one myself with some help from some gals !

diy outdoor dog bed lounger

DIY Outdoor Dog Bed Lounger

When I found a brand new pallet thrown away by a neighbor, I knew I would want to do something with it! I had my husband go grab it and store it in our garage. Meanwhile, I started to think about what I wanted to make with it. A lot of ideas ran through my mind but the one that stuck was a raised outdoor dog bed or dog lounge that could have a canopy on it for shade for the dogs. I had tried metal raised dog beds we bought from Amazon, but they lasted about a year. I wanted something big enough that three dogs and even a human could relax in!

how to install an inground trampoline, how to, outdoor living

How to Install an Inground Trampoline

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved inground trampolines. We had them at my grandparent’s house and at their cabin. They were so easy to run on and off of, take turns on, and were super convenient for us as kids.
When I was a teenager, we had an above-ground trampoline at our house. I was in charge of mowing our home lawn for years. It was tedious and annoying having to recruit one or two family members to help me move the trampoline half way through my lawn mow so I could mow under it.
My brother had an above ground trampoline with a net. His kids sometimes played with it. Then he had it installed inground and now the kids never stop playing with it. They don’t need help getting on or off, and there are fewer injuries and less fighting.

diy coca cola planter

DIY Coca-Cola Planter

We had rescued this old side from an antique Coca-Cola cooler from the scrap yard.It has been hanging out on the farm for some time just waiting for the right project.

diy floral display, crafts, flowers, how to, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

DIY Floral Display

I’ve always believed that it’s a good day when you can put some random glass test tubes to use. If you don’t have glass test tubes laying around, they can easily be purchased on the internet or found in your local thrift store on a randomly lucky day.

blue kitchen cabinet project

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Project

Some time ago, I, like many others pinned the Pinterest picture of the blue cabinets with the black glaze. What a beautiful picture it is. Now, I would give credit where credit is due but these pictures have been pinned so many times that I do not know who to give credit to.

hand sewn baby swing, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, woodworking projects

Hand Sewn Baby Swing

I've got a lil' niece on the way, so I decided to make her a swing! This tutorial is for those with some sewing knowledge, but, honestly, it is just some straight lines so you don't have to be a pro either. This cloth swing is really pretty simple and super cute! With some sewn fabric, wooden dowels, and rope your lil' bundle will be swinging for joy!

how to make a raised planter box


I have made a few planters, but this is by far my favorite one.This could be made for interior or exterior. Since this was made for indoors I used pond liner and a plastic planter box. I used pine lumber, so I didn't want the lumber to have direct contact with the soil. For exterior use, my suggestion would be to use Cedar lumber, this is common for exterior planter box and it's ok to have direct contact with soil. Of course, any protection wouldn't hurt. Cedar is also known for repelling some insects.Although the stand looks like metal, this is all made from wood. I used select pine and pine common board.

infinity mirror candle holders, home decor

Infinity Mirror Candle Holders

Everyone loves infinity mirrors and we all want them, but for some people is not easy to work with LEDs and electricity and thats the reason I came up with this build.

diy bird feeder made from pallet wood, crafts, gardening, how to, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

DIY Bird Feeder Made From Pallet Wood

A Pallet AND Recycled Wine bottle craft in one! Use up the scraps from an old pallet to make this simple rustic bird feeder that your feathered friends will love.

diy dog fence, fences

DIY Dog Fence

A climbing Jack Russell was a big problem at our house until I built my own custom fence.
It was dangerous for the dog to continue to climb over the sharp fence we had before so I built a new one that would meet our needs.
The fence is not only functional it is rustic and goes with the style of my home.

front porch pergola

Front Porch Pergola

The front of my house needed a drastic facelift and some curb appeal. I really disliked how plain it looked, so this is what I came up with. Staining the brick, adding fresh landscaping and a newly built front porch pergola really seemed to do the trick. Hope you enjoy!

simple diy tent, crafts, outdoor living

Simple DIY Tent

If you can't make it to the can make it to your own backyard for a little relaxation! This simple tent is the perfect place to read a book or color a picture. My girls are sure to enjoy it!

diy inexpensive deck rails out of steel conduit easy to do

DIY Inexpensive Deck Rails Out of Steel Conduit, Easy to Do!

A post on how we built inexpensive deck rails out of steel conduit. Have you seen the gorgeous steel wire railings that have been populating Pinterest the last couple of years and gaining huge popularity? Well I sure have and I’ve been drooling over them for months and months… at least until I saw the price tag. It was an absolute no go for us, on top of that they do require tightening over time and that kinda bugged me too. I was leaning toward just wire fencing (yes like hog panels) but that felt a little rough even for us and I would have wanted to frame them out in wood and that would have been labor intensive and costly.

upcycled outdoor planter

Upcycled Outdoor Planter

I love the look of large stately planters but the cost can be outrageous! I remembered seeing a tutorial on pinterest showing how to make planters with old shutters once. I wasn't sure how they would stand up to the outside.

diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

DIY Ladder Shelf

This ladder shelf is super trendy and gives a way for you to show off your decor pieces that are just spread throughout the whole house. The best part apart it, you don't have have to spend a fortune. The wood was about $20 total (excluding the nails, hinges, etc)!

fence post plant hanger

Fence Post Plant Hanger...

List Of Supplies Needed: 1 4X4 FENCE POST4 MITERED POST CAPS (OR MAKE YOUR OWN)1 METAL PLANT HANGERPAINTWOOD GLUE2 ½ INCH SCREWSI wanted to make a plant hanger to add to my fence grouping and decided to make one out of a fence post.

why crossvine is a great pergola plant, flowers, gardening, Looking down on the pergola Hello hummingbirds this is what heaven looks like

Why crossvine is a great pergola plant

Two years ago I put a pergola over the patio on the back of my house and planted a one-gallon pot of a lovely cultivar of our native crossvine, Bignonia capreolata "Tangerine Beauty," next to one of the supports. Today that one plant almost covers the 10 x 15 foot pergola, and that's after climbing 8 feet up. Right now, it is putting on a spectacular display of deep apricot and golden yellow blooms.
Crossvine is a member of the the botanical family Bignoniaceae, which also includes the more widely known trumpet vine, Campsis radicans. Like trumpet vine, this is a vigorous grower (estimates of its size range up to 50 feet, although my cultivar shouldn't get past 30) and needs a large, sturdy support. Trying to keep it small would be an exercise in frustration, but if you have a large area to cover, it is perfect.
The shape of the flowers will tell you it is beloved of hummingbirds, and I can tell you that bees are pretty fond of it as well. Not surprisingly, the best show is in full sun, but it will take some shade. Mine gets no water other than what mother nature provides. In the northern limits of its range (it is said to be hardy to zones 5 or 6, depending on the source), it will probably lose all its leaves in the winter and may even die back to the ground. In my location on the Florida coast, it sheds some leaves, and the foliage that persists takes on an appealing burgundy cast.

diy multi color planter

DIY Multi-color Planter

Another planter project to share! This one was a gift for my mom on Mother's Day and I love how it turned out!