designer sliding mirror bedroom closet doors

Designer Sliding Mirror Bedroom Closet Doors

I have been replacing some of my hollow core doors for a more up scale look. I didn’t think I could get a sliding barn door here because of space constraints, until I thought of using 2 doors opening from center out.

barn door using a closet track, diy, doors, woodworking projects

Barn Door using a closet track

While completing my recently renovated basement I knew a barn door was going in there somewhere. Without using the expensive hardware I was able to create my own barn door..

diy privacy film tutorial for door with windows, bathroom ideas, doors, how to, repurposing upcycling

You Make a Better Door Than a Window. AKA DIY Privacy Film Tutorial.

"You make a better door than a window." It's something that may have been heard around here once or twice. Trash talk. When you've got siblings, it's kind of a given I suppose. Truth is, we do a lot of trash talking here.

double pantry barn door diy under 90, closet, diy, doors, kitchen design, woodworking projects


I am so happy to finally share with you my barn door DIY . Built for my pantry, I would have loved a true barn door on a sliding track, but the space did not allow enough room for this. So, I had to build two narrow doors.

farmhouse shed makeover

Farmhouse Shed Makeover

When we bought our house a year and a half ago, we knew that we had a lot of work ahead of us. We have a little ranch style house that sits on about 1.5 acres. You may even remember THIS post about the time we repainted our house, which was quite an undertaking! Well, this spring we wanted again to tackle another eyesore on the property and create a little area to sit by the front of the house and watch the kids play. Our kids like to color with chalk and play with the neighbors, but we always had to drag our back patio chairs up front to sit. So let’s take a look at our total Farmhouse Shed Makeover and how we turned our old shed into something that looks brand new for under $500!!I love a good before photo…so let’s take a look at the before:

diy faux window shutters from a repurposed door, curb appeal, doors

DIY Faux Window Shutters From A Repurposed Door

Don’t you just love vintage window shutters? Especially the raised panel ones! They are so popular for using as home decor these days! Unfortunately, I don’t see these much in my neck of the woods.

covering up our incredible eye sore barn door closet, closet, diy, doors, outdoor living, woodworking projects

Covering up Our Incredible Eye Sore - Barn Door Closet!

So we've had this incredible eye sore in our entryway since the very beginning of our house renovation. We can blame me and the epic lack of communication with our electrician remains a VERY sore spot for me because it apparently never occurred to anyone that we needed to discuss the location of the new panels SO they ended up right here, right by our front door. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Horrible eye sore that I've been planning and scheming to get covered up this entire time. Outside the house it looks just as horrible, a nice electrical conduit welcome greeting for anyone coming in but unless I win the lottery some time and want to hire someone to undertake the immense (and extraordinarily costly) task of moving the panels, all I can do is make the best of this ugly situation. Of course, my plan began with the idea that I wanted to make a barn door closet, as I've got several wonderful old barn doors laying around :) So, this is where I started.

how to build a pantry barn door, closet, doors, shelving ideas

Pantry Barn Door

The bifold pantry door was ugly and broken so...we decided to make a barn door to replace it. The barn door rail system was out if the non-existent budget so we made our own.

diy barndoor tutorial

DIY Barn Door Tutorial

I wanted to make our Master bedroom match the rest of our farmhouse feel in our home and I knew that adding a barn door would be so cool. Here's how easy it is to convert a builder grade door into a sliding barn door.

sturdy wood screen door

Sturdy Wood Screen Door

My plan was to buy a wood screen door at a box store for $20 but when I looked at the quality, I knew it wouldn't last for a week with my kids! So I designed and built one with style that will last for years!

if you want fancy go french doors that is , doors

If You Want Fancy, Go French...doors That Is...

So remember when I told you all (I mean ALL) about our bathroom remodel? And remember a LOOOOOONG time ago, I told you about our closet remodel? Well remember last year when I made sliding doors how I told you about my hatred of interior doors…especially boring ones? Well if you put all those pieces together, it would make sense when I tell you that I removed the closet and bathroom door during remodels and they never got replaced.
Since we don’t have kids, or inside pets, I really don’t see a problem with not having doors on the master bathroom or closet, but Danny SOMEONE thinks doors are a necessity. Here is what we had going on before. The opening in the back is the bathroom and the one towards the front is the closet. It’s really awful right now after the bathroom remodel chaos, so it’s on the to do list for next year.

diy a sliding barn type bedroom door, bedroom ideas, doors, how to

DIY: A Sliding Barn-Type Bedroom Door

There are a zillion ways to DIY a sliding door! Here's a fast, easy, under $100 way!

decorative window shutters

Decorative Window Shutters

Outside my back door i have an alley-way that leads out to my back yard. Its dark and dingy and i wanted to brighten it up. I gave the whole thing including the ceiling a coat (or six!) of white outdoor masonry paint. It looked much better but needed some decoration.The surrounding doors and window frames are all painted blue (courtesy of our local Council) and my son had commented that the colour scheme reminded him of those lovely little Greek houses with the brightly coloured shutters at the windows. This gave me an idea..There is a window in the alley connected to a small shed used for storage, it's been painted over by a previous Tenant and i decided to see if i could find some shutters to fit. Always on a budget my mind started racing with ideas on how i could make the shutters from junk i already had and a few days later i came across an old set of wooden Venetian blinds, they didn't fit any of my windows (i had picked them up in a second-hand shop some months earlier not realising they were too short for my original intended purpose (doh!)I set about stripping the blinds so i was just left with the slats. I needed to half every measurement so i had enough to make a pair of shutters, then i began measuring and cutting, once everything was cut to size i gave them a quick sanding and painted them with some a matt gloss blue paint (the area they are for is not exposed to the elements so it didn't matter if it was outdoor paint).Once the paint was dry i laid two of the longer lengths (the height of the window) on a flat surface and then slowly glued smaller lengths across these from top to bottom, (the wood is very thin and lightweight ) so gluing was all that was needed but i did put a screw in each corner to secure them to the walls and this strengthened the whole thing. once the shutters were in place i hung two hanging baskets next to them to finish the look. I will also be putting a small table and chairs underneath and I am thinking about painting a picture on the window for a future project (any ideas welcome) but for now i'm just so glad the dark dingy alley is brighter and i'm quite proud of my junk shutters! Hope you like it, below is a before and after with a few pics to show how i achieved the look. Thanks for reading

how to build a 1x6 t g pine door for a sliding door

Building a Pine Door for a Sliding Barn Door Look

This project is for a beginner to medium skilled woodworker. The most important part of this project is making sure square is there when building it. It will require a table saw or good skills with a circular saw to rip one board to start the installation of the Pine T & G.All in All this project is easy and rewarding to build.... Have Fun.

repurpose how to build a red screen door out of an old window, doors, how to, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

How to Build a Red Screen Door Out of an Old Window

If you’ve been following along then you know that Joe and I heat our house using wood in a large wood burning stove in our kitchen. From day one it seemed only natural to use the closet under our stair case (about four steps away from the wood stove) as wood storage all year. When the closet is full of wood it lasts us about two weeks and its become Joe’s Saturday ritual to cut more for us and replenish any wood we burned during over the week. Since day one I had my heart set on this closet being closed by an old screen door painted red. The only problem was, I couldn’t find a door to fit the space, so I decided that I had no choice but to build a screen door!

one of a kind sliding barn door with a pet door built in it

One of a Kind Sliding Barn Door (with a Pet Door Built in It!)

Learn how to build a sliding barn door (complete with a pet door!) with this step by step tutorial. Using repurposed wood from an old farm building, this DIY project instantly adds rustic charm to any home!

how we converted a window into a door

How We Converted a Window Into a Door

We had this room off of our garage that didn't have the best of access. This was an ideal spot for an entertainment type room (man cave if you asked my husband) but before we could consider that, we needed to give it easier access from the house. The good news is that this room had a couple of windows and one of those windows would make the perfect spot for a door. Job half done, right? Click here to see this and similar DIY tutorials. To convert this window into an exterior door, here are the steps we took. If this isn't something you are comfortable with, always seek the advice of a professional.

diy barn door baby gate

DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

This is by far my favorite DIY my hubby and I have ever done..ever. We originally had just a plastic baby gate here. It was an eye sore and our dogs (and baby) had learned how to open it on their own. Our doorway is larger than normal, about 46" wide, so we had to alter the plans we followed.

pretty sliding barn door it slides behind a dresser

Pretty Sliding Barn Door. It Slides Behind a Dresser.

Okay. you may be tired of seeing my sliding door projects, but this one is the last. My master bath is really small and the door opens into the room making it even tighter. I thought I didnt have the space for a barn door because I have a small dresser just to the right of the bathroom door. I need this small dresser there because bathroom is so small so it holds my bath towels, linens and toiletries.The solution is to have door slide behind the dresser

diy wood window valances, diy, how to, window treatments, windows, woodworking projects

DIY Wood Window Valances

After a recent renovation of our home office space we were stuck for window treatments. Not wanting to block precious light in our antique home and desiring to put some texture and warmth into the room had us thinking outside the box at bit. We purchased the knotty-est pine we could find at the store and brought it home. Based on the width of our windows my husband cut the wood and built 6 of these:

diy pallet barn door on hinges

DIY Pallet Barn Door on Hinges

I needed some doors for the wood storage cabinet I built and since the cabinets are huge (7ft), I knew I needed the doors to both function and serve as a statement art piece in my living room!

diy distressed sliding barn door, bathroom ideas, diy, doors, woodworking projects

DIY Distressed Sliding Barn Door

So sliding barn doors are everywhere these days. It used to be the case that if you wanted one you had to shell out some serious bucks. Even if you opted to make your own door, you still had to drop a lot of money on the hardware. Not anymore, there are actually a lot of affordable options for sliding hardware now and a lot of big box places even carry them in store. Lucky for me, this helped me get this idea off my Pinterest board and into our master!

how to install sliding pantry door, closet, doors

Sliding Pantry Door

I found this door while browsing online looking for a salvage place. I was looking for unusual items for our home as we were rebuilding.

hutch with diy barn doors

Hutch With Diy Barn Doors

I received a text from my aunt that said ”hurry there are some nice things on the road, someone just sold the house and moved stuff to the road a few houses down from me”. I told my son come on let’s go look. I might need your help. Sure enough a nice hutch was just thrown out. It’s missing only one handle And all the doors. It was okay I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. my son and I loaded this huge hutch into my Nissan Cube. A funny sight I’m sure. I was determined I wasn’t leaving without this piece. It fit but barely, we were riding with our seats Into the windshield almost. I Got it home and we unloaded it and I began to inspect it better. Wow what a find no issues anywhere except one handle missing And no doors. I wasn’t worried about either missing. Because I knew I wanted barn doors on it.