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Pantry On the Sly

With 5 people squeezed into a 1350 square foot house, I'm all for discovering spaces to use as double purpose. So what's one space that is sorely overlooked as storage in most homes? Behind the doors!

episode 4 turning a run down patio into a paradise

Episode 4: Turning a Run-down Patio Into a Paradise

< Previous episode | Next episode >Living in Brooklyn, NY, it can be difficult to create your own, personalized space. That's why New Yorker Stephanie really wanted to turn her fenced-off outdoor patio into a mini paradise. She knew she needed help to make a plan and get started, so she brought in Hometalk DIYer Amy to show her how to use the tools she needed and guide her through designing and building a space that really spoke to her.

how to build a dresser of sorts in a minute and a half

How to Build a Storage Unit in a Minute and a Half

Last year, I came up with how to build a bench in sixty seconds and I’ve always wanted to create another similar idea. So, without further ado, here it is. Yesterday, I showed you how to build a simple cubby dresser using four crates. Today, I am showing you how to add three stair treads and create an amazing storage unit. This storage unit can be used as many things. I plan to use it in my daughter’s room as a dresser. My daughter hates to put her clothes in drawers. I hope this is a solution that wI’ll both of us happy. I seriously wouldn’t mind one for myself. It would be great in a mud room using each crate for a child or an item. Such as one bin for hats, one for gloves and so on. Maybe a bin afor rain gear.

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DIY Mid Century Dresser

The best compliment I have gotten on my new DIY dresser was "that looks like it came straight out of the 70s." Why, thank you, sir, that was the point. Guess I made it well:) haha
If you've been following along on the blog, you may remember me talking about the "South Wing Project" where we will be redoing our master bathroom and bedroom. Well, the bathroom will be first, but while I am being indecisive about things for it, I decided to build a few things for the bedroom to pass the time :)
So after I made new nightstands, I wanted a retro/mid century style dresser like this one I saw at West Elm. But the price tag was $999. Umm, no. So I figured out a way to make a similar one myself.

old coffee table gets a high end upcycle, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster, woodworking projects

Want a Bench- Think Coffee

From a second hand coffee table to a comfortable Bench - just the right size!

repurposed dresser into patio entertaining island, painted furniture

Repurposed Dresser Into Patio Entertaining Island

I needed a place to serve food and drinks on our patio when entertaining. I purchased an old dresser and went to work

under the bed shoe storage

Under the Bed Shoe Storage!

When we downsized drastically a couple years ago, I knew I needed to store my shoes in a place other than our cramped closet. I knew that under the bed was going to be my best bet. So, I found some pallet wood, Luna and a handle and went to building a shallow box.

diy craft table

DIY Craft Table

I am an avid budget friendly DIYer… In fact, I love crafting so much that I decided to turn a hobby into somewhat of a business. The only problem is that my crafting addiction was taking over my home. There were craft supplies on the dining table, on the kitchen counter, in the living room, in the bathtub. Ok, maybe not the bathtub, but literally they were everywhere! I have a spare bedroom that served as storage and that is just no way to live! So I decided I would clean it up and create my very own craft space. I began my project with a DIY craft table!

how to make a headboard with embedded nightstands

How to Make a Headboard With Embedded Nightstands

This is a simple woodworking project and you don't need to many tools, it is very practical and you can add as many shelfs as you want and they work as Nightstands also!

no screws no nails kitchen island

No Screw/ Nails-Kitchen Island

I purchased this 4"x 4" post from the local lumber yard at a whooping $ 5.00 a piece. And I wanted to build a kitchen island with these post but I wanted to do it a bit different than normal. Built this beauty without screws and/or nails.

file cabinets get a facelift, home office, organizing, painted furniture

Our File Cabinets Get a Facelift

Jeff and I had planned to create a shared office from what is now our dining room. With the kids gone we don't use it as a dining room anymore except for a couple of holidays each year. We are keeping the dining room table so we can still have those holidays. But we are adding some desks.

you nique sleigh bed transformation, painted furniture, Her finished view from the left side

You-Nique *Sleigh Bed* Transformation

SAVE! You could see those puppy dog eyes calling for love! Gypsy Barn to the Rescue! Here are some shots as we created this beauty. This was actually built for an indoor piece. It was just too big to get in the house to photo shoot. The new owners have frenchdoors and just walked it right in! VERY comfy! Thanks for all the love!!!

dresser bench upcycle

Dresser Bench Upcycle

This dresser came to me needing some love. I wanted to make her SPECTACULAR and stand out from all the other ordinary dressers. And she had the PERFECT BONES for this transformation.....

distressed finish farmhouse bed

Distressed Finish Farmhouse Bed

Our daughter really wanted to make the bedroom at her new apartment look nice, so she asked her dad (we call him Mr. DIY) to make her a Farmhouse Bed. He dropped all his other projects and got right on it. You can see how we built it on a previous post on Hometalk or you can just do a Google search with "DIY Design Fanatic How To Make A Farmhouse Bed".This post will show you the finished bed and how it looks in her room.

bench out of 2x4 s

Bench Out of 2x4's

Who said you can't make furniture out of 2x4's ?! Check out how I made this bench with a few 2x4's and some elbow grease.

have an outdated entertainment center do this with it, painted furniture

Have an Outdated Entertainment Center? Do THIS With It!

I bought this entertainment center for my husband for our first Christmas we were married. It cost around $100 and that was A LOT of money for us. We didn't need it anymore but I couldn't bear to part with it since it held so much meaning for us. Then I had a GENIUS idea!

something is upsided down here, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Something is Up Side Down Here. Up Dated Project

OK, so I had two chairs that were the same given to me for whatever purpose I wanted with them. I never turn away something free that still has some potential for a new life of service with possibilities. Both chairs had the same broken back leg, and with the grain of the wood the way it was made I could see how this could happen with age. So what to do?

ikea malm dresser hack

IKEA MALM Dresser Hack

We had two IKEA dressers that were looking kinda plain and giving off a “I got this for my first apartment” vibe. So, inspired by a West Elm dresser with knobs on the top drawer and pulls on the rest, we found $35 in hardware (per dresser) to give our dressers a little extra oomph.

knock off industrial side table, home decor, woodworking projects, Knock Off Industrial Table

Knock Off Industrial Side Table

My husband and I were browsing the interwebs one day and found an industrial side table we liked and started brainstorming how we could make one ourselves. It was a bit of a process, but we're so thrilled with the result. We ended using some chemicals and a blowtorch (not at the same time!) to get the aged look on the metal. Then we used IKEA butcher block countertops for the wood shelves. It definitely has a personal feel to it since we were able to work on it together!

tutorial tree slice side table with diy legs made of lamp pipe, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

Tutorial: Tree Slice Side Table With DIY Legs Made of Lamp Pipe

This is my favorite DIY furniture project so far! I made it with a chunk of wood from a mulberry tree. The legs are DIY too--my new version of industrial pipe legs that I made using steel lamp pipe and brass fittings.

how to build a small bookcase, diy, painted furniture, shelving ideas, storage ideas, woodworking projects

How to Build a Small Bookcase

Assemble a custom storage piece with plywood and moldings. See shopping list and tools list here>

a custom removable diy wood block headboard for cheap, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

A Custom Removable DIY Wood Block Headboard for Cheap!

This awesome headboard is totally custom, totally DIY, removable and cost less than $80! No way? Yes way! You have got to see this!

how to make a star wars hovercraft bed, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Star Wars Hovercraft Bed

A bed that floats?! Or at least looks like it's floating? This is a great weekend project that will make you the coolest parent on your block!

headboard from a crib rail, bedroom ideas, repurposing upcycling

Headboard From A Crib Rail

We cleaned out the attic a few months ago. Our old crib was a drop side model and had a dated finish. I knew that should we have grandkids, I wouldn't feel safe putting them in this crib. I wanted to repurpose as many of the pieces as I could rather than have them languish in the attic.