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HAPPY EARTH DAY! Rustic Wood Plant Holder Decor

A few of my favorite things that are trending these days are...pothos , barn wood, & copper. Yep simply click on any of those links and you will lose yourself to the world of pinterest inspiration. I know because just typing in those words was oh so tempting after seeing all the pics pop up!! But with that said it's one thing to pin a pic and another to actually do a project. Today I challenge you to bust out the power tools and get zestin' with me!! Today's project was not only inspired by plants, wood and copper- but also Brooke's zesty project. Remember when she made this awesome air plant holder? Well now it's my turn to put my own spin on it!!

wishing well all scrap wood, diy, woodworking projects

Wishing Well - All Scrap Wood

Too much time on my hands made this over the weekend, and it is all from scrap wood. This definitely is a proto type. I am going to make an official one along with some furniture and bring it on down to the River Walk in La. Tell me if you like this? Like I said it is from scrap wood, and spare shingles.

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How to Build Attractive Backyard Planter Boxes

Let the summer projects begin!! Now that summer is in full swing here in Idaho and we've officially been in our house for a year, we've started tackling some of the outdoor projects that we've been talking about for months. Are the projects never ending at your place too? There's always some sort of brainstorming going on around here. One of the items on our list for this year was building a couple of planter boxes for our backyard. We have a lot -- no, a TON -- of rock along our fence and a lot of vinyl fencing so to break it up and to add a little privacy we decided planter boxes would help eliminate some of the eye sores in our backyard.

how to make a birdhouse slipcover for a outdoor security camera

How to Make a Birdhouse Slipcover for a Outdoor Security Camera

We recently installed a couple of Ring Outdoor Security Cameras at Steph's house as part of our participation in The Home Depot's smart home campaign.These cameras are battery operated, meaning we could install them away from a power source. This gave us a lot more flexibility in their placement.We decided to put them where they could "see" Steph's house rather than "see" out away from it.Take a look at what we did, and how we gave them a bit of camouflage in the form of a birdhouse "slipcover."

bird feeder

Bird Feeder

My mummy loves watching birds in her garden and she has this tree full of flowers and 4 bird feeders. Unfortunately one of the older bird feeders isn't looking so well anymore, so I decided to make her a new one. She really likes it and so do the birdies. The whole project took about 35 hours to complete and if you fancy having a go here is how ;)

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$12 DIY Planter Boxes

Spruce up your curb appeal for only $12 with these easy to build DIY Planter Boxes!

deck gates a simple wood working project how to

Deck Gates: a Simple Wood Working Project How To!

How to build a simple outdoor deck gate! With our deck railings finally complete it was time to figure out how I was going to build the gates across the two entrances we have on our deck. My first issue was pretty obvious to me, I wanted them to swing entirely out of the way and remain open year around if we wanted them to be. I also wanted them to “match” the deck rails we had already made. So, I built my gate frames out of wood first!

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DIY Porch Planters Under $25

Hey guys! Today I'm going to share a super basic DIY project that I completed this week. This is a VERY easy build and it cost under $25 for each planter!

up cycled tire planter, container gardening, flowers, gardening, perennials, repurposing upcycling, This Raised Tire Planter adds a quirky conversation piece to any garden for under 20

Up cycled Tire Planter

Want a great conversation piece in your garden that will appeal to male and female alike? Try up cycling an old tire into an unexpected piece of art that is perfect in your back yard garden retreat. This eco-friendly conversation starter will add colour and charm to any outdoor space!

building a vertical orchid garden wall, diy, flowers, gardening, landscape, ponds water features, This is the after and final result

Building a Vertical/Orchid Garden Wall

We decided to redo the waterfall portion of our 10 year old koi pond. We wanted a more natural look with stones and rock but we still needed to hide the filters and pumps. We made do with a bamboo screen for many years, but it was looking pretty raggedy! (see the before Pic I decided I wanted a vertical wall to hang my plants, mainly orchids, and to hide the pond equipment.

hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

Soon the Hummingbird’s will be coming back from their migration, and flitting from flower to flower, and feeder to feeder. If you get a lot of hummingbirds like we do, you really need more than one feeder. Here is a compact feeder that is sure to draw a lot of hummers. It is simple, easy to make and reasonable in price.

easy amazing diy modern plant wall

Easy & Amazing DIY Modern Plant Wall

So what do you do when your budget is limited, your backyard is small and boring, and you long for that cool “Dwell” high end vibe? You do this. Best. Project. Ever. This DIY modern plant wall just may be our proudest DIY moment yet! And it was easy. Be sure to click through for the entire tutorial at the end!

huge wood flip flops diy

Huge Wood Flip Flops DIY

Life is better in flip flops. I’m totally addicted to craft projects. If I see it or dream it, I know I can do it! Whenever I’m creating something with my hands, all my stress instantly melts away. It’s satisfying for mean when creating something new, and once your project is done it makes you so happy. This project is no different it will make you smile and add some cheer to your home.

diy weekend pergola project, diy, outdoor living, woodworking projects, Your pergola is built

DIY Weekend Pergola Project

Join me as we build my dream of 8 years...a pergola. We accomplished it over the course of a 3 day weekend and YOU CAN TOO!!!

the trellis of all time, gardening, how to, woodworking projects

The DIY Trellis of All Time

I'm so happy you're here, even though by now, I do realize most of you are only here for Eddie. I can't say that I blame you.
Any time Philly or I come up with something far more fabulous and amazing than what our Visa card alone can provide, we call it the "blank" of all time.

build a birdhouse for under 5 in under 5 minutes

Build a Birdhouse for Under $5 in Under 5 Minutes

Last year, my girlfriend and I wanted to put up some bird houses, but we were both very busy with work and spring was just around the corner. So, I came up with a super simple birdhouse pattern to make sure we got some homes up in time for our feathered friends, and although it's basic, it gets the job done.All the birdhouses we put up last year got used, and they are still in good condition after the winter, so I decided to share this pattern for anyone looking for an easy and cheap way to make a birdhouse. I definitely think that sometimes simpler is better, especially if it's the difference between making a project happen or continuing to put it off.

upcycled potting station art desk, crafts, gardening, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Potting Station/Art Desk

A few weeks ago while junking I came across this vintage school desk just discarded on the side of the road. I knew I had to save it, but I had no idea it was going to turn into this gem!

diy window box garden

DIY Window Box Garden

Here’s a super easy, quick and cost-effective little tutorial for a gift for a loved one: a window flower box made out of a broken palette. A great project to do with your kids!

diy bird feeder made from pallet wood, crafts, gardening, how to, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

DIY Bird Feeder Made From Pallet Wood

A Pallet AND Recycled Wine bottle craft in one! Use up the scraps from an old pallet to make this simple rustic bird feeder that your feathered friends will love.

easy diy fence post birdhouse

Easy DIY Fence Post Birdhouse

How to make this easy DIY PVC Fence Post birdhouse

picnic table, diy, how to, painted furniture, woodworking projects, This picture shows what a little planning can accomplish I offset the battens and legs on the bench with the ones on the table so that the benches can fit under the table if needed

Picnic Table

It felt wrong when i had the thought to buy a picnic table for the back yard. In hind sight, it would have been way cheaper and saved 3 days of my life... but, how cool is this table?!?
i bought Ipe, Tiger Wood, and Ceder for this project and hand rubbed 3 coats of oil for the finish. I know the sun will destroy the look within a few months, so she is going to be high maintenance with a sand and oil every year.
A few tip's:

pallet wood planter project, container gardening, gardening, pallet, repurposing upcycling

Pallet Wood Planter Project

Recycled pallet boards cover nursery pots for cheap, easy vintage style planters.

diy picket fence fireplace cover, diy, fences, fireplaces mantels, how to, repurposing upcycling

DIY Picket Fence Fireplace Cover

Add some whimsy to your home with this simple picket fence fireplace cover. ***The instructions are fairly detailed. Lots more pics on our site plus you can grab a FREE printable instruction sheet on our link at the bottom.

diy raised bed garden fence

DIY Raised Bed Garden Fence

Keep those pesky critters out and give your garden a finished look with this DIY fence!

pallet wood vertical planter

Pallet Wood Vertical Planter

I saw a reclaimed wood living wall at a local garden store the other day and loved the combination of overflowing greenery with the rustic boards on the wall. I figured out a way to recreate the wall... for free... in my own home!