ned kelly themed patio cooler

Ned Kelly Themed Patio Cooler

With the holidays coming up I wanted to make an outdoor cooler box that would hold all the drinks...

nantucket inspired porch swing made from reclaimed pallets, outdoor living, pallet, porches, Pallet Porch Swing created from an ordinary swing plan with just a few customizations

Nantucket Inspired Porch Swing made from Reclaimed Pallets

Using some standard porch swing plans, I altered them to reflect the shape of one of my favorite...

make your pallet sofa for less than

Check Out Our XL and DIY Pallet Sofa to Relax Outside....

As you can see this couch is perfect for outside, and the fact that I have it since 5 year can...

simple diy outdoor lounging bench

Simple DIY Outdoor Lounging Bench

I was looking for an inexpensive seating option that would maximize seating on a narrow balcony...

big rustic style cooler, outdoor furniture, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

Big Rustic Style Cooler

This is our 2nd cooler, we decided to make it bigger than the first one. The 1st rustic cooler can...

simple diy outdoor chair for a small balcony

Simple DIY Outdoor Chair for a Small Balcony or Patio

I have a very narrow balcony that's also not that big and I find it's very difficult to find...

diy bohemian style pvc table

DIY Bohemian Style PVC Table

You are going to love this DIY Bohemian Style Table made out of PVC Pipes, and a Slab of Plywood....

repurposed pallet into a do it yourself bench, diy, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, Repurposed Pallet into a Do It Yourself Bench

Repurposed Pallet Into a Do-It-Yourself Bench

This was an awesome project. We ship our gutter guards from the plant to the main warehouse on...

diy adirondack chairs, outdoor furniture, painted furniture

DIY Adirondack Chairs

Furniture planning, pricing and research started when we were planning the dock. Outdoor furniture...

how to make a patio party bar diy

How to Make a Patio Party Bar - DIY

Make a Bar for your patio and enhance your time outdoors this summer!

outdoor beach bed

Outdoor Beach Bed

I didn’t have the money to spend $2k on one of those fancy outdoor beach beds, so I built my own!

pallet cooler stand, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, pallet, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Pallet Cooler Stand

Hey guys! Rob here! I know pallet wood is still one of the latest crazes with DIY projects and this...

diy pallet furniture, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, pallet

DIY Pallet Furniture

One of my favorite things about our house is the fenced in back yard and patio with a carport roof...

how to turn an old table into a trough party table, Trough party table with built in cooler

How to Turn an Old Table Into a Trough Party Table (Unicorn Spit)

I have made one of these in the past and it proved very popular, and I had a damaged old table lying...

give dad the coolest father s day gift, diy, how to, outdoor living, This cooler stand is our new favorite patio accessory

Give Dad the "Coolest" Father's Day Gift!

For Father's Day this year, I built my husband a cooler stand to fit an insulated cooler. We love...

patio party cable spool upcycled with style, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Patio Party; Cable Spool UpCycled With Style

We took a rather large Industrial cable spool and upcycled it into a perfect patio party table. We...

our version of a rustic cooler, diy, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

Our Version of a Rustic Cooler

We found an old rustic cooler and got to thinking...why don't we make one!? :)

part 2 directions for concrete bench base, concrete masonry, diy, gardening, outdoor living

Part 2-directions for Concrete Bench Base

The base is not your customary 2 blocks under the bench-
I wanted something unique and to push my

simple wooden bench, Wooden Bench

Simple Wooden Bench

I had made a party table and to make it more appealing to a buyer I made these simple benches to go...

the perfect pergola swing

The Perfect Pergola Swing

We've been working on the pergola and wanted some sturdy swings around the campfire. This one was a...

prayer garden, diy, gardening, landscape, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, Planning the layout

Prayer Garden

I was given a small check and asked to 'plant' a tree in memory of my mother in law when she passed...

poolside chairs, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, tiling

Poolside Chairs

I wanted some nice robust chairs for the poolside, Wifey saw some she liked but they were over $1000...

build a nautical kids picnic table, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Build a Nautical Kids Picnic Table

We love spending time outside in the summer, so it's time to get our backyard ready! Last year I...

pallet swing

Pallet Swing

I've seen quite a few pallet swing projects that use extra wood in addition to the pallet wood;...

turn an inexpensive wire basket into a gorgeous diy table, diy, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Turn an Inexpensive Wire Basket Into a Gorgeous DIY Table

Anytime I can create a quick, easy and unique piece of furniture, I'm all in! It's amazing what a...