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Pallet Swing Bed, Modified, Idea Found On Pinterest!

We have a beautiful tree, facing the canal in our back yard. Jet skis and boats go by all day long and although eventually we will build a dock, pergola, fire pit area, etc. it will be quite some time, before we will have the money for that type of project. I kept seeing these pallet swings, while trying to figure out what to do next with my pallet collection. My husband was growing tired of the stack in our garage and pressure was ON to either use them, or say goodbye and pass them on to someone else! I just couldn't stand the thought of handing them over, as I worked so hard to find "good ones"!! Soooo... out came the tools, a little planning and the result turned out to be possibly one of my most favorite spots around our house!!!

nantucket inspired porch swing made from reclaimed pallets, outdoor living, pallet, porches, Pallet Porch Swing created from an ordinary swing plan with just a few customizations

Nantucket Inspired Porch Swing made from Reclaimed Pallets

Using some standard porch swing plans, I altered them to reflect the shape of one of my favorite swings. So far, it's hanging in there..har-har...

how to turn an old table into a trough party table, Trough party table with built in cooler

How to Turn an Old Table Into a Trough Party Table (Unicorn Spit)

I have made one of these in the past and it proved very popular, and I had a damaged old table lying around so went for round two learning from my mistakes in round one.

diy pallet swing bed, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, pallet, woodworking projects

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

This post was submitted to the Grillo Designs blog by Marcie Goodman. She shares a great step by step tutorial on how how she created this swinging bed from pallets for her deck! Hard to believe right? Keep reading! (You can also see other DIY PALLET project ideas on the blog by clicking HERE)

outdoor beach bed

Outdoor Beach Bed

I didn’t have the money to spend $2k on one of those fancy outdoor beach beds, so I built my own!

repurposed pallet into a do it yourself bench, diy, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, Repurposed Pallet into a Do It Yourself Bench

Repurposed Pallet Into a Do-It-Yourself Bench

This was an awesome project. We ship our gutter guards from the plant to the main warehouse on pallets, so we had a few laying around and decided to make something out of them. After looking around a while here on we decided to combine a few of the ideas to make our own repurposed pallet bench.
We used about 4 pallets (free) and bought one 10ft cedar 4×4 post, eight 10in bolts, some washers & nuts. We had some deck screws laying around and also some leftover paint/stain to finish it off. All in all, we spent under $20-30. Sizes and prices may vary depending on your material sizes and desired bench.
1. Breakdown all the pallets into individual boards.

patio party cable spool upcycled with style, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Patio Party; Cable Spool UpCycled With Style

We took a rather large Industrial cable spool and upcycled it into a perfect patio party table. We love to offer upcycled furniture with the finest craftsmanship.

swing make over

Swing Make Over

I took a 2 person old swing and gave it a make over.

cheap easy patio bench that morphed

Cheap & Easy Patio Bench (That Morphed)

No need for nails with this super easy outdoor bench. We needed a spot for the dogs to hang out on the patio, this bench is just the right height and keeps the informal feel I want out back. This idea can be switched around, added to, or removed easily. And the price fits my small budget. It can be painted or left as is, so many possibilities to personalize.

simple diy outdoor lounging bench

Simple DIY Outdoor Lounging Bench

I was looking for an inexpensive seating option that would maximize seating on a narrow balcony (it’s only 4.5 ft wide) and that would be good for lounging. After looking at a few options, I decided to build a simple bench, much like the ones that I had built for my NYC apartment balcony. I tweaked the design a bit to make it wider so it was more like a sofa than a bench and I also added bracing to make it sturdier. It only cost $30 in materials, plus the stain, and by having all the wood cut at the hardware store, it turned out to be a very quick build using very basic tools: a drill, drill bits and a speed square (clamps optional)!

diy adirondack chairs, outdoor furniture, painted furniture

DIY Adirondack Chairs

Furniture planning, pricing and research started when we were planning the dock. Outdoor furniture is expensive. This furniture is going to be over saltwater and in the sun all day. I decided to build adirondack chairs.

part 2 directions for concrete bench base, concrete masonry, diy, gardening, outdoor living

Part 2-directions for Concrete Bench Base

The base is not your customary 2 blocks under the bench-
I wanted something unique and to push my limits of creating a one of a kind concrete bench. I also thought this could be sturdier than the traditional type benches that can wobble if the ground is not stable. I will be working with other forms soon to create yet another bench base and inspire all of you to create your very own concrete bench.
The base takes a full 80lb bag of concrete mix and I would use the Sakrete 5000 plus or other concrete mix with fibers for durability and strength. I hope the directions are easy to understand and follow-if not please let me know so that I can 'tweak' them.

diy bohemian style pvc table

DIY Bohemian Style PVC Table

You are going to love this DIY Bohemian Style Table made out of PVC Pipes, and a Slab of Plywood. Great for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, or a Dinner Party (Girls night in).

my new diy potting bench, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor living, woodworking projects, love my potting bench

My "New" Diy Potting Bench

I have been doing so much potting and planting and no place to work from- my back patio was a mess! Asked my wonderful son-in-law to help me build a potting bench from all of the odd pieces of wood I had in my garage. This is the fantastic result!
I painted it with paint left over from the house painting a couple of years ago, so it matches perfectly with my house! I attached a kitchen spice rack on the left side that has a couple of small shelves and a paper towel holder. I added a tension rod and old curtains I had to cover the stored items. It has a place for a plastic tub on top to catch the soil. I had a large pegboard slab that we attached to the back to hang my garden tools. And, it can double as a serving table when I have company outside. I just added another extension rod in the back to hang spray bottles to leave more room on the shelf!
I am in love with my new potting bench! It's so pretty I am going to hate getting it dirty :)

tomato cages to cocktail tables

Tomato Cages to Cocktail Tables

My twin nephews are graduating from high school this year and my sister is throwing them a party in her backyard. With the amount of people that are attending, she wanted enough tables but didn't want to use banquet tables which take up a lot of room.

turn an inexpensive wire basket into a gorgeous diy table, diy, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Turn an Inexpensive Wire Basket Into a Gorgeous DIY Table

Anytime I can create a quick, easy and unique piece of furniture, I'm all in! It's amazing what a garden stool (or wire basket), a round pine board, some paint and screws will make. I'm so happy with how this cute little table came out. For now, I'm using it inside my living room as part of my decor (and for my son to use as a standing play table), but I plan to also use it outdoors when my husband and I entertain this summer. It's perfect for added table space to hold napkins, silverware and other entertaining items--or to hold our herb planters and flowers. The uses for this versatile table are endless!

build a porch swing, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, woodworking projects

Build A Porch Swing

We recently got the crazy idea to tear out our porch bench and build a porch swing and today, I am going to show you how we did it. Oh and the best part is that I only needed to purchase (1) 24 for my swing, rope and a few pieces of hardware to make this work. That's because we were able to re-use the wood from our bench and our deck to create this beautiful porch swing! Isn't that the best!?

potting table made from pallets, diy, gardening, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, He didn t want to see me sweat so he built this cool shade over the table

Potting Table and Tray Made From Pallets

Score 100+ pallets and look what we came up with! My husband repurposed this old industrial grate and assembled a very functional potting table! Then he made a potting tray too! Awesome!

the perfect pergola swing

The Perfect Pergola Swing

We've been working on the pergola and wanted some sturdy swings around the campfire. This one was a free plan for a swing that we really liked!We're so thrilled with it we posted it at Ryobi with the free plans and would love a thumbs up there--

transform your old shed into a garden table

Transform Your Old Shed Into a Garden Table

After much deliberation my husband and I replaced two rotting sheds with one large one (I confess to buying a kit shed, the idea being we would get to use it this summer rather than spending a year trying to find old pallets etc for making our own). But this left us with a lot of wood from the old sheds to deal with. Although rotten at the edges the main parts were still useable.

pergola seating for cookouts campfires

Pergola Seating for Cookouts & Campfires!

When we bought this house it had an existing Pergola that was in need of some TLC. We considered tearing it down but decided we'd work on bringing it back to life. Fall was coming and this would be the perfect space for roasting hot dogs and making S'mores!

diy outdoor sectional sofa tutorial and building plan

DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa Tutorial and Building Plan

Looking for an affordable outdoor seating option? You can build your own sectional sofa on a budget! It only takes a few materials. Add cushions and pillows to dress it up and then enjoy your conversation piece.

how you can make this awesome 5 garden potting stand, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

How You Can Make This Awesome $5 Garden Potting Stand!

After my peanut and I made a terrible, dirty mess all over my dining room table planting seeds, I realized, there is a better option. Plus, I needed a great project to use my kitchen utensil for the April Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge!

diy rustic wood and window bench

DIY Rustic Wood and Window Bench

Today’s post shares a special place in our hearts, because we got back to our roots with a little dumpster diving. If you have visited us over at, you probably know that we started our company with earnings we made from zesting up an old, warped desk that we found on the side of the road. What better way to build up a little capital for starting a company than digging through the trash to find furniture upcycle projects! Well, yesterday, Sam and I were driving home through Santa Margarita, and we found THIS!!!Original Blog Post

build a nautical kids picnic table, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Build a Nautical Kids Picnic Table

We love spending time outside in the summer, so it's time to get our backyard ready! Last year I built this fun nautical picnic table for my kids. It was one of the best builds because they use it all the time (even just to play on cause, well, it's a boat!).