build a dog sofa, pets, pets animals, reupholster

Build a Dog Sofa

My big boy, Danny, needed his own sofa because he's old and can't get up onto our living room...

build a modern dog house

Build a Modern Dog House

Today, We're building a simple, sturdy dog house with a fun modern, coastal vibe. No special tools...

how do you share your yard with your pet, outdoor living, most dogs love a pool of their own especially on those very hot days

How Do You Share Your Yard With Your Pet?

It's a fact of life, we love our pets, but I bet when you got that cute little puppy, you didn't...

diy a super hip dog gate, diy, pets, pets animals, woodworking projects

DIY A Super Hip Dog Gate

Make a fun swinging yet removable dog gate for indoors or out!

homemade dog cat beds, diy, pets animals, woodworking projects

Homemade dog bed or cat bed.

The big one started off as a trial bed for a friend. It was way too much work to be cost effective....

how to hide a litter box

Dear Hometalk: How Can I Hide My Cat's Ugly Litter Box?

Love your cat but hate how the litter box looks? I have a solution for you!

scrap wood dog treats fire hydrant container, crafts, diy, how to, organizing, pets, pets animals, storage ideas, woodworking projects

Scrap Wood Dog Treats Fire Hydrant Container

Hey there puppy parents! I have a treat for you today, well actually, a treat for your pooch. Today...

raised industrial dog feeder tutorial, diy, how to, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Raised Industrial Dog Feeder Tutorial

Let your pups eat in style with a raised dog feeder. This tutorial leads you step by step through...

woodworking dog bed large wooden, diy, painted furniture, pets animals, woodworking projects

DIY Large Wooden Dog Bed

I am working on building myself a new bedroom set. My dog can no longer make it up on my bed due to...

diy kitty bed

DIY Kitty Bed

On April First, I brought a surprise home to the family. Sam and I had been doing a walk through...

diy dog house

DIY Dog House

This DIY Dog house is a fun combination of coastal chic meets industrial barn sliding door.

10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects

10 Minute DIY Baby/Pet Gate

About a month or so ago, we swapped a couple rooms on the first floor of our house (former playroom...

papasan dog hut, outdoor living, pets, pets animals, woodworking projects

Papasan Dog Hut

Meet our girls, Penny and Pepper. Like all creatures, they seek comfort and cool in the heat of the...

dog crate turned storage chest

Dog Crate Turned Storage Chest

Our 5 year old Lab, Koby, was having surgery which meant spending several weeks in his crate....

how to make a dog house

How To Make A Dog House

For this project, I made a modern doghouse.

cat run simply made

Cat Run Simply Made

My sister has two cats and they needed a space they could call their own. So I made them an indoor...

keep your dog cool in style by making a doggie cabana

Make a Doggie Cabana Using Plumbing Supplies

A trip down the plumbing aisle at Lowe's will give you all of the things you need to make a comfy...

tito s table, painted furniture

Tito's Table

I can't sit around doing nothing, so I decided to do a small project I had been putting off, and...

diy dog fence, fences

DIY Dog Fence

A climbing Jack Russell was a big problem at our house until I built my own custom fence.
It was

pet bed from pallet video, pallet

Pet Bed From Pallet - VIDEO

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. CHECK our...

diy kitty litter cabinet hides ugly litter box, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Kitty Litter Cabinet Hides UGLY Litter Box

I bet you think your kitty is cute, but that kitty litter box is ugly, right? Then I have the...

diy doggie bed

DIY Doggie Bed

Let’s face it, with no kids and just a 7lb doxie, we can’t help but spoil her. So another dog bed it...

diy outdoor dog bed lounger

DIY Outdoor Dog Bed Lounger

When I found a brand new pallet thrown away by a neighbor, I knew I would want to do something with...

pallet pipe dog bed platform, diy, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Pallet & Pipe Dog Bed Platform

Using a pallet and a few pipe fitting pieces, this super easy and rather inexpensive raised doggie...