diy outdoor dog bed lounger

DIY Outdoor Dog Bed Lounger

When I found a brand new pallet thrown away by a neighbor, I knew I would want to do something with it! I had my husband go grab it and store it in our garage. Meanwhile, I started to think about what I wanted to make with it. A lot of ideas ran through my mind but the one that stuck was a raised outdoor dog bed or dog lounge that could have a canopy on it for shade for the dogs. I had tried metal raised dog beds we bought from Amazon, but they lasted about a year. I wanted something big enough that three dogs and even a human could relax in!

dog crate turned storage chest

Dog Crate Turned Storage Chest

Our 5 year old Lab, Koby, was having surgery which meant spending several weeks in his crate. Because the crate would be in our main living space, I wanted a functional piece of furniture. After a Google search, I saw on Etsy, storage units with built in pet crates for over $900! I knew I could make one for much less.

upcycled pet beds, diy, painted furniture, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Pet Beds

Custom one of a kind Pet beds transformed with Shabby Paints
When you have rescue pit bulls you can't just make a bed out of anything. You have to think BIG, especially when they have to be touching each other at all times.
I had gotten this full size waterfall bed for $10.00 about 6 months ago with the intentions of repairing the busted post and selling it or making a bench out of it if I couldn't.

build a dog sofa, pets, pets animals, reupholster

Build a Dog Sofa

My big boy, Danny, needed his own sofa because he's old and can't get up onto our living room furniture. So I built one for him to step onto.

cat deshedder

Cat Deshedder

I could easily afford to purchase one of these but it is so much more fun to have made this myself. Having mentioned in my 'intro', I like making items from things I have around the house or something that I picked up really cheap at the Dollar Tree. So while, what I DIY may not be perfect or to a commercial standard, it generally works well and as Frank Sinatra sang, 'I did it my way'. LOL

homemade dog cat beds, diy, pets animals, woodworking projects

Homemade dog bed or cat bed.

The big one started off as a trial bed for a friend. It was way too much work to be cost effective. The two smaller ones were ideas I got off of another blog. My husband built them, I did all the finishing work. Painting them is a pain. The cushions are pillows covered in fabric found from Goodwill(the black and white one, not the others!

tito s table, painted furniture

Tito's Table

I can't sit around doing nothing, so I decided to do a small project I had been putting off, and that was to make a 'dog table' for our second dog, he is a rescue dog, and struggles to eat because of a deformed jaw, due to abuse as a pup. As a result he ends up pushing his bowl all over the room, to try and get the food, it was time to put this right.
Firstly I had to decide how high to make the table, the internet was no use at all, everyone has their own ideas as to how high it should be, so I decided that about two thirds his leg height would be comfortable for him, if not, I will have to make some adjustments. I had some laminated oak board, left over from another project, so decided to use that. Now was the first time I would be using my circle cutting jig in anger, so I was interested to see how hard or easy it would be to use.

pallet wood dog bowl stand

Pallet Wood Dog Bowl Stand

My fiend got a new puppy and wanted a stand for his water and food bowl. I said I would make them one.

diy dog bowl stands

DIY Dog Bowl Stands

Duke and Duchess do everything in style. We’re a little dog obsessed over here, if you haven’t figured that out by now. A few months ago they got their very first Rae Dunn XL dog bowls. I decided it was time to take them to the next level, for a few reasons. Duke and Duchess are large dogs, and I felt bad that they looked hunched over while they ate their food. So I got it in my head that they needed a stand, for practical reasons… ya know?

rustic log dog bed, how to, pets, pets animals, woodworking projects

Rustic Log - Dog Bed

From left over scrap wood to deluxe dog bed

doggie stairs with style diy, Carpet added to prevent slipping

Doggie Stairs With Style DIY

If any of you have read my previous posts, you have likely either seen photos of, or have read about Sadie and Bentley... sweet, loving, cuddly, happy... they truly believe I gave birth to them... my friends and family would probably say I spoil them... Me?? I don’t see it- but I guess it’s possible. Although my kids I mean, puppies are many wonderful creatures, being tall, is not something either of them are! In fact, they are midgets! We have challenges- most have simple solutions... but because of their long bodies and short legs, certain “one size fits all” items, simply don’t work. Finding “doggie stairs” that work, seems impossible. I tried making a ramp some time ago, but in order to have the proper angle (flat enough that they weren’t horrified to climb and would actually use it) it had to be so long, it just wouldn’t fit (between my wall and my bed, So they can get up and down without my assistance). This has been especially frustrating in the middle of the night, as Sadie must have a very tiny bladder and gets up no less than five times a night!!! As a temporary solution, I put a chair next to the bed- but it was so big that cat (kitty’s name is Cat) figured out how to jump from the chair and dangle on the curtains until she lands in the window, shredding my curtains! So... after changing curtains twice, I thought it was time to get creative!

diy dog house

DIY Dog House

This DIY Dog house is a fun combination of coastal chic meets industrial barn sliding door.

papasan dog hut, outdoor living, pets, pets animals, woodworking projects

Papasan Dog Hut

Meet our girls, Penny and Pepper. Like all creatures, they seek comfort and cool in the heat of the summer. In our yard, they used to find cool places in Handan’s gardens, under a hosta or a hydrangea or some other shrub. They engineered comfort with the skilled restructuring paw-scooping of mulch into makeshift dog beds. Any flowers trampled in the process were simply collateral damage and not remotely the girls’ problem nor concern. We spent half our first summer chasing the dogs out of the garden like a crazy old man chases rambunctious kids off his lawn.

10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects

10 Minute DIY Baby/Pet Gate

About a month or so ago, we swapped a couple rooms on the first floor of our house (former playroom became office, former wasted space room became playroom). The new playroom was off the front entry, and had a large opening that we needed to barricade. French doors would have been a great solution EXCEPT they are pricey, and I didn't really want to close the room off entirely. And to buy a gate for that width?? Forget it! So expensive, and I really didn't even like the smaller ones we already had.

how to hide a litter box

Dear Hometalk: How Can I Hide My Cat's Ugly Litter Box?

Love your cat but hate how the litter box looks? I have a solution for you!

diy kitty litter cabinet hides ugly litter box, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Kitty Litter Cabinet Hides UGLY Litter Box

I bet you think your kitty is cute, but that kitty litter box is ugly, right? Then I have the purrrfect project for you! Today’s DIY project hides an UGLY litter box with an attractive kitty litter cabinet. It features plenty of space to hide a litter box and a “restroom entrance”, complete with welcoming curtains just for kitties! Let me show you how to make your own kitty litter cabinet.

build a modern dog house

Build a Modern Dog House

Today, We're building a simple, sturdy dog house with a fun modern, coastal vibe. No special tools or materials needed, everything should be available eat your local home center.

pallet pipe dog bed platform, diy, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Pallet & Pipe Dog Bed Platform

Using a pallet and a few pipe fitting pieces, this super easy and rather inexpensive raised doggie bed platform was born! In the summertime, my husband and I switch vehicles which allows me to drive around in his pick up truck, picking up all kinds of good stuff including the free pallet used to create this project. I was even able to reuse a former dog bed, made out of orthopedic foam, to create a new and cozy place for any pup to sleep. For a final personalized touch, a chalkboard name plate was added. This project is similar to the raised industrial dog feeder project that I have on my blog and Hometalk.

how do you share your yard with your pet, outdoor living, most dogs love a pool of their own especially on those very hot days

How Do You Share Your Yard With Your Pet?

It's a fact of life, we love our pets, but I bet when you got that cute little puppy, you didn't think about what his activities would do to your beautiful gardens or how you'd need to teach the kids to watch out for the "land mines" he leaves in the yard.
In the link I offer some helpful tips for giving your dog healthy boundaries when it comes to the great outdoors.

repurposed foot stool to cat feeder, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Cat Feeder

Foot stool to cat feeder.....

twin diy rustic dog bed

(Twin) DIY Rustic Dog Bed

If you have a pet, I hope you will love this DIYs Pallet wood Twin Dog Bed. I hope to inspire you to make something special and personal for your furry loved one. I was inspired when my neighbor said she could use a dog bed that two dogs could use sharing the space but dividing the dogs space at the same time. The dogs love it and I hope you will to.This project started with a few pallets made from 1 x 4 in boards. These are easy to find at places that receive large things that need to be put into crates. I like using this material because there is not a lot of nail removal so I us it when I can. I also grab these board anytime I see them out by the curb. The only problem with this wood is that some time and in my case a lot of it is warped. One way to help with that is when you can cut the boards to shorter lengths like I did on the bottom of the bed. This will make the twisting and warping less noticeable.I also use pocket screws and glue to put this project together. Thanks to some help I was able to sand the whole project down and make it ready for stain in a reasonable amount of time. We would not want those pets to get splinters. After the final sanding I applied some carbon grey stain to the outside and inside.This was a very fun project and I enjoyed building this dog bed for my friend and neighbors.Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have about the project I will be glad to support you on yours. Thanks friends for viewing my post.

scrap wood dog treats fire hydrant container, crafts, diy, how to, organizing, pets, pets animals, storage ideas, woodworking projects

Scrap Wood Dog Treats Fire Hydrant Container

Hey there puppy parents! I have a treat for you today, well actually, a treat for your pooch. Today I'm sharing how to plans for this adorable DIY Dog Treats Container shaped like a fire hydrant!

pet bed from pallet video, pallet

Pet Bed From Pallet - VIDEO

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. CHECK our tutorial video and let's do it for your pet and she/he will be sooo thankful for it. :)

barn door baby gate diy

Barn Door Baby Gate DIY

I've had many questions lately on our barn door baby gate so I thought a better post with better instructions was a MUST. This is the first thing people notice when they walk into our home and is always complimented. Although it's pretty, it's extremely functional as well! I've also linked the FULL PLANS on my blog post so you can build one for your home too!

pallet board dog feeder

Pallet Board Dog Feeder

If you like to use reclaimed lumber, you'll love this dog feeder made from pallet boards. Your pet will love it too!