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Zoo, Stuffed Animal Storage/side Table Organization #30dayflip

I have 3 boys and stuffed animals are a MUST but are also a MESS!! They refuse to get rid of any but they were constantly on the ground and stuffed in the crack between the bed and wall. So I adapted some of these zoos I found on Pinterest and created one to suit our needs.

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Hidden Kitchen Storage: Turn a Filler Panel Into a Pull-Out Cabinet!

If you have filler strips in your kitchen, you can reclaim that wasted space and build a custom base cabinet into the space the filler occupies - even with a gap as little as 3".

diy skateboard shelfs

DIY Skateboard Shelfs

Skateboard shelving comes in handy for unique storage! Perfect touch for any home with a skater in it! These are beyond simple to install and I have them all over my home. If you don't have new skateboards you can use, recycle old ones. Let's get started!

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How To Build A Garment Rack

We all want more storage, right? That’s why I built a garment rack that will eventually go in our basement. We have so much overflow that we ended up using all the closet space in our office for extra jackets, wedding dresses, etc. Doesn’t help that since we have an old house, we have some pretty small closets. Eventually I would love to get some canvas hanging bags for when storing out of season items on this.This was my first time working with piping, and I loved it!

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The Batman Shelf

In our house, we all love DC comics; mostly Batman. We thought it would be cool to make a Batman shelf where the Bat symbol served as the support brackets for the shelf. Not only does it look pretty sweet, it's actually pretty practical – and boy oh boy, is it a beefy shelf.
The Batman shelf is a fun project to make and doesn't require a whole lot of time or very many different tools. It's a great beginner project and it looks great on any Batman fan's wall.
If you want to make them exactly like we did, you will need the pattern, which can be found on our website.

make a tilt out trash bin out of pallets

Make a Tilt Out Trash Bin Out of Pallets

In this tutorial I will show you how I turned these pallets into a tilt out trash bin. The only items I purchased for this project were the hinges, angle brackets, waste canister and eye hooks. the rest of the materials I had on hand. I can't say how much time this project took me, I'm a part time maker/crafter and only able to devote a couples hours a day to my hobby. I have embedded a video showing the process of making this project. I encourage you to watch it to get a better understanding of the process.Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this project.

rustic picture ledges with homemade steel wool and vinegar stain, cleaning tips

Rustic Picture Ledges With Homemade Steel Wool and Vinegar Stain

Grab Steel wool & vinegar and copy this easy DIY!

diy decor shelf


Display memories and style with this unique DIY Decor Shelf. This charming wall shelf makes a nice decorative option; bringing a touch of the outdoors to any room of your home.

diy how to make an over the sink window shelf

DIY: How To Make An Over The Sink Window Shelf

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect a lot of crap near my sink. Some of it is necessities, like soap and scrubbers. Most of it, admittedly, are knickknacks that I don’t know where else to put and I like to look at while I’m in the kitchen. I’ve been living with all sorts of stuff teetering on the edge of my sink and crowding behind it for ages, and I finally got sick of it. I’d been using the window ledge as an impromptu shelf for forever, but the problem was, stuff kept falling off of it. I decided that the easiest solution would be to turn my window ledge into an actual shelf, so that’s exactly what I did. This was a quick afternoon project, but it’s made a world of difference for me, so I thought I’d share it with you Find this and other DIY and home remodeling projects here: https://www.countryesque.com/diy-how-to-make-a-window-shelf/

diy window plant shelf

DIY Window Plant Shelf

When you have two children, it can sometimes be hard to have plants 🌱 in the home. So I decided I would build a couple window plant shelf’s, to keep my boys save and my plant collection.

meet floti shelfi

How to Create a Nice DIY Floating Bathroom Shelf + Free PLAN

For this project, I have been invited to work on a new bathroom design in Paris and the goal was adding a simple DIY floating shelf in this corner as you can see just right here which is measuring 23 cm large…The owner of this apartment couldn’t find the right furniture for this spot so ask me to design it…To make this shelf you don’t really require a lot of tools, here I am making it with 2 pieces of lumber from 1 meter long, 20 cm large and 1.9 cm thick. Here Each of the 3 shelves will be cut at 20 cm large and 21 cm long in order to be inserted into the main back piece.Nice and easy to make with our provided free planCheck out the video for more information.Add Me HereFacebook https://www.facebook.com/MyATCtv/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/myatctv/

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Meet Conni! Our Favorite Corner Shelf - Free Plan

For this project, I am making a new desk for my son and I have decided to use the corners by adding a simple DIY shelf design which will help me to save some space and at the same time give my son a space to put some books, electronics.Check out the video for more information.Add Me HereFacebook https://www.facebook.com/MyATCtv/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/myatctv/

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Clever Space Saver Kitchen Storage Shelf

For the last few months I've been working on my kitchen. The 25 year old cabinets have been given a wonderful update with new paint and hardware. The old fluorescent light was changed to beautiful bronze pendants. I was once again happy to be in the kitchen except for one major thing. I still needed more storage!

guitar shelf how to make an acoustic guitar shelf

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Shelf

Hey guys my name is Bill from the BillSin-Workshop channel. Re-purposing items takes thinking out of the box, and that is what I tried to accomplish with this guitar shelf (it was a damaged guitar from the flea market). If you want to add something different from the ordinary shelves on your living room or bedroom this project is for you! Here is the process I went through to transform this guitar into a cool shelf.We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

bookshelves for children s reading nook, storage ideas, Here is the finished product I used drywall anchors and screws to attach it to the wall

Bookshelves for Children's Reading Nook

We are creating a closet reading nook in our daughter's playroom, and found a simple way to build bookshelves that are easy for her to reach.

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Tiny, Tiny Bath Storage and Color With SK

I have fun with tight spaces, especially baths. I have been known to go a little crazy with fun, bright colors and patterns.
This little added on bath was a very tight fit. It barely had room for a sink and a toilet with absolutely no storage. This had to be fixed, and right now.

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DIY Closet Loft

We had some major issues with the closet in our little guy's room. You couldn't open the doors without hitting the room door. The storage was just ok and basically not utilized. We decided to make the closet into something he would love and use. For under $75, we were able to create a space that he can read, climb and play in.

how to make built in closet shelves

How to Make Built-in Closet Shelves

Recently we finished my (Steph) walk-in closet makeover. With that complete, I wanted to turn my old closet into a full storage closet. When I moved in, all my closets had that wire type shelving (which I really don't like). I ripped it all out and planned to make build-in wood shelves. Well, it's time to make that happen!

desk drawers are a new home for 2 bettys

Desk Drawers Are A New Home for 2 Bettys

A few years ago I told my youngest grandchild if she ever gets rid of her student desk please give the drawers to me, as long as they aren't broken. Well, it happened last week. YAYYYYY!

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Get Organized With Built-ins!

I am super excited about the latest update in my office: built-in shelves along with crown molding for the entire room! It's always remarkable to me how much of a difference crown molding makes! We had a friend who is a master carpenter build shelves out on both sides of the window.

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DIY Paint Storage

My ever-growing craft paint collection was getting out of hand. The basket, boxes and bags were overflowing making it difficult to find the paint that I was searching for. Well they say necessity is the mother of invention right?

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DIY Wood Crate

A few years ago my wife heard the school librarian complain about the crate she was using to hold books; the crate kept falling apart, and she had to buy a new one every year. My wife thought I could make a crate that would hold up better, so she volunteered me to make a new crate for the library. I love the library (and my wife), so how could I refuse.

live edge floating shelf with invisible hardware

Live Edge Floating Shelf With Invisible Hardware

I am a big fan of the simplicity and elegance of floating shelves, they add a dynamic design and usefulness to an otherwise bland area. This shelf is not designed to hold a lot of weight but is perfect for pictures, flowers, keys or maybe accent candles.

diy rustic industrial shelves from reclaimed barnwood

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves From Reclaimed Barnwood

Learn how to make these gorgeous shelves from reclaimed wooden boards and plumbing supplies. Then decorate them with unexpected accessories for the perfect mix of old and new, rustic and glamorous.

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How to Build Garage Shelves | The Best Way!

This loft style garage shelving setup allows you to utilize the top portion of your garage walls that would typically go to waste, but doesn't take up any ground space at the same time!