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Easy Hammer Hack to Hang Onto Your Nails

Picture this: you're standing on your ladder trying to put up that beautiful family picture on a gallery wall. You're about to hammer in a nail for the frame when, suddenly, it drops on the floor.
This happens to me all the time, and nothing is more annoying than dropping my nails, climbing down the ladder, picking them up, climbing up the ladder, only to drop them again. I know most people like to put their nails in their mouth while hammering, but I don't like doing that. So I was really happy when my friend told me this solution. Simply glue a strong magnet to the bottom of your hammer, and it will easily hold your nails for you.

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Cheese Knife Set - How to Make Using Lathe

I use the lathe to turn a set of handles using Bubinga wood to create a set of cheese knives. This is a pretty easy project and a great way to improve your skills on the lathe. Follow along with the how-to video and description below. You can but the cheese knife set from Rockler at this link: Rockler Four-Piece Cheese Knife Turning Kit

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Must-have Tools to Work With Pallets

Pallets are awesome. They are cheap, even free, and have an aesthetic that works with any decor from super-modern to shabby chic, to country farmhouse. The idea of reusing this abundantly available source of lumber, and keeping them out of the landfills is also appealing.
The down side to pallets is that they are ridiculously difficult to tear apart or reuse if you don’t have the right kind of tools. So here are the must have tools to work with pallets, if you want to play with pallets without hurting yourself or others.

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Must-Have Tools For Homeowners and DIY-ers!

The first gift I remember my husband giving me when we were dating was a tool set. Yes, really!! I LOVE tools and know other women do too. So I’m going to share my must-have list of general tools for home DIY projects. Oh, and please remember safety first! Have a good pair of gloves, safety glasses and ear plugs nearby before using your tools.

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Circle Cutting Jig

If you have ever tried to cut out a circle, you will know how hard it is, whether using a jigsaw or router, it never seemed to be a perfect circle when you have finished.

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Women Who Woodwork

Basic video with tip for cutting a straight line with a jigsaw. Please don't laugh...okay go ahead! Just trying to help people get comfortable using woodworking tools.

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Tool Storage From Filing Cabinet

We don't have a ton of space at our house so I needed to find a simple way to keep our outdoor tools organized. I took an old banged up filing cabinet and gave it a facelift. I went as far as to add a chevron stripe. I love this trash to treasure item because all it cost me was the bottle of spray paint.

my homemade bradawl

My Homemade Bradawl

Hi all this is a bradawl I made from used wood. I used a teak leg of an old coffee table that was given to me last week as they thought that I would like to use the wood for something..So I used one of the legs and turned it into a handle on my homemade Lathe.. I think my wife is going to keep it in the kitchen drawer for an ice pick, that is what she said to me lol

using a heat gun and why it is my new favorite tool

Using a Heat Gun and Why It is My New Favorite Tool

I don't know about you but one of my least favorite jobs when it comes to painting or refinishing is removing the existing coat of paint. There really is no telling how many coats of paint there are on my kitchen cabinets as my usual tendency is to just paint over the top and hope for the best. I can feel you more professional furniture re-finishers cringing. :-) But there is hope for me after all as I have discover the heat gun method for paint removal and I now actually enjoy the process. Weird I know.

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10 Minute DIY Workshop Compass

I had a project that I was doing but was battling to draw perfect large circles and could not find big enough plates and objects to draw around. So this was the solution.

taking the pain out of sanding

Taking the Pain Out of Sanding

I have arthritis in my hands so sanding can be painful especially after a very long Wisconsin winter. Joe and I were in the garage working on our current project, a beautiful gate leg table. As with many previously rehabbed projects, it had been subjected to someone pouring a tar like finish allover to refinish problem areas quickly.

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Top 5 Tools To Start Your DIY Toolkit For Less Than $100

Everyone needs to start somewhere when it comes to building a tool collection. I didn't go out one day and just buy all of the tools in my collection. For me, and my family really, it's been a slow, multi-generational, process. I wanted to write this article for those of you who are just getting started in the DIY world, want to know what tools will give you the best bang for your buck.I really tried to focus on finding and linking quality tools. You could definitely build a similar toolkit for a lot less money, but it probably wouldn't last nearly as long. Many of my tools were passed on to me by my father and even my grandfather. Buying quality tools always pays off in the long run, avoid the cheap stuff and you'll have tools that you can pass onto your children. Wherever possible I'll try and include a couple of different options to help keep costs down.With this toolkit you'll be able to take apart, reassemble and fix just about anything that could go wrong in your average home. This will be the cheapest $100 you ever spend because its going to save you so much money in the future.

miter saw stand with storage

Miter Saw Stand With Storage

This mobile miter saw stand is a great addition to my workshop. It combines a large work surface, sturdy base, and lots of storage underneath!

whats a pilot hole and when do i need to use one

Whats a Pilot Hole and When Do I Need to Use One!?

Recently I got an email from one of my readers named Sandra, she just bought a live edge hardwood table top and wanted to attach a set of metal legs to it. While this might seem like a simple job at first Sandra correctly identified that simply screwing the legs to the table top could result in cracks and splits in the surface of the table top. Not exactly what you want to have happen when you just spent a bunch of money on big wood slab.I thought this would be a great excuse to write an article explaining why and when it's important to use pilot holes when building DIY projects.

hand carve a walnut coffee scoop

Hand Carve a Walnut Coffee Scoop

I've recently fallen in love with woodcarving. It's so exciting to take a raw piece of wood, work it directly with your hands, and turn it into some beautiful and useful. Such is the project I'm presenting here: the hand-carved walnut coffee scoop.So pull up your porch chair, grab a carving knife or two, and a glass of sweet tea. Let's get started!

a helping hand

A Helping Hand

How many times have you been busy on a project, letting your creative juices flow, and when it comes time to paint your objects, you can't find a suitable place to hang them to dry? I needed a third hand, a thingee, something to hold my art while it dried. Something perhaps better than the tried and true S hooks, string from a cabinet handle, bungee cord off a tree limb....you know? I had this idea.......

using and tinting auto body filler for wood repair

Using and Tinting Auto Body Filler for Wood Repair.

I have posted some rustic tables that had defects (knotholes, voids, and hole) that required filling. This posting is a tutorial intended to explain how to use and tint two part auto body filler in your wood projects. There is a host of wood fillers on the market in a variety of colors- they come in tubes and cans and are great for filling small imperfections and nail holes, but none of them have the holding power of two part auto body filler, common brandname Bondo. If you are going to paint the project you are working on, you can use the filler as it comes- part A which is usually gray or tan and part B (the hardener) that is usually red or white, although I have seen blue. It can be shaped, carved, and sanded to do most repairs.

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How to Cut a Screw

I have finally taken the time to learn how to cut a screw and it is so easy!

the jigsaw the only

The Jigsaw! The ONLY Power Tool That You NEED!

Doing it with jason episode.The jigsaw is really the only power tool that you really need. Keeping with our minecraft theme lately, this tool will help you build a lot of the items i build in my other episodes. It is the perfect tool to get the job done and great especially if you are just starting out and on a low budget. We only make Totally kid friendly videos and the videos are even great for adults of all ages!Thanks to David Womax for the most excellent music!Here are some of my Tools:jigsaws- http://amzn.to/2tUYIuZ http://amzn.to/2tp0uT4Sanders- http://amzn.to/2unXNVR http://amzn.to/2ujgGtH

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Woodworking Basics for Beginners - How to Choose Wood

Choosing the correct wood to use for a project is important. In this woodworking basics episode, I will show you the different types of wood that is available From hardwood, softwood, plywood to even mdf.

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The Most Used Table in My House, And Its Not in the Kitchen

Now I’ve always been in love with DIY and home improvement. I love decorating and making things with my hands. But recently, I discovered the joys of woodworking. I quickly realized that I needed to upgrade my tools to include a compound miter saw. That being said, I needed a more permanent place to store my saw and to safely cut longer pieces.