things are looking up pretty new ceiling treatment cornices crown

Things Are Looking up. Pretty New Ceiling Treatment, Cornices & Crown

A few years ago a bought a real fixer. Over the years I totally gutted it and opened up the living room,dining room and kitchen. It was nice but opening up the space left the 8 ft ceiling looking boring. Structurally I couldn’t raise the ceiling. But I still wanted to add some interest to the ceiling and better define the spaces.

faux rustic wood and beams, home decor, home maintenance repairs

Faux Rustic Wood and Beams

I've always loved the look of rustic wood and beams mixed with chandeliers and French Country decor. We've always had a support beam in our living room but it was covered with dry wall.
So recently, I painted it to look like wood.

creating a space dividing wall with wire rope

Creating A Space Dividing Wall With Wire Rope

In our previous home we had a half wall which divided the kitchen from the Livingroom. It was hard to keep clean because everyone would sit on it or place items on it.Well, one day discussing it with my husband, we decided to do something about it. It had to go. Originally, we thought about dividing the spaces with glass but for some reason ($$$$$$) we decided against it. My husband likes to cook while enjoying his favorite show on TV, so we had to come up with something that would divide the spaces yet afford a clear view to the Livingroom.After a few ideas back and forth, we agreed on one and I went upstairs to shower. When I returned, this is what I found:

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We Did It

I won't lie and tell you that this was wasn't. It took a ton of arm and back strength. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!!
If you are thinking about trying it in one of your rooms, give yourself at least 2 weekends to complete. You will also need 1 week after completion to sleep in another room because of the stain smell.

box in your ceiling beams

Box in Your Ceiling Beams!

There are times when things would go so much easier if I just maintained a conventional norm....but that's not me! After putting up my plywood walls, I wondered which stain I should use for the overhead beams I wanted to box in. Decisions, decisions. Hmmmmmm....why not use them all?

foyer project, foyer, woodworking projects, Complete Project

Foyer Project

This is my first project of 2013. My foyer is quite small and unimmpressive so I decided to give it a little lift. I installed Board and Batten, Decorative Moulding and Unique Hooks to create a coat rack. I hope you like it.

fresh and modern powder room makeover

Fresh and Modern Powder Room Makeover

Hi, I'm Christene from the blog Keys to Inspiration. My blog is all about helping you discover creative, simple, and affordable ways to design a home you love!Today I want to share our latest home makeover - our fresh and modern powder room. In 2015 we moved into our townhome. It’s a new build home so we started with a totally clean slate. Since then, we’ve been updating the house little by little to make it more our style.One room that I was dying to update was our powder room. I was pretty boring and basic at first. So, I made a design plan and we got to work DIY-ing and creating a completely new space.You can see the full room reveal on my blog -- link at the end of the post.

diy shiplap placemats

DIY Shiplap Placemats

Make this fun and easy Shiplap placemats to bring some spice to your dinner party!

make your own built in trundle bed and cabinets

$300 Built-In Trundle Bed and Cabinets

Want to get the most amount of storage in a tiny bedroom? Learn how to make the built-in trundle bed and cabinets just like the ones we put in the modern farmhouse guest house. One of the cabinets is for the kitchenette and the other will house the composting toilet like you'd find in a tiny house. We built the bed and both of the cabinets for less than $300.

4 fast home builds that will make you want to do it yourself

4 Fast Home Builds That Will Make You Want to Do It Yourself!

You don't have to be a master DIYer to accomplish these quick builds. By the end of the video you're going to be running to the store to buy your materials!

update a wall with trim

Update a Wall With Trim

We all love an inexpensive project that brings a high-end look to a room so check this one out!

removable door paneling, doors, wall decor

Removable Door Paneling

I don’t know about you but I love turning things that look on the boring side to high-end. For this project, I was able to do just that with a bedroom door, a little effort and a small budget. What’s even better with this project is that it didn’t involve nails or screws!

design and build your own corbels, diy, home decor, how to, woodworking projects

Design and Build Your Own Corbels

Recently I was looking into getting a pair of vintage corbels to use as shelf brackets. I love the architectural detail, the scrollwork, the chippy paint, it was an awesome idea until I saw how expensive they were.

how to frame your builder grade mirror

How to Frame Your Builder Grade Mirror

Hi, I'm Amber Oliver! I hope if you enjoy this project you'll also stop by my blog!When you hear "builder grade" you probably have the same yellow/beige color I'm thinking of come to mind. You've seen those boring bathroom mirrors that are essentially just glass stuck to the wall. I teamed up with a Hometalker who had FIVE of these mirrors in her house and knew she needed an easy way to transform them.If you're in the Houston area, I can help you create this look for your home! Click here to see how I can help you & send me a message to get started!

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Gorgeous Shiplap at a Fraction of the Price

I have a girl crush on Joanna Gaines and when I grow up, i want to be her. Seriously. Not only are Chip and Jo the definition of "relationship goals", but Jo has made a career doing what she loves and has been such an inspiration to so many people along the way - myself included. Not to mention, she basically introduced the world to shiplap and for that, I am eternally grateful. Shiplap doesn't seem to have been used in the homes in east Tennessee so I wasn't able to salvage any and i definitely wasn't lucky enough to discover it behind some nasty drywall on the infamous "demo day." so we made our own and we spent less than $60 doing so!

diy shiplap wall for 50


Being a military family and first time homeowners, we wanted to do something amazing for our small living room space. Instead of going the route of painting a wall a bold color - we decided to go with my love for all things farmhouse inspired - a shiplap wall!

faux paneled door

Faux Paneled Door

No matter how many upgrades you do on your house, if you've got the flat, 'flush' hollow core interior doors, your home will still look dated. Spending hundreds of dollars replacing fully functional but less-than-aesthetic doors isn't necessary when you can use trim to quickly and easily create faux panels!

how to a diy cedar lined porch ceiling, diy, how to, porches, wall decor, woodworking projects

How To: A DIY Cedar Lined Porch Ceiling

There have been a lot of outdoor projects on our "to do" list this summer. After (more or less) completing the renovation/build on our home over the winter, once the snow melted, there were so many things in our front and backyard that needed addressing. Grass, for instance. A new driveway. A porch. You know, pretty crucial stuff. You can always close the door on an unfinished room inside your house, but when the exterior is in such rough shape, it is hard to hide! When we were completing the reno of our house, we had our main contractor build the structure of the porch, lay composite decking, install railings, and the columns. I'll get into more details about those choices in another post soon, but one of the elements of this porch that we DIY'd (that "we" is pretty liberal... it was all Dan and my Dad on this one) was the cedar lined porch ceiling.

diy rustic baseboards at the zest quarters, wall decor, woodworking projects

DIY Rustic Baseboards at the Zest Quarters

As you have seen, we are chugging away on our Zesty Quarters with countless projects! Our space really needed a facelift from the floor to the ceiling- literally. So let’s chat about that floor, after countless hours of sanding the floor with a grinder and then applying 4 coats of clear coat for a glossy finished look, we are finally ready to put the “icing” on the top and give the floors the finished look we have been wanting for SO long. What does that mean? Baseboard time!! Since our space was so “special” with many holes and dents- we had quite a few blemishes to cover up. We knew we could either drywall the problem areas or cover them with a taller baseboard. We took the tall baseboard route because not only was it more time effective, but we really liked the look of the exaggerated baseboard. Rather than a usual 3 to 4 inch baseboard we decided to take a more non-traditional route, but yet a trendy route- rustic wood! We snagged some fence boards and stain and got to work…

backsplash from reclaimed pallets, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, pallet

Laundry Room Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets

The main motivation behind this project was to hide the unsightly washer hose and electric cords in my laundry room. I wanted to do something very inexpensive. I also want to have quick access to get hose just in case an issue arise. A removable backslash seems to be my solution. I collected a few pallets and let my imagine run wild.Be sure to watch the video to get a more in dept detail. If you enjoy this project be sure to checkout my YouTube channel " DIY Creators"

shiplap board and batten wall

Shiplap Board and Batten Wall

Shiplap doesn't have to cover an entire wall to create impact. We updated our boring entry way with shiplap and a wood accent.

shiplap wall, diy, wall decor, woodworking projects, Fini

Shiplap Wall

We... the Pickle and I, have an ever growing list of home improvement/nesting projects that we're working our way through... to really make our house OUR home... We decided to start with the shiplap wall in our living room... it was one of the easiest of the projects on our list and a great place to get started.

widen and expand doorway

Widen and Expand Doorway

The front room in my house had unusual shaped doorways. I wanted to widen them and raise them a little. Both to get better airflow and to update them.

make your own shiplap

Make Your Own Shiplap

The most popular accent wall right now is shiplap. Made famous mostly by Joanna Gaines, star of HGTV's Fixer Upper. Learn how to make your own shiplap

diy concrete retaining wall carved vertical, concrete masonry, diy

Carved Vertical Concrete Retaining Wall

I hate looking at concrete retaining walls. When we built the house I knew something would have to be done to hide them. I took a class or two and waalah- a unique, OOAK carved wall. Much better.