we made steps from decorative concrete blocks, concrete masonry, gardening, repurposing upcycling, stairs, My grandson helped with the heavy stuff I had bags of Quckcrete left by my x huband So all materials cost zip I am going to make a cement slab at the base and landing Then add hostas perrenial flowering plants on the sides

We made steps from decorative concrete Blocks.

Just big in, place, mix and pour .. Gee that makes it sound soooooo easy ---

from dilapidated garage to the start of our english garden, decks, garages, gardening, outdoor living, Finished

From dilapidated garage to the start of our English garden.

We carefully removed the 100 year old siding from the walls we tore down and used them to side the new wall we put up. Our garage was always too small for a car, so now it's a better shed with new sitting area.

dollar tree craft diy farmhouse style vase holder

$6 Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Farmhouse Style Vase Holder

Looking for a way to display flowers? You can make this simple but elegant DIY wooden farmhouse style vase holder for $6 using milk bottle vases from the Dollar Tree and a 1 x 4" from the home improvement store. A quick video tutorial is included on my blog to help guide you through this easy-to-do project using basic tools.

make a huge letter or number as wall art, home decor, woodworking projects, This number two is HUGE and way fun to decorate with

Make a HUGE Letter or Number as Wall Art

If you've been following the decorating trends of late, you'll have picked up the fact that letters and numbers are a huge deal. Rather than spend mega bucks on buying a vintage one, I decided to make one myself... for free! Scrap plywood and a jigsaw is all you'll need.

industrial sliding barn doors diy

Industrial Sliding Barn Doors | DIY

Here they are--the long awaited sliding barn doors, yep these are the ones I have been talking about for months on "The Crafted Podcast".This was a really fun project! I was commissioned to build two custom sliding barn style doors for a house up in Daytona Beach Florida. The client supplied me with the weathered cypress which was reclaimed from an old prison fence!The door track and hardware I used were from Rustica HardwareIf you aren't familiar with my work, I try to fabricate as many parts as possible, this project gave me the opportunity not only to forge my own nails, but my own handles as well!A comprehensive link to the tools and products used can be found in the video description on my Youtube Channel ZH Fabrications

build an outdoor sink and connect it to the outdoor spigot, diy, outdoor living, plumbing, woodworking projects, The completed sink and stand

Build an Outdoor Sink and Connect It to the Outdoor Spigot

I have wanted an outdoor sink forever and finally got around to building one! I used pressure treated lumber from the cull bin at Home Depot (extra cheap!), an old sink, an old faucet, and plumbing parts from the hardware store! I connected the faucet to the same water line my garden hose is connected to... and I love it!

pallet wood planter project, container gardening, gardening, pallet, repurposing upcycling

Pallet Wood Planter Project

Recycled pallet boards cover nursery pots for cheap, easy vintage style planters.

dog crate turned storage chest

Dog Crate Turned Storage Chest

Our 5 year old Lab, Koby, was having surgery which meant spending several weeks in his crate. Because the crate would be in our main living space, I wanted a functional piece of furniture. After a Google search, I saw on Etsy, storage units with built in pet crates for over $900! I knew I could make one for much less.

how to build a greenhouse

How to Build a Greenhouse

I have desired my own greenhouse to extend our growing season. And I’ve dreamed of just how to build a greenhouse on our homestead for quite awhile. Probably for as long as we’ve been on this homestead journey! This last spring my husband finally listened to all of my hints and started to build my dream greenhouse.

timber garden stairs steps, stairs

Timber Garden Stairs/Steps

Our back garden is on a very steep slope. Part of it has a hill that for every 4.5 metres, the level drops a metre in height. I consulted a landscape gardener and he quoted me about $5,500 to put steps in - he estimated about 20 steps. Well, that was much more than we could afford. So we turned to our neighbour who is a carpenter/builder. He built his own home so I figured he could do just about anything! He took a look and told me he could do it for about $1,500 - $2,000 but that we -my husband and I would be the labourers. This would keep the cost down. So we decided to go with that option.

old dresser beautiful bar

Old Dresser = Beautiful Bar

I had this old dresser and I used two of the drawers for another project so I was left with a dresser with one drawer. I'm always up for an up-cycle project so I decided to turn it into a bar.

gazebo makeover, cleaning tips, container gardening, crafts, how to, outdoor living

Gazebo Makeover

Here’s how we gave our gazebo a makeover for under $700!

diy georgia raised garden, gardening, how to, raised garden beds, woodworking projects

A Georgia Raised Garden

Andrea and I had a big potted garden on our terrace, and it was getting bigger. What started as basil and mint was turning into tomatoes, carrots, squash, ginger, avocado... the list goes on. We were running out of room! So, we decided to go raised garden. And we went all in! This project took about two weeks to complete, mainly because my friend Delaey and I could only work from 6-9 in the morning and 6-9 at night to avoid the Georgia summer heat. In the end, we have a beautiful garden that lights at night and will be the perfect spot for us to both grow and consume all the vegetables, fruit, and herbs we want!We have more posts on this project focusing on filling the beds and adding pavers and irrigation. See them here: Filling the Boxes - Getting the Garden Going.

one of a kind sliding barn door with a pet door built in it

One of a Kind Sliding Barn Door (with a Pet Door Built in It!)

Learn how to build a sliding barn door (complete with a pet door!) with this step by step tutorial. Using repurposed wood from an old farm building, this DIY project instantly adds rustic charm to any home!

diy pottery barn inspired sandbox, diy, outdoor furniture, woodworking projects

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Sandbox

I'm a huge fan of Pottery Barn, but not of the prices. The way I look at things is how can I make something similar, but save the money. I wanted a canopy covered sandbox for the kiddos and didn't want to splurge so I decided to make my own Pottery Barn look alike!

the trellis of all time, gardening, how to, woodworking projects

The DIY Trellis of All Time

I'm so happy you're here, even though by now, I do realize most of you are only here for Eddie. I can't say that I blame you.
Any time Philly or I come up with something far more fabulous and amazing than what our Visa card alone can provide, we call it the "blank" of all time.

how to make a pallet bar for outside entertainment

How to Make a Pallet Bar for Outside Entertainment

Summer has got to come soon and I'm ready to party!!! I 've made 4 of these bars now, one last year and three last month! I kept this one for myself along with the one I made last year.

concrete tile mosaic retaining wall, concrete masonry, diy, landscape, outdoor living

Mosaic Retaining Wall

This retaining wall was put in when the basement was poured seven years ago.... I've been looking at that ugly concrete wall for too long. I have a plan..... finally I am following thru...

why crossvine is a great pergola plant, flowers, gardening, Looking down on the pergola Hello hummingbirds this is what heaven looks like

Why crossvine is a great pergola plant

Two years ago I put a pergola over the patio on the back of my house and planted a one-gallon pot of a lovely cultivar of our native crossvine, Bignonia capreolata "Tangerine Beauty," next to one of the supports. Today that one plant almost covers the 10 x 15 foot pergola, and that's after climbing 8 feet up. Right now, it is putting on a spectacular display of deep apricot and golden yellow blooms.
Crossvine is a member of the the botanical family Bignoniaceae, which also includes the more widely known trumpet vine, Campsis radicans. Like trumpet vine, this is a vigorous grower (estimates of its size range up to 50 feet, although my cultivar shouldn't get past 30) and needs a large, sturdy support. Trying to keep it small would be an exercise in frustration, but if you have a large area to cover, it is perfect.
The shape of the flowers will tell you it is beloved of hummingbirds, and I can tell you that bees are pretty fond of it as well. Not surprisingly, the best show is in full sun, but it will take some shade. Mine gets no water other than what mother nature provides. In the northern limits of its range (it is said to be hardy to zones 5 or 6, depending on the source), it will probably lose all its leaves in the winter and may even die back to the ground. In my location on the Florida coast, it sheds some leaves, and the foliage that persists takes on an appealing burgundy cast.

how to concrete pump house, concrete masonry

Vertical Carved Concrete Pump House

I have flower beds all throughout the yard. Which, in the heat of summer requires hoses all over the yard. I'd like to say "he loves me" and that's why he trenched water lines everywhere to help me keep my flowers alive, but the truth is he was really sick of hoses everywhere! I'll take it- watering is so much easier!
Now, to hide the pump...sounds like a good summer project doesn't it?

23 diy cedar planter box

$23 DIY Cedar Planter Box

This is an inexpensive yet outdoor-ready cedar planter box that can hold about 3 full bags of potting soil and has about 3 square feet of surface area.Step 13: What did you do next? Visit URL: - ChangeRemove

pallets garden shed space, fences, gardening, outdoor living, pallet, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Garden Space

Transformation of my kids playhouse into a garden shed and garden space!
I call this my Junk Garden, I have tried to do as much as I can from free, thrift-ed, or cheep materials to make my space a true extension of who I am, things I love, and creative ideas!

diy patio table, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, woodworking projects

DIY Patio Table

Hi y'all! I had previously mentioned that we had a 4 person patio table on the side patio and needed something a bit bigger. Well, I shopped around and the prices were discouraging. I was not interested in spending $600 to $1000 (at least) for a table and 6 chairs, so we decided to go ahead and build one.

garage door to be fun place

Garage Door to Be Fun Place!

The garage we have is typical one from Japanese manufacturer which is basically a squared box. No texture, no window, no taste whatsoever. Just a plain gray box.This boring iron-steel mixed hard box is very tough, durable and all-season tolerable, the quality is pretty much highly reliable as storage except it's not my taste.I've been wanted to do something to make my garage look little more fun, colored and acceptable. This time, I had a very supportive partner and here is how things changed.