make your own cork snowflake ornament

Make Your Own Cork Snowflake Ornament!

Use up some of those old wine corks you have laying around by making this simple holiday ornament project!

make diy glitter ornaments with pledge floor finish

Make DIY Glitter Ornaments With Pledge Floor Finish!

I made these DIY glitter ornaments to dress up my clear plastic bulbs for the Christmas tree this year! You will need clear ornaments (either plastic or glass will work), ultra-fine glitter, and Pledge Floor Finish. This material list is important; fine glitter will not stick as well as ultra-fine and Pledge floor cleaner or shine will not work the same as Floor Finish.

how to make vintage silverware snowflakes ornaments, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Vintage Silverware Snowflakes #originalOrnaments

I love vintage silverware but I don't always have an occasion to use it...until I came up with this idea!

copper ornaments from , christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Copper Ornaments From. . .?

Fast - simple - inexpensive ornaments made from copper kitchen scrubbers! I've been wanting some copper Christmas ornaments, and I was in a store recently when I had one of those slap-your-forehead moments.

sea shell angel ornament, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Sea Shell Angel Ornament

Making an angel ornament using collected shells is easy and quick. It only takes a few supplies. I've got loads of collected shells from Folly Beach, SC and this is a great way to use some of them for Christmas ornaments.

origami tree handmade ornament, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Origami Tree Handmade Ornament

Getting my Christmas craft on as part of a group with fellow bloggers. My contribution is an origami folded Christmas tree ornament.

how to make vintage button wreath ornaments, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Vintage Button Wreath Ornament

Vintage Button Wreath Ornaments

Love to make and give handmade gifts, watching your budget or want to stay far from the maddening crows this time of year? Well, here's a little do-it-yourself project waiting in your sewing basket!

gingerbread scented salt dough ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Gingerbread Scented Salt Dough Ornaments

I loved making salt dough ornaments with my mom when I was a kid. We also baked a TON of gingerbread together, and this year, I decided to combine those two traditions and make some durable, gingerbread scented salt dough ornaments for my kitchen garland (where I display my food related ornaments).

fillable glass ornaments are this week s top material surprise

Fillable Glass Ornaments Are This Week's Top Material (surprise!)

This week’s material of the week, clear fillable glass ornaments, are all you need to design beautiful personalized ornaments or create memorable gifts for family and friends. You can get these clear glass fillable ornaments here. Fill the ornaments with keepsakes or memories you’ll bring out every year, or paint them to match any Christmas color scheme. Here are a few projects shared by Hometalkers using these clear Christmas ornaments. We can’t wait to see what YOU do with yours!A Magical Christmas Ornament

diy whimsical woodland ornaments, christmas decorations, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Whimsical Woodland Ornaments

I'll admit it-- I'm hooked on teeny miniatures, especially around the holidays. Seeing a winter wonderland scene in small scale makes my heart go pitter patter! After spotting woodland ornaments at my favorite home decor retailer, I knew I had to try my hand at making them myself. Check out the easy how-to so you can create a whimsical set of woodland ornaments for your tree too! Decor

diy block ornaments, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Block Ornaments

Now that my children are growing older, we have an abundance of marked and faded blocks. I can't bring myself to donate them. I love them almost as much as I adore Scrabble tiles, but with Christmas around the corner, I was motivated to turn them into something festive and meaningful. I have a few different versions of my block transformations, but for now, here is an easy DIY ornament that I made for a recent ornament swap.

diy marbled christmas ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments

DIY Marbled Christmas Ornament using black and white acrylic craft paints. These are so easy to make and make a beautiful addition to any Christmas decor. Any combination of colors can be used.

glittery snowball arrangement

Make Glittery Snowball Ornaments With Glue

Now that it’s cold outside and all my flowers are done blooming, I’m looking for some lovely alternatives to flowers for my table. I found this adorable decorating idea online and, using a few household items, I made a stunning winter themed centerpiece for our table.Step 1: Gather your materials

lacy angel wings ornament, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Lacy Angel Wings Ornament #ChristmasOrnamentHop

You can use these on your tree, on gifts, or as gifts. I think they'd make lovely placeholders too. Easy and fun to make! Check out the link below for full details.

essential oil ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Essential Oil Ornaments

Find & Fix it Friday:
As we inch into Christmas it is time to start thinking about decorating and gifting!! This DIY will help all you elves kill two birds with one stone- gotta love that in the busy holiday season!! Plus if you follow our blog you know that we have a love for all things essential oils. I think the bloggers in us love that we can do endless projects with essential oils. From cooking to candles to beauty products and even natural remedies to heal health issues, what other ingredient can do it all? Yep. Agreed. Nothing. So let's dive in- we made some adorable Scandinavian ornaments last Christmas and this year we got to thinking- they don't just have to hang and look adorable on the tree, let's put them to work! A few drops of essential oils and you can instantly transform the room. I am not sure if anything screams Christmas more than a warm room filled with peppermint, pine or cinnamon scents.
Link to original post

diy embroidery hoop christmas ornament, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY - Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament

Hi everybody! I am sharing how I made some Christmas Ornaments out of Embroidery hoops, thread and old fabric. To make this craft even more fun I teamed up with 16 other bloggers to bring you a OrnamentHop too!

dwarf and the company handmade christmas ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Dwarf and the Company. Handmade Christmas Ornaments

I would like to share my idea how to make Christmas ornaments out of a wine cork and an acorn cap.
Everything is easy as long as you can draw free-hand just a little.

diy embossed christmas ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Embossed Christmas Ornaments

This week, are you ready to make another interesting ornament for your Christmas tree? It is so simple and easy to make. All you need is puffy paint, acrylic paint and of course a plain plastic or glass Christmas ornament. Let's see how.

recycled juice bottle snowmen, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Recycled Juice Bottle Snowmen

Looking for a cute winter recycled project? Empty bottles of lemon juice make great snowmen! Especially wonky ones! And we all can use a little wonkiness in our lives from time to time. For a complete tutorial check it out here:

diy mason jar lid christmas ornaments, christmas decorations, crafts, mason jars, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

Mason Jars and Mason Jar Lids have been around for generations, but not until the last few years have we seen so many non-traditional uses. I have started working on my Christmas ornaments so I am not up all night when we put up the tree, trying to finish them. These are sooo easy to make. I'll show you a few steps here and you can visit my blog (link below) for full details.

vintage christmas lights turned into ornaments, christmas decorations, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Vintage Christmas Lights Turned Into Ornaments

We found some vintage Christmas lights and one strand didn't work, So I decided to turn them into ornaments instead of throw the bulbs away. So they started out like this....

quick handmade watercolor ornament, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor


It’s soon time to trim the tree (if you haven’t already!). I decided to go with a watercolor theme last year and making these ornaments is super easy. If my 8 and 6 year old can do this, anyone can!

quick easy personalized wood slice ornaments, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor, Create unique and personalized ornaments

Quick & Easy Personalized Wood Slice Ornaments

Here’s a quick and easy DIY project that will surely please your recipients – personalized wood slice ornaments!
Use your imagination for any kind of designs you like. The ornaments I made are free-hand lettered with a woodburner and embellished with a little paint and some ribbon. Pinterest and Etsy websites have all kinds of ideas – simply search “wood slice ornaments” for some pictures that inspire you.

puzzle piece ornaments christmas decoration, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Puzzle Piece Ornaments - Christmas Decoration

I have a small obsession with gingerbread houses! I just adore them! :)
I have to admit I never bake them but I like making all sorts of crafts gingerbread style.
So today I will show you some lovely ornaments, you can use it hanging on the tree or you can used it as seating cards on your Christmas dinner table.

gorgeous little snowflakes, All ready to sparkle

Gorgeous Little Snowflakes

Snowflakes will be dancing around your house with this quick and easy project.