electrical spool upcycled into patriotic plant stand summergarden, container gardening, gardening, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Electrical Spool Upcycled Into Patriotic Plant Stand

For my inspiration piece, I took this small electrical spool and turned into something super patriotic, fun, vibrant and unique! Make sure you check out the link at the end of the post to see the full tutorial, including the colors I used, as well as to see all of this month's entries!

happy july 4th challenge

Happy July 4th Challenge

I try to make a new decoration every year for the 4th of July! This year I made a mobile, a peace sign and a few other things that will be in another post! All made from scrap wood pieces that I gathered together after several other bigger projects that I had made. First one is the peace sign!

how to make a patriotic bandana wreath, craft rooms, how to, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

How to Make a Patriotic Bandana Wreath

Fourth of July is almost upon us, and I always need more 4th of July decorations. For quick and easy front door decor, I made this stunning red, white and blue bandana wreath. It's hard to believe how simple this is!

how to create a safe firecracker, crafts, how to, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

How To Create A Safe Firecracker

I am back again with another craft made from landscape edging. This time I was inspired to create a firecracker. I can't help myself, I really love creating Holiday craft projects.

patriotic window, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, windows

Patriotic Window

Ever heard the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" Well, this project is the perfect example of that! My mom purchased this old window from a junk barn place several years ago, tried to do a project on it (hence the silicone residue on one of the panes), eventually I ended up with it and it's been sitting in my basement for about 2 years. Coming from a military family and loving the Americana style, I had to do something patriotic with this amazing window and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. *Note: it didn't actually cost me $30 to do this project as I already had all of the supplies on hand. I would say if I had to go out and purchase all of these supplies though, it would cost me between $30 & $40.

patriotic rag wreath, crafts, how to, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Patriotic Rag Wreath

Make a no-sew patriotic themed wreath by attaching strips of fabric to a wire wreath frame.

american flag dresser, painted furniture, patriotic decor ideas

American Flag Dresser

After being invited for the 4th of July town parade I knew exactly what it was going to be on my float. At first i had to find a right shape , wavy solid wood dresser ....

stars and strips mailbox cover, Finished product

Stars and Stripes... Mailbox Cover!

Holiday mailbox cover, made in 1/2 hour ! Easy, fast project.

repurposed fireworks craft

Repurposed Fireworks Craft

How often do you look at items that seem like they should go into the recycle bin or the trash bin and stop to think, maybe I could use this for something? I’m betting that you do that often! I know I do. I have one box full of just such items. This fun little repurposed fireworks craft is a way I put some of those items to use. This would be a great craft to create with children for some 4th of July party decor.

rustic american flag pallet diy, crafts, pallet, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling

Rustic American Flag Pallet DIY

Making an American flag pallet is nothing new. It’s all over Pinterest in every version you can imagine. This is my creation, and you will be shocked at how easy it is to make! Read on for the DIY!

red white and blue patriotic wreath for under 5 , crafts, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Red White and Blue Patriotic Wreath for Under $5!

4th of July is coming up and I decided to make a red white and blue patriotic wreath. I have a grapevine wreath form that I re-use and redecorate every season trying my best to keep the price tag under $10! This time I managed to make it for under $5!

american flag made with pickets, outdoor living, painted furniture, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

American Flag Made With Pickets

Hi there! I thought with Memorial Day this weekend and 4th of July coming up, I would come up with a patriotic craft. I had originally thought I would make this flag using wooden molding pieces, but then I remembered I had all these leftover pickets, so I might as well use them! I had a small picket table I was no longer using, so I took it apart and created this flag.

patriotic usa map wooden door hanger, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger

I love making wreaths, but I hadn't yet created anything to hang on our door for the summer. Well, that all changed once I completed this Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger! It's perfect for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

red white and blue burlap wreath, crafts, how to, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Red, White and Blue Burlap Wreath

Get inspired to make a burlap wreath to celebrate the Burlap wreaths are surprisingly easy to make. You can have a beautiful craft completed in just a few hours! The Red, White and Blue Burlap Wreath idea I’m sharing today weaves two different accent ribbons with rustic burlap for a folksy yet fun appearance.

4th of july wine bottle centerpiece, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

4th of July Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Need a centerpiece for the 4th of July that is quick and easy to create? Why not use some blue wine bottles and decorate them with inexpensive items you have around the house or can get at your local Dollar Tree.

make a bandana flag wreath, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, wreaths

Make a Bandana Flag Wreath

With the celebration of Independence Day coming up soon, I always love to feature a craft that goes along with that holiday, like this Bandana Flag Wreath. I always love anything that are the colors of the flag, or things that make people stop for a minute and give thanks for our freedom and those that fight to keep that.
This was really easy to make and could be reused every year, or just recycled for other projects. I found the bandana sets at Dollar Tree, so it ended up being pretty inexpensive, as well! I sure hope that you like it!

diy felt poppies in honor of memorial day, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

DIY Felt Poppies In Honor of Memorial Day

Aren’t poppies the prettiest? Not only do they look lovely – they also have symbolic meaning. Poppies (sometimes referred to as Memorial Day Poppies or Remembrance Poppies) are a symbol of Memorial Day, worn or displayed in honor of the men and women who have given their lives in service of our country. Memorial Day is May 26th this year, and these simple DIY poppies made from red felt are just one of the many ways you can honor the holiday.

patriotic gem lantern, outdoor living, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

Patriotic Gem Lantern

I realized I needed some decorations for the front porch and I thought a little lantern for the table would be a nice touch. Presenting the Patriotic Gem Lantern!

flag day nautical wreath, crafts, how to, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Flag Day Nautical Wreath

On a lazy Sunday afternoon - which also happened to be Flag Day, I decided to replace my summer patriotic wreath using items I already had. Here's what I did with some rope I sweet talked from my hubs, an embroidery hoop I picked up at a thrift store for $1 and a few odds and ends I already had in my craft drawers.

using a picture frame to create a wreath for your door, crafts, doors, repurposing upcycling, wreaths

Using a Picture Frame to Create a "Wreath" for Your Door

I wanted to do something a little different for my front door for the Independence Day and came up with this fun Fourth of July DIY Wreath. I am using the term "wreath" loosely here. I spotted this fabric on sale at JoAnn and decided it would go perfect with my Ikea UNG DRILL frame.

cute 4th of july straw craft , crafts, how to, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

Cute 4th of July Straw Craft!

Here's what you can do with all those CUTE paper straws! Make straw art like this patriotic 4th of July straw craft.

painting an old cooler like an american flag, crafts, painting, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

Painting an Old Cooler Like an American Flag

I love rust, but this old cooler was a bit too rusty for my taste. I decided to give it a fun makeover and stencil it like an American flag.

4th of july project

4th of July Project

Here's my first 4th of July project

american flag log candle, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

American Flag Log Candle

We had a tornado hit South East Michigan back on April 12th. They are calling it "Straight Line Winds", but let me tell you…we are calling it a tornado. Tons of damage through out our small town…including a huge Oak that fell in our yard. Our neighbors lost a Maple and gave us the wood which was so generous because we heat our home with our fireplace throughout the Winter. So…I decided to use one of the logs to make this cool "American Flag Log Candle". See how I did it here: http://redheadcandecorate.com/4/post/2014/05/american-flag-log-candle.html

upcycled patriotic wreath, crafts, wreaths

Upcycled Patriotic Wreath

This t-shirt sheet had seen better days but I kept in the linen closet because I just knew I could use it for something. Surely, I'm not the only one who keeps sheets with holes in hopes of a cool project!