dollar store mason jar snow globe soap dispensers, crafts, mason jars, seasonal holiday decor, Carolers in the snow

Dollar Store Mason Jar Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

You know you can turn mason jars into soap dispensers, and you can turn mason jars into snow globe... why not do them both at once?! These adorable snow globe soap dispensers make great, and inexpensive, gifts!

creative way to present a gift using a bag and tissue, christmas decorations, crafts, halloween decorations, how to, seasonal holiday decor

Creative Way to Present a Gift Using A Bag and Tissue

With Halloween just a day away and the holidays approaching there will be many opportunities for goodies and gift giving. Today I have a tutorial that will show you a creative way to present a gift. It's a twist on using a gift bag and tissue.

seed paper making an easy gift, After

Seed Paper - Making an Easy Gift

Ready for an easy upcycle? Soak some toilet paper in water to create your own beautiful seed paper, perfect for gifting to gardeners or keeping for your next growing season!

easy bow making tutorial

Easy Bow Making Tutorial

I whipped this burlap bow up pretty quickly. I know bows can be tricky and tough to make! I have a few ways I make them but this is one I came up with that was pretty simple I think.

pumpkin soap dispenser fall decor, crafts, halloween decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Pumpkin Soap Dispenser

Fall Decor or Halloween Spider-tastic, Here's a soap dispenser for the season!

mason jar gift for the crafter in your life, crafts, mason jars

Mason Jar Gift for the Crafter in Your Life

I have the perfect gift for the crafter in your life. There is nothing more fun then receiving a gift inside a Mason jar!

diy glittering gift and treat boxes, crafts

DIY Glittering Gift and Treat Boxes

Why are small gift and treat boxes SO EXPENSIVE? Every time I want to give a tiny gift or little treat, I have to spend upwards of $5 just to wrap it. I spotted some glittery washi tape, and I knew it was destined to jazz up some gift this year.

mending kit in a mason jar, crafts, mason jars

Mending Kit in a Mason Jar

This Mason Jar Mending Kit is a great gift for your favorite sewing enthusiast, but it's also great as a hostess gift, housewarming gift, or even a college student.

light up cinder block present

Light Up Cinder Block Present

Make This Easy, Shabby Chic, Modern Outdoor, Indoor DIY Present Using Cinder Blocks. Make your own inexpensive, and fully customizable DIY outdoor present perfect for lighting up the porch, using cinder blocks, ribbon , paint, lights and glue. EASY Christmas porch or inside décor! They stand up well to cold, wet weathers. Here is a step by step tutorial, lets get started!

how to ecoprint on paper

How to EcoPrint on Paper

How to EcoPrint on Paper – Learn how to print beautiful papers using leaves and flowers with this step by step Eco Printing TutorialLast year, I started my venture into eco printing with leaves, stems and flowers gathered in my garden which I then printed onto silk chiffon and cotton fabric. Those prints turned out to be awesome – I even eco printed some t-shirts for friends.This time, I experimented with Ecoprint on Paper. I used plain, white cardstock paper which I soaked in alum to mordant. I also used iron and copper (modifiers) to shift or ‘sadden’ the color. Both worked really well to strengthen and bring out the color of the leaves and flowers.(Note: Iron and Copper modifiers take about 2 weeks to make so plan accordingly)(See full step by step instructions at the link below.)

easy fun ways to decorate your packages

Easy & Fun Ways to Embellish Your Packages

Forget those store-bought Christmas bows. Here are four easy and fun ways to decorate your packages that only take a few minutes.

great gift wrap containers made from pringles cans, crafts, decoupage, repurposing upcycling, Such a great idea

Great Gift Wrap Containers Made From Pringles Cans

Here are some pretty Gift Wrap Containers I made using Pringles Cans. These will make great containers to put homemade cookies, gift cards and other goodies in.
I can’t take credit for coming up with the idea at all as I have seen friends do this too. It’s just a great idea I wanted to try and share too. My daughter and her friends LOVE Starbucks so I thought this would be a great idea to put some homemade cookies inside or some socks and nail polish and the Starbucks card on top.
Here’s how easy it was. I emptied the chips into a ziploc bag and my daughter will pack them in her lunch. I may have sampled a few just to make sure they were ok…lol. I cleaned out the insides of the containers. I then got out some fun gift wrap and cut pieces bigger than my cans. You can use tape or white glue or one of my favorites to use is Mod Podge. I use an old paint brush to dab a little on the edges and fold over the sides of the can. I then cut snips on the ends that were sticking out which makes it much easier to fold and get a very clean look. I added Mod Podge and then folded the ends over nicely. I then tied up some pretty bows. I love wired ribbon and highly recommend it. You can find it all over at places like Stats, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target and thrift stores are great resources too. I usually will find a big bag of 10 or more bolts and other craft items for $5 for the whole bag when I am thrifting. If you see that buy it. It’s a great deal. Then you’ll have it handy when you need it. I then put on my apron and whipped up some batches of homemade cookies. Ok shhhh me and Vons made these…lol, but I will bake before the holidays to take to friends. I added some gift tags and used my glue gun and added a dab of glue to the top of the cans for the bows. That’s how easy they were and a great way to use or reuse your Pringles cans. I can think of other versions of this I may try too, like the big popcorn containers too.

mother s day gift diy

Mother's Day Gift DIY

This homemade mother’s day gift will make any mom smile with glee. A Rose Gold heart to represent the Love and a row of memories to enjoy.

bath bonbons lavender coconut oil diy, crafts

Lavender and Coconut Oil Bath BonBons

If you have a lot of lavender growing in your yard, here's a super simple DIY recipe for creating a luxurious bath time experience! All you need is TWO ingredients.

how to make soap petals

How to Make Soap Petals

I have eczema, and most soaps in public places make it flare up. I started making these soap petals so I could take soap with me in my purse. They can also be used in a guest bathroom, as a wedding favor, or even in a bath tub .

how to wrap christmas gifts with a rustic look, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Rustic Christmas Wrapping

Half the fun of giving a gift is wrapping it, don't you agree? There are so many fun ways to personalize it and make it unique. Like these Rustic Wrappings that are SO easy to make!

gift wrapped photo gallery wall, seasonal holiday decor, wall decor, A simple and inexpensive project with loads of fun and colorful impact

Gift-Wrapped Photo Gallery Wall

Using holiday supplies you already have on hand (wrapping paper, ribbon, beads, ornaments, etc.) you can quickly and easily transform the framed pictures or artwork on your walls and shelves to look like holiday gifts for a low cost, high impact holiday transformation!

diy wine cork hot pads, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

DIY Wine Cork Hot Pads

This is one of the easiest projects that we have ever done! It's quick, easy and low budget - our favorite! We created hot pads for the kitchen using wine corks that were free to us via our server from our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant.
Here's what we did…we gathered our wine corks. You will need approximately 22-32 corks depending on the size of hot pad that you create.

unique christmas gift ideas poinsettias with money origami flower , christmas decorations, crafts, gardening

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Poinsettias With Money Origami Flower!

If you are looking for unique Christmas gift ideas this year, then check this one out. I'm going to show you a money origami flowers that makes 6 petal flowers. These look so cute and creative - and you can stick them in a Poinsettia plant as a "bonus" monetary gift to the poinsettia plant. This is a wonderful housewarming gift for a Christmas party - or even a great one for a White Elephant or Yankee Swap party.

tea lover s mason jar christmas gift diy, crafts, mason jars

Tea Lover's Mason Jar Christmas Gift DIY

It's time to think about Christmas gifts for the people in our lives. How about making something not only festive... but very useful and thoughtful too! Have you ever thought of packing a gift in a Mason jar? They are so versatile... they even work as a really cool container for a present! I'm sharing a pretty and and delicious gift for the tea lover in our life! Just think how much fun they will have opening a Mason jar and finding all the ingredients for the perfect cup of tea and more inside!

easy pistachio flowers sweet for mother s day, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Easy Pistachio Flowers - Sweet for Mother's Day

These pistachio flowers are cute and easy to make. They're the perfect addition to any shabby chic or rustic decor. Glue them on a cute sign or just use them as a gift topper to make a great last minute gift for Mother's Day.

matchstick valentines valentinesday, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas

Matchstick Valentines with a FREE Printable #ValentinesDay

See how I took some pretzels and chocolate and lit my Valentines life on fire with these super easy matchsticks!

how to wrap gifts to look like retro suitcases, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Wrap Gifts to Look Like Retro Suitcases

Part of the fun of gift giving is the presentation: how you wrap it! This idea can be adapted for any size present. Large or small, you can make a rectangular box looks like a cute, retro suitcase.

wire wrapped serving utensils, crafts, how to, kitchen design

Wire Wrapped Serving Utensils

Over the holidays we were looking to give a few handmade presents, and I've always loved wire wrapped serving utensils. Utilizing supplies from JoAnn Crafts we whipped together these babies. The actual utensils came from Target, I adore their metallic collection of kitchen items these days!!

heirloom recipe dish towel

Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

Take an family recipe and preserve the memory and handwriting on a dish towel. I made these for my aunts and uncles using my grandparent's recipes. You can see more of my crazy creations here