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Summer Mason Jars

These Summer Mason Jars are sure to liven up any outdoor BBQ or picnic you have planned for this Summer. In just a few simple steps you can serve utensils in these cute jars, or even a fresh bunch of flowers. I am always looking for different ways to decorate for the Summer and the season, and this is a cute and easy project that anyone can do. It only takes a few minutes (minus paint drying time) and then you will also have these cute Summer Mason Jars!

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Summer Lemon Wreath (with Lemon Scent)

Spring is here, they said. The weather will be warm, they said. The sun will shine and flowers will bloom, they said. Clearly "they" have never lived in New England! So far it has been wet and chilly and nothing like a normal spring. In fact, "chilly" might be an understatement for the past couple of weeks, as I again started wearing my winter boots and at least 3 layers on top. I dream about hot summer days when I'll be able to put on my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops and relax under the sun with a glass of homemade lemonade. That is my paradise. Meanwhile, Greg will be entirely out of his comfort zone, sweating like a fountain, cursing the heat and wishing there would be only two seasons: spring and fall. LOL. To make my summer dream even better, I decided to bring a little hint of summer in our home by making a Summer Lemon Wreath!

my diy summer cloche

My DIY Summer Cloche

Hey, friends! So I wanted to post this a while ago but this summer has been just flying by!! It always does thought doesn’t it?I have had a thing for cloches for a while now and I have always wanted to incorporate one into my decor. I was at my favorite antique market the other day (you know the one that I always get all my best treasures from and I just so happen to score this adorable little glass cloche.

diy summer projects

DIY Summer Projects!

Hi there! In the summer time, I often find myself doing DIY projects for fun whether it is to spice up my room, create decorations for a summer party, or anything else! Today, I'll be showing you two different easy and cheap DIY's that are super fun to make during the summer time!

daisy wreath tutorial

Make a Burlap Flower Wreath

I'm not sure if any of you remember the gorgeous SUNFLOWER WREATH that hit the internet last year? Well it was an instant success!Thankfully, the lady who made the wreath Julie from Julie Wreaths Boutique (she sells these wreaths on etsy too!) was so kind as to share another wreath tutorial on the Grillo Designs Website ..So here we go - A PRETTY DAISY WREATH tutorial. This is an abridged version of the full tutorial on my blog - so please remember to click over to watch the full video if you have any questions or want to know about where everything is sourced.

dollar store diy summer fun wreath

Dollar Store DIY Summer Fun Wreath

A trip to the Dollar Tree is always an adventure. I spotted a wall of colorful flip flops and I knew I would make it is time for a dollar store DIY summer fun wreath. You may have seen those wreaths of flip flops, and they are fun, but I wanted to add a little of that luau feeling to this fun wreath.

grapevine burlap wreath

Grapevine Burlap Wreath

Learn how to make an absolutely gorgeous grapevine wreath that will surely impress any of your neighbors and guests!You will need: 2 Rolls 5.5" 10 yard burlap 25+ Beige Pipecleaners 18" Grapevine Wreath Scissors or cutting mat/rotary cutter Self-Healing Mat Hot glue Staple gunLetter of your choice ( 10")Florals (we used a sunflower and 2 hydrangeas)

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Make a $5 Balloon Cooler for Your Next Summer Party

I'm throwing a party this weekend, and I was trying to brainstorm some smart way to keep the drinks cold that would cost me as little as possible. Instead of going to to a party supply store for party decorations, I made this super fun cooler as a centerpiece. All you need is a large vase (trifle dish, glass bowl, etc.) and some water balloons.
Step 1: Fill up Your Balloons

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Summer "wreaths"!!

I love creating wreaths for my double front doors but sometimes they give me fits!! I wanted something different but finding two vessels that are the same and then coming up with an idea for both can be difficult.

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DIY "Life Preserver" Wreath ~ Easy Nautical Summer Decor!

is quickly closing in. It’s time to summer-ize your front door!
Seaside decor just screams summer to me, so I decided to make a wreath with a nod to the nautical!

tin can happy sunflower sign

Tin Can Happy Sunflower Sign

Make a fun summer sign that just makes you smile and feel happy every time you look at it.

fun welcome wreath

Fun 'Welcome' Wreath!

I wanted to create a welcome sign for my front door. Instead of making the traditional wreath, I decided to do something a little different. This one really makes me smile every time I open the door! I love it :)

pretty painted stones for your garden

Pretty Painted Stones for Your Garden

I love the look of paisley and I love to paint, so it was just natural to decide to paint a bunch of rocks with a paisley pattern! This easy project took a bit of time, but the results are colorful and very paisley-like! Painted Paisley stones make beautiful decorations in your garden or potted plants, or even on your desk as a paper weight!

time to get the front porch ready for summer, curb appeal, outdoor living, porches, I made a simple slipcover for the cushions on the rocker

Time to Get the Front Porch Ready for Summer

The cushions are ready with their weather-proof material, the pillows are in the swing, and I am ready for a big glass of sweet tea!

nautical rope summer wreath summer wreath rope, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, A fun Nautical Summer Plank Wreath

Nautical Rope Summer Wreath #summer #wreath #rope

Make an easy and cute Summer Wreath using, shims, rope, and even a pair of adorable flip-flops!

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Making a Summer Wreath

It was one of those days today when you have millions of things to do, but this itch comes over you when you have to have that quick "crafty/creativity/gotta finish that project you've been thinking of" fix. It had to be done, nod.....

diy summer decor berry basket bookends

DIY Summer Decor: Berry Basket Bookends

There is just something so sweet and perfect about berry baskets- so when I found some at a thrift store, I decided to create pretty summer decor pieces that doubled as bookends! Please click HERE for the full how-to tutorial.

summer flip flop wreath

Summer Flip Flop Wreath

Looking for a fun way to celebrate summer? Make this colorful flip flop wreath! This wreath has summer-bright colors, comfy flip flops and takes just 15 minutes and $6 to make.

turn a pine wreath into a patriotic wreath, Your beautiful Patriotic wreath

Turn a Pine Wreath Into a Patriotic Wreath

I’ve been using pine wreaths for 2 years and much to peoples’ surprise, they find that they actually come out very full and beautiful and can be used year round. Pines are usually a Christmas item and people often think of them as something that can only be used at that time. I’ve been able to sell hundreds of designs for all holidays and occasions using this base while others ignored them. I will teach you how to turn a forgotten seasonal base into a year round beauty.

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DIY Summer Wreath

What says "Welcome to my Home" better than a fun wreath!? Since it's practically Summer I decided to create a beach themed wreath for my front door...even though I live no where near the beach. A girl can dream, right!?

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DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath

Looking to get your craft on with the kiddos this summer? Create a stylish home decor wreath for your front door...or a tiara for dress up play! These flowers are made from cupcake liners! You can customize them any way you want in terms of color and style.

sea shell centerpiece, crafts

Sea Shell Centerpiece Up Dated

It's almost to the shore...collecting seashells and memories. This centerpiece would be perfect for a beach wedding also.

4th of july glitter firework jar upcycle utensil holders for cookout

4th Of July Glitter Firework Jar Upcycle/ Utensil Holders For Cookout

This is a cute way to display your utensils on the fourth of July cookout table and the best part is that it's easy and cheap! Do you have glue? Do you have jars? Do you have glitter? Do you have paint? Then you can make these cute jars for your 4th of July party!

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Coastal Scarf Wreath

This may be the easiest wreath I've ever made! It can be made for under $10 in about 10 minutes. I love how simple it is and it gives me the coastal look I wanted in a summer wreath.

daisy wreath from dollar store supplies

Daisy Wreath From Dollar Store Supplies

I'm sure some of us have seen the cute sunflower wreath, made with clothes pins. I put my own spin on it, since I like gerber daisies! It's all made from dollar store supplies, done in a similar fashion & just as easy!