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How to Create a DIY Thanksgiving Wreath for Your Front Door

In this tutorial I’ll explain everything you need to know to create a front door wreath for the Thanksgiving holiday using fall colored flowers, grapevine, hot glue and your choice of ribbon (optional). For this tutorial I’ve chosen to use peonies, but you can choose to use any flower of your liking, including hydrangeas (always popular), dahlias, or even magnolia flowers.

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Autumn Felt Pom Poms

When I made these, I was looking for a simple project that would add big impact to my Thanksgiving tablescape. I think these fit the bill!

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DIY No Sew Turkey Shirt

Fun shirts to make for the Thanksgiving holiday. These are the supplies needed and some of the steps but for the entire post and all the directions please go to the post at ‎ as there is not enough room here to explain everything. Wouldn't your child or grandchild look adorable in one of these cute shirts?
Brown Shirt (or white shirt and cocoa rit dye)Fabric patterns of your choice (white for eyes, colored iris, black pupil, orange beak, red gobbler/waddle, various patterns for the feathers)Fabric Glue (I used Amarillo Rose No-Heat No-Stitch Glue. It was $3.99 and I used a 50% off coupon)Pins (optional)ScissorsPaint Brush or Sponge (optional)

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Make a No-Sew Metallic Table Runner

While I dream about buying the entire inventory of West Elm (no, literally, I DREAM about it) it simply wouldn’t be a wise budgetary decision. So I know when to hold them, when to fold them, and when to DIY my own no-sew metallic table runner in both silver AND gold. Here's how you can, too (click over to the blog for full instructions).

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Terra Cotta Thanksgiving Place Card Hats

I’m a huge Thanksgiving fan. There's just something about having all my family get together while the Turkey is cooking in the oven, the Macy's Day Parade is on in the background, and we're all setting the table together. This year I thought I'd bring something new to the table (decor wise, not cooking wise). I found out how to make these adorable pilgrim hat place cards, and I think I'm going to use them again and again every year. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

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Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Glitter Globes

Need a super cute craft for the kiddos for Thanksgiving day? These adorable turkey glitter globes are just the ticket and will bring smiles to a LOT of faces. Making them is super easy!

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5 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Create a beautiful decorative tabletop with these 5 quick and easy ideas from Domestic CEO.

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A Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape

I love the metallic tones that are so popular this year and I'm going to use them in all my holiday decorating, from Thanksgiving through Christmas. This Thanksgiving, gold tones are taking over neutrals at the table. I've blended together DIY details with items I already owned to create a shimmering Thanksgiving tablescape that'll welcome friends and family and encourage them to stay! Visit Dukes and Duchesses to see all the tablescape details.

diy whimsical thanksgiving

DIY Whimsical Thanksgiving

With things I already had around the house, I was able to put this diy whimsical Thanksgiving table together!

4 last minute thanksgiving decor ideas

4 Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is Thursday! Here are 5 quick ideas to get your home ready.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Table

Set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table with loads of rustic detail.

jewel toned thanksgiving table, seasonal holiday decor, thanksgiving decorations

Jewel-Toned Thanksgiving Table

Don't miss this year's Thanksgiving table put together with lots of nature-based jewel tones. It's so easy to put together, and there's a full source list so you can recreate the look at home!

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Count Your Blessings Cornucopia Thanksgiving Tablescape

This year my Thanksgiving tablescape centers around "Count Your Blessings. I transferred the words "count your blessings" onto burlap fabric with a gold metallic paint pen.

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Saturday Sparks: Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is weeks away but judging by how quickly Halloween sneaked right up on me I thought we could all use a bit of inspiration to help us change gears and get on our turkey day entertaining hats. My husband and I are hosting his side of the family this year, so I need to get all things headed toward Thanksgiving, including food, decorations and organization. (I’ll think about Christmas the day after that.)
I’m starting with the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, the table, and have found several beautiful and some whimsical ideas to jump start the planning of the timeless tradition of breaking bread (and turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and such) with family and friends. I love the more simple ideas for sanity’s sake, but I also adore the elaborate layered images of pumpkins, pies, plates and platters. I just can’t decide on a favorite. What about you?
Visit my blog to see all the great ideas.

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Thankful Everyday Canvas Wall Art - 5 Easy Steps

I am one of those people who love "inspirational quotes" on my wall art. Instead of running out to purchase one that is appropriate for the holidays, I decided to make my very own! For less than an hour of your time and a budget of $10.00 (possibly less if you have most of these supplies at home), you can make this EASY 5 Step project too! fallidays
Step One
Gather Your Supplies (All items can be purchased at your local Arts & Crafts supply store.)

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Simple Thanksgiving Placemats

I love cooking for my family, extended family, and friends and mostly anyone who will eat it. So I look forward to being in the kitchen making that insanely large Thanksgiving meal. And, of course, a beautifully decorated table would just make me all warm and fuzzy.

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DIY Gather Wooden Sign

Hi, I'm Christene from the blog Keys to Inspiration. My blog is all about helping you discover creative, simple, and affordable ways to design a home you love!Today I want to share my latest home decor project - this pretty Gather wooden sign. One of my passions is creating home decor and teaching others how to create too! Even if you don't think you're a crafty person, I can show you how easy it is to create beautiful things for your home on a budget.Large wooden signs can sometimes be pricey if you find them in a store. I've wanted a big wooden sign for my dining room for a while. So, I decided to DIY one myself!You can see the full tutorial on my blog here.

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5-minute Thanksgiving Chalkboard Garland

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting the whole family involved in the decorating. This garland is a cinch to put together once you have the items needed. Read on for the how to, as well as a couple of my favorite tips for writing with chalk.

rustic wood turkey

Rustic Wood Turkey

It all started with a pizza box, pallet wood and help from my hubby!
Fall is my favorite time of the year and I always "need" more decorations, so I asked my husband to help me with this guy.
Meet our newest family member...Duke!

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Thanksgiving and Fall Table Centerpiece

Create this wonderful fall centerpiece for your table! Your friends and family will love it!

turkey napkin fold diy, seasonal holiday decor, thanksgiving decorations

Turkey Napkin Fold DIY

Make your Thanksgiving table one your family will always remember - special and with a turkey on every plate.

play around with your thanksgiving table decor, seasonal holiday d cor, thanksgiving decorations, Scrabble letter tiles act as place cards spelling out the name of each guest A giant version of the letters is a coaster under the wine glass how many words can YOU make up from the letters at your seat

Play Around with Your Thanksgiving Table Decor!

Don't be so serious about decorating - grab some old game pieces and accent your tablescape with them! Check out my post on the blog to see how the earthy wood tones of Scrabble letters and some giant versions of them can make your table a winner with Triple Letter Score!
This post was featured on the BROADWAY+THRESHER Magazine blog on 11-14-2012

no carve blooming pumpkin thanksgiving table centerpiece

No-Carve Blooming Pumpkin Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

I discovered a no-carve method to create a blooming pumpkin, that is easy and safe to assemble. This blooming pumpkin centerpiece has the appearance of a pumpkin vase, but saves time, preserving your pumpkin since you don't cut it.

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Super Easy "Give Thanks" Home Decor Projects

Feel like it's too difficult to make? Or it will take too long? We put these few easy decor ideas together to help make Thanksgiving decor special. Using items from around the house that we reuse season after season.

chalk paint and feather thanksgiving table decor

Chalk Paint and Feather Thanksgiving Table Decor

Create a thrifty but beautiful Thanksgiving table with the help of some chalk paint and feathers. Save some of those cans from making your Thanksgiving meal and paint them with chalk paint. Fill with a variety of feathers and other fall foliage for a pretty and unique tablescape. For more simple holiday crafts that make a big impact head to my blog Design Improvised!