bright idea for winter decor, home decor

Bright Idea for Winter Decor

Use repurposed vintage light globes to create a sweet winter decor display. You will be on the look...

fish bowl snowman

Fish Bowl Snowman

Glittering lighted snowman made from fish bowls

turn your soda cans in winter decor, home decor

Turn Your Soda Cans in Winter Decor

I wanted a metal wreath for winter. They are expensive! While thinking about how to make one, I...

homemade natural christmas decorations using citrus fruits spices

Homemade Natural Christmas Decorations Using Citrus Fruits & Spices

Do you like your holiday decor au naturel? Well then, this inspiration for homemade natural...

create homemade air freshener with stove top potpourri, cleaning tips, Cranberries cinnamon lemon and other holiday spices and natural ingredients make this a welcome way to add winter fragrances to your home Great for families with allergies or who are concerned with synthetic chemicals

Create Homemade Air Freshener With Stove Top Potpourri

Whether you are trying to avoid synthetic fragrances, or just want to put a woodstove to...

how to make a winter wreath from wood slices, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Mirror over fireplace

How to Make a Winter Wreath From Wood Slices!

I love making home decor that comes from nature! Every morning, I take my fur babies for a walk in...

snowy pinecone door hanger, crafts, doors

Snowy Pinecone Door Hanger

A deceptively simple and gorgeous way to decorate your home for the winter! A few lengths of ribbon,...

how to make a frozen inspired snowman sign, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

"Frozen" Inspired Snowman Sign

Do you have a "Frozen" lover in your family? I have two girls who are in love. This movie has taken...

how to make moss joy letters, christmas decorations, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor

How to Make Moss JOY Letters

So you know when you see a great product in a magazine and think...oh I can totally DIY that? Yea,...

how to make a snowman hot chocolate kit fun gift idea, christmas decorations, crafts, mason jars, seasonal holiday decor

Make a Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit - Fun Gift Idea

I was given this challenge: create a holiday-themed repurposed craft under $5. Might as well make it...

wooden snowman christmas decor, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Wooden Snowman Christmas Decor

On one of my many trips to the thrift store I found a large bag of little wooden parts and pieces. ...

outdoor winter lanterns

Outdoor Winter Lanterns

I love the look of lanterns in outdoor decorating, but the cost to buy them can get quite pricey,...

light up snowman wreath, crafts, wreaths

Light Up Snowman Wreath

Just a few simple steps and you have a Light Up Snowman Wreath. You can see more of my crazy...

faux birch bark candleholders

Faux Birch Bark Candleholders

Bring a touch of the popular birch bark wood indoors using faux birch bark paper! Say what? Yes! I...

mr mrs snowman

Mr. & Mrs. Snowman

My daughter wanted a fun Christmas decoration for her porch - we had some plywood and got started...

easy diy winterberry branches for christmas, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Real winterberry branches

Easy DIY - Winterberry Branches

They add such a pop of colour, that red = swoon! It’s especially wonderful for winter decor… and...

decorative filler snowflakes winter theme diy, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Decorative Filler Snowflakes Winter Theme

Looking for a wintry theme project to spruce up that area left barren from your holiday decor? Why...

snowman cupcake tin

Snowman Cupcake Tin

I'm a baker and a bit of a collector (hoarder?). I love baking tins, cookie cutters, etc. I have a...

get your garden ready for winter with this checklist, gardening, home maintenance repairs

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter With This Checklist

Sadly Old Man Winter is creeping closer and closer to our area. So it's time to think about putting...

button snowmen and a ugly old window , crafts

Button Snowmen and a Ugly Old Window.

It all started when I was given this ugly old window.

diy snow drift candle holders, crafts, decoupage, seasonal holiday decor, Use them alone or arrange several of them on a tablescape with pinecones and other winter decor

DIY Snow Drift Candle Holders

As a Central Texas gal, I know that the only snow I'm likely to see during the winter is on projects...

can never have enough of these during the holidays, crafts

Can Never Have Enough of These During the Holidays!

The holidays are quickly approaching and so are the family gatherings and parties. I don't know...

woodsy scented campfire candles

Woodsy Scented Campfire Candles

My husband and I used to go camping all the time. But nowadays it just seems like way too much work....

how to make a wooden snowflake, christmas decorations, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Wooden Snowflake - My Altered State

I’m a sucker for snowflakes. There, I said it.
To me, they are a perfect example of artistic use

painted stuffin with sk, crafts, home decor, painting

Painted Stuffin With SK

I love seasonal pillows. I am guilty of sewing new pillow covers for every season. Done with...