six ways to use tea around your house

Six Ways to Use Tea Around Your House

Here are six different ways to use three different teas - black, green, and mint.You can use unused or used tea bags; however, in some of the tips, the tea must be dry. This is a great way to recycle your tea after you've enjoyed a spot of tea.

5 ways to clean with baking soda

5 Ways to Clean With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a staple in every DIY'ers home. So, I'm giving you 5 awesome ways to use it in your cleaning routine!

unclog a toilet without a plunger

Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

This is the coolest trick to unclog a toilet. It's so much cleaner than using a plunger. I can’t promise it will work every time for you, but it worked every time I tried it. All you need is dish soap and hot water.

best cleaning hacks that actually work

Best Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

Check out these 15 cleaning hacks! - 5 Ways to Clean Your Tub & Tile- An Insanely Easy Eco Oven Cleaner- The Easiest Way to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan- The Easiest Rust Remover- Get Your Carpet Smelling Fresh With This Eco Carpet Freshener- The Fastest Way to Clean Glass Dishes- The Natural Cleaner Your Nasty Toilet Needs- Eco Wood Polish (Just 2 Ingredients!)- Homemade Grout, Tile and Tub Cleaner- How To Clean Your Old Cookie Sheet

how to clean your shower the easy way

How to Clean Your Shower the EASY Way!

One thing I despise cleaning in my house is the shower! And with guests coming for the holidays, it's inevitable that I have to get to it ASAP. One thing you need to gift yourself for the holidays to make your life easier is the HomeRight SteamMachine. I’ve shared with you multiple ways to use your HomeRight Steam Machine like…how to clean your tile grout, how to clean your patio cushions, how to clean your windows, and how to clean your fridge…but today I’m sharing with you the easy way to clean the SHOWER with your HomeRight SteamMachine!

6 things you didn t know you could clean with dish soap

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Clean With Dish Soap

Everyone has a bottle of blue dawn in their kitchen cabinet. Here's 6 things you can clean with it you may not have thought of!

9 surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide, cleaning tips

9 Surprising Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Let’s play a word association game. When you hear “hydrogen peroxide,” what do you picture?
If it’s a first aid kit, you’re not alone. The vast majority of us keep hydrogen peroxide in the wings for scrape and bruise duty and kinda forget it exists 99% of the time. Tragedy! Hydrogen peroxide’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties make it one of the most valuable $2.00 purchases you can make at the drug store.

practically free homemade grout cleaner, cleaning tips, An un retouched before and after And wow the before is YUCK

{Practically Free} Homemade Grout Cleaner

Here's how to use two inexpensive ingredients to easily clean your grout without using harmful chemicals. Plus two other great uses for baking soda and vinegar that will rock your cleaning routine! />

remove soap scum with a grapefruit and kosher salt

Remove Soap Scum With a Grapefruit and Kosher Salt

Remove that awful soap scum using all natural products which leaves behind a fresh citrus scent!

diy grout cleaner

DIY Grout Cleaner

Many of us have to do lists of things to get done before the holidays, whether it's decorating, DIYing, or cleaning! One of my biggest chores that I probably don’t do enough is tackling my tiled kitchen floors. It’s SO much work to deep clean your floors and today I want to show you how you can make a DIY Tile Grout Cleaner and get your kitchen and/or bathroom floors sparkling before the holidays!

the best way to clean grout ever, cleaning tips, tiling, Before and After using the Grout GrimeBuster 3000

The Best Way to Clean Grout-EVER!!!

What's the best way to clean grout?
This is the holy grail of cleaning questions (or at least it seems that way).
One of my awesome fans emailed me with her fantastic idea.

baking soda shower door cleaner, cleaning tips, Natural Shower Door Cleaner Non Toxic

Baking Soda Shower Door Cleaner

Baking Soda Shower Door Cleaner? Who knew? Not me! My friend Laura told me about this tip a few weeks ago and I tried it out. It is a great non toxic way to clean your shower doors and works! Just wet your sponge add baking soda (it makes a paste) and clean. That is all all you need! Just 1 ingredient! It breaks down soap scum easily.
Of course you know I love essential oils so I decided to add a couple of drops and that works even better! You can easily add any citrus essential oil (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange or citrus bliss) for a bonus aroma and extra disinfectant Your shower doors will sparkle too! Not only that but it deodorizes at the same you will love the scent.
You can learn more about Essential Oils. I hope you enjoy this tip! It is a money saving non toxic way to clean.

diy natural toilet cleaner 6 bathroom toilet cleaning tips, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to, This DIY Lemon Rosemary Toilet Cleaner WORKS

DIY Natural Toilet Cleaner + 6 Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Tips

Make an all-natural toilet cleaner + 6 places you're NOT cleaning at your bathroom toilet! Time to step up spring cleaning!

how to clean the toilet ledge, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips

How to Clean the Toilet Ledge

One of our contributors answers one of our reader's questions about how to clean the toilet ledge. You do have to remove the seat in order to get to the area that is perfect aim for a four year old boy but you will be very pleased with the result. And believe it or not it is easier than you think!

a surprising way to prevent soap scum build up on glass shower doors, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, This side by side comparison shows the difference Rain x made on my glass shower door

A Surprising Way to Prevent Soap Scum Build-up on Glass Shower Doors

For the very first time, I am having to deal with a glass shower door in the bathroom. This means I notice soap scum build-up so much more than ever before! I was wracking my brain to come up with a way to make this cleaning process easier and I had this revelation... SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS HERE:

how to clean a showerhead, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to, plumbing

How to Clean a Showerhead

Have you ever looked up at your shower head and noticed a bunch of the nozzles aren't working? I (Steph) installed a new shower head in 2013 when I moved into my house, and haven't thought about it since. Over time I have noticed the water seemed to be coming out harder and was spraying in different directions. It also didn't have the 'rain' effect it once did. I decided it was time to try to clean it! Here's what I did.

how to clean your toilet from top to bottom

How To Clean Your Toilet From Top To Bottom

Many of you know I like a clean home and I'm always looking for more information on the best way to do it. I have always cleaned my toilet with vinegar but recently while doing research I found out there was a better germ killer and way to clean that I wanted to share.

tutorial on cleaning your bathtub drain, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, how to, Removing gunk

Tutorial on Cleaning Your Bathtub Drain

If your tub drain is running slow this post is for you! It's a step-by-step tutorial how to clear it up and best of all it will cost you nothing more than time.
Here are some tell-tale signs you might need to clean your drains, 1.) You’re standing in your shower up to your ankles in water, and after your shower or bath the tub takes F-o-r-e-v-e-r to drain. 2.) maybe there’s a funky smell in your bathroom that you just can’t narrow in on, and even after you clean the bathroom your nose says something still isn’t right. 3) Your drain has become slow and you might be thinking you need to pick up a bottle of drain-o or maybe even call in a plumber. But wait! Before you waste any money on this problem, why not give it a shot at fixing the problem yourself- for FREE!! It’s not difficult, although it might be a little gross. Some of you will find great satisfaction in doing this. I kinda do.
Here are the tools you will need to do the job. A screwdriver (depending on your drain you may need a phillips head instead of a flat head), A pair of skinny pliers, some baking soda(mine is from Target, and you’ve never bought your baking soda at Target, you should, the Market Pantry brand is super cheap, like .29 cents), some vinegar, and a few paper towels.

cleaning shower tile amp grout what works and what doesn t, cleaning tips

Cleaning Shower Tile & Grout:What Works and What Doesn't

How on earth do you get your shower grout and ceramic tile looking new again?
Last weekend I compared three different products: OxiClean, Eco Orange Cleaner, and Chlorox. OxiClean is oxygenated bleach and is a great alternative to chlorinated bleach because it doesn't give off odors and discolor clothing or carpets. Eco Orange is expensive ($80 per gallon), and it would help to know if it works on tough tile & grout stains before you purchase it. Chlorox is highly recommended for cleaning showers but does it always work?

unclog that drain naturally , go green, house cleaning

Unclog That Drain - Naturally!

If you have a slow drain, you can clean it without nasty chemicals. Use what's in your pantry - and a little water. See printable recipe with quantities in blog post linked here.

get rid of the lime scale ring in the toilet bowl, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips

Get Rid of the Lime Scale Ring in the Toilet Bowl

With just a couple of simple ingredients and a little elbow grease, you can remove the unsightly black ring of lime scale that forms in your toilet bowl. This really works! All you need to do is pour some borax and vinegar into the water in the bowl. Let it sit for a while and then use your muscles and some sandpaper to remove it! No more ugly ring! Just a bright shiny toilet bowl! Use a foam sanding tool with a fine grit so you won't scratch the porcelain. What a difference!

diy 3 ingredient tub and tile cleaner, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, go green

DIY 3-Ingredient Tub and Tile Cleaner

Cleaning your home doesn't have to be toxic! This easy and inexpensive tub and tile cleaner cleans just as effectively as commercial products - without the addition of harsh chemicals. And, it smells great too!7-9-17 Update: This project is no longer published on To Work with My Hands. Proportions are included below.

how to keep your shower looking new, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, how to, Flickr Lena Kroupnik

How to Keep Your Shower Looking New

Want your shower to last as long as you live in your home? Use these 4 tips from Domestic CEO to keep your shower looking great for years to come!

miracle wand for cleaning glass shower doors, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, I keep this filled and ready to go in the shower

Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Fill a dish wand with cleaning solution for glass. Makes for easy upkeep of glass shower doors.

bleach stained red bathtub turned sparkling white again, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips

Bleach-stained Red Bathtub Turned Sparkling White Again

Now I now what you'll say. Wash your bathtub every week, instead of once every six years and you won't get a filthy bath. I know, I know. But here is what really happened... I went to clean some yellow streaks I noticed on the side of my bathtub and I decided I should probably try using bleach. Now I didnt know however what bleach will do to my old porcelain tub with a ferrous (iron) component. Now I don't know whether it was the hard water as well, or something else, but when I poured the bleach and came back a few hours later I was shocked to see my bathtub resembled a crime scene. My natural reaction was to turn the water on and scrub. I scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. At this point I panicked and thought I permanently damaged our bathtub. I started doing research and came across hydrogen peroxide which some online users claimed it work. I got it in a spray bottle as this is the easiest way to distribute it evenly. Instant results followed!
Caution: Don't tell me I didn't warn you about this - Open the windows and DO NOT INHALE The CHLORINE GAS.