tell bugs to bug off natural remedies to repel bugs

Tell Bugs To Bug Off: Natural Remedies To Repel Bugs

With warm weather, we again must fight bugs in the yard and home. Here in Florida it’s almost a year round battle. If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is spray your home or your family with horrible chemicals. First eliminate any standing water in the yard. For those of you interested in more natural remedies, certain essential oils repel a variety of bugs. Essential oils can be bought online at many sites including Amazon. You can find them in many stores in your neighborhood - including Walmart. Be sure to buy certified real essential oil and not a cheap substitute for good results.

how to homemake disposable cleaning wipes, cleaning tips

Homemade Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Do you have a place in your house where you like the convenience of those pop-up disposable cleaning wipes? For me, it's a bathroom down in our basement. It just helps to have a few cleaning shortcuts in a room that's way off in a far corner of our house.

how to steam clean the microwave, appliances, cleaning tips, how to

How to Steam Clean the Microwave

In my quest to help eliminate harmful chemicals throughout my house, I was able to eliminate another cleaner by creating my own version of steam cleaning the microwave. I love this easy project because it literally takes less than 2 minutes. It's a perfect project to quickly clean things up and another project.

diy wool dryer balls, appliances

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Why should you make your own dryer balls?
They replace your dryer sheets- You know those chemical laden waxy things?? Throw them out. You don’t need them any more! These help with static cling with out the yuckiness. You can use them with towels too, and they don’t get that waterproof thing going on.

diy wool laundry balls

DIY Wool Laundry Balls

Some people may find doing the laundry a monotonous chore. However, with the right products and some clever hacks, doing the laundry can be downright fun. Yes, I said fun! Today, I’ll be sharing the tutorial for making Wool Dryer Balls.

gardening organic weed control paper mulch, gardening, landscape

Easy Organic Weed Control With Paper & Mulch

Using paper and covering it with mulch is my favorite way to control weeds in our beds and borders. Besides just controlling weeds, I also love this because:
-We just do it once and we’re done for the year
-It compounds over time

material of the week essential oils

Material of the Week: Essential Oils

Have you tried using essential oils around your home yet? They’re one of the most awesome trends to hit DIY in recent months, so we’re excited to show you this week’s Material of the Week: Essential Oils Sampler Kit (buy it here!).

all natural weed killer diy

All Natural Weed Killer DIY

Did you know that glyphosate, used in Roundup, is one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet? There are plenty of all-natural ways to eliminate weeds. One of my favorite is this quick and easy weed killer DIY. It’s great to use on pavers, sidewalks, and gravel or stone areas where weeds pop through. Bonus – no harmful chemicals!

diy reusable clorox wipes that really match the original ingredients

DIY Reusable Clorox Wipes (That REALLY Match the Original Ingredients!

I’ve been asked about this from readers, and I’m finally sharing it today! DIY Reusable Clorox Wipes that really match the ingredients of the original ones!One of my favorite things to do as a chemist is examine cleaning ingredients, then match them up to make a homemade solution.These homemade ones work just as good, have almost the same ingredients (minus some unnecessary ones), plus you can just wash the rags!

make your own odor absorber air freshener, cleaning tips, closet

Make Your Own Odor Absorber / Air Freshener

If you have a musty smelling closet, stinky bathroom or pets, then this tip is for you! In some spaces in our home, it seems like no matter how often I clean, there is still a musty odor or smell. We have animals, so this is pretty normal, but I still don't like it. So, I decided to make a few odor absorbers to stick around the house in the areas where smells tend to son's bathroom, the room where the cat litter box is, and my closet...just to keep them smelling fresh! These little things work wonders, and are cute too!

cleaning tips homemade stain remover, cleaning tips

The Best Homemade Stain Remover Ever!

I've been spending tons of money on all of our laundry supplies for years, and decided that this year, I was going to start making my own! I found this recipe for homemade stain remover in a vintage cleaning tips book and decided to tweak it a bit and give it a try for myself...the result was amazing!

diy dryer sheets one of my proudestdiy projects, cleaning tips, Let them hang dry and then pop them in the dryer when you need them You can use many times before you need to re dip them Also a wonderful air freshener as they hang

DIY Dryer Sheets (One of my #ProudestDIY projects )

A while back I experimented with something when I ran out of dryer sheets. I did not have any coupons and I was NOT going to pay full price for dryer sheets. So out of this need came this idea.It is so easy to dip, dry and use over and over! This has saved me lots of money as I do NOT buy fabric softer sheets anymore!

how to make your home and everything in it smell good, cleaning tips, Jolante van Hemert Flickr

How to Make Your Home (and Everything in It) Smell Good

Funky smells coming from your home? Here are Domestic CEO's 9 easy recipes for natural, homemade ways to deodorize your home and the smelly things that enter (or live in) it.

how to make your very own cold process soap, diy, how to, A completed batch of Cold Process soap ready to cure

How to make your very own Cold Process soap!

Making your own soap is one of the most satisfying DIY projects you can do. It's healthy, it's luxurious, it's affordable, and homemade soaps make wonderful gifts! The "Cold Process" method of soap making starts with combining lye and water to create a "lye solution". The solution needs to drop below 125 degrees before mixing it with oils which results in a chemical reaction called "saponification", creating the substance we call soap! After that, you add your scents, exfoliants and all that other fancy deliciousness to personalize your bars to your heart's content! Check out my full blog post for an extensive (but easy to follow!) tutorial for beginners that includes a "Beginner's Recipe" using oils you can easily find at the grocery store! Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil are some of the affordable and moisturizing ingredients you can use to make a great batch of soap! I predict that you will fall in love with soap making and never turn back to store-bought!

the best way to remove mold mildew with 2 ingredients no bleach

The Best Way to Remove Mold & Mildew With 2 Ingredients (NO Bleach!)

This is a great post today! We are sharing the best way to remove mold & mildew with just TWO ingredients.The really neat thing about being a chemist is getting to research and find the best tips to share with you. All of my tried and true cleaning recipes can be found in the ebook (check our website for that!), and I still use all of these to clean my home.Our eBook is full of the best and easiest homemade cleaning solutions you can use forever which is why it’s so handy.But I am constantly researching ideas and tips to make your life easier, so I still love to share cleaning tips on the website. Especially when something is so life changing, like this!So, let’s talk about this fantastic homemade mold and mildew killer! This is the best way to remove mod and mildew!

homemade rose petal sachets using paper towel tube, crafts, flowers, how to, repurposing upcycling

Homemade Rose Petal Sachets Using Paper Towel Tube

It started with a rose. My neighbor's rose. She was out one morning cutting off her roses and I asked her for one. She said to take as many as I wanted. And I had an "ah-ha" moment. I will make rose petal sachets!

5 home uses for banana peels, cleaning tips, gardening, repurposing upcycling

5 Home Uses for Banana Peels

Bananas are my go-to breakfast treat every morning. They provide just the right amount of energy to get me through my morning must-dos--aka make coffee, lots of coffee. Aside from providing the body with necessary vitamins, like potassium, here are some pretty cool other uses for banana peels.

diy dishwasher tablets, appliances, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs

DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Don’t you just hate having to buy household items that you end up just throwing away? Things like toilet paper, paper towels…and dishwasher tablets? Well, l’m about to let you in on a life changing, money saving secret- how to make your own dishwasher tablets!

organic gardening how to deter slugs and snails with eggshells, gardening, pest control

Organic Gardening - How to Deter Slugs and Snails With Eggshells

Are you tired of visiting your gardening in the morning only to see that other little critters have been up all night feasting on your plants? I love plants like my hostas and vegetables and hate to see them riddled with holes from snails and slugs.
I have something in common with slugs...we both love hostas and vegetable gardens. But, there is something they hate that I love - eggs. They slink away from eggs shells as soon as they feel the sharp edges!
Snails and slugs hate anything that's sharp or rough, so you can save your eggshells and use them underneath your plants to deter them! It really works. Coffee grounds and several other things works as well, and are mentioned in the article link.

deers eating your landscaping garden here s an easy diy solution, gardening, pest control

Deer Eating Your Landscaping & Garden? Here's An EASY DIY Solution!

The only thing that will 100% stop deer from munching on your landscape or in your garden is a fence but this DIY DEER JUICE SPRAY is an EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to take care of an annoying problem!

homemade dishwasher detergent for spot free dishes, cleaning tips, homesteading, Just mix the ingredients together Add 1 T to a full load

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent {for spot-free dishes}

While cleaning out my kitchen for an upcoming move, I ran across the ingredients for homemade dishwasher detergent that had been sitting around unused.
The recipe is simple, the result is even better. It cleans your dishes and there won't be a residue left in the dishwasher.
What could be better.

natural dyeing with dandelions , crafts, diy, go green, how to

Natural Dyeing With Dandelions!

A Tutorial
Welcome to my new Natural Dyeing Series! I’ve been wanting to delve into the fun world of natural dyes for a long time and I’m super excited. My normal go-to dyes are Jacquard Acid Dyes so this is a whole new adventure for me. Technically, this is Part 2 since I already wrote a post on Dyeing Yarn with Black Walnuts so, let’s call this Part 2: Natural Dyeing with Dandelions. I’m hoping for a lovely yellow dyed yarn.
See full tutorial at (link below)

lemon vinegar cleaner, cleaning tips, Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

Check out this recipe for Lemon Vinegar Cleaner. I love the effectiveness of cleaning with vinegar and that it is a natural cleaner. My husband is not a huge fan of the smell of vinegar so when Stephanie posted the idea to steep orange peels in vinegar to make it smell better - I couldn't resist trying it too. After trying the Grapefruit Vinegar Cleaner I thought why not try lemon. It is our personal favorite.
I can spray areas and know that it is not harmful to my children. I clean the bathrooms, doorknobs and kitchen counters. There is always a bottle under my sink with vinegar in it. After two weeks of steeping the peels in the vinegar, the lemon peels did work. It turned the vinegar into a sweet smelling cleaner. You can also add lemon essential oil too!
Lemon Vinegar

how to remove melted plastic from your stovetop, appliances, cleaning tips, how to

How To Remove Melted Plastic From Your Stovetop

My husband accidentally placed a package of bagels on our hot stove top and the plastic melted onto our stove. He was worried that he had ruined it, but no fear, I knew just how to remove the melted plastic!

natural ways to keep ants out of the house

Natural Ways to Keep Ants Out of the House.

It is ant season again! As soon as the weather starts to heat up, and particularly after a warm rainy day, ants decide that indoors is a good place to be. Sure, you can kill ants with various home remedies, but are there are lots of other things that you can do to keep ants out of the house? Fortunately, the answer is YES and most of them are natural remedies or simple tips!