a kid ravaged dresser turned vintage school house style dresser, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, The finished school house dresser

A Kid Ravaged Dresser Turned #vintage School House Style Dresser

Check out the latest MAKEOVER. A kid ravaged dresser turned Schoolhouse style dresser.
This dresser had seen better days, but after a little paint and some elbow grease I was able to bring it back to its BEAUTIFUL glory!

furniture safe adhesive removal, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs

Furniture Safe Adhesive Removal

We had contractors in our house over the winter, and when they bagged off the stairs to keep the dust out of the bedrooms they used duct tape- on my hutch! When the plastic was removed the tape left its ugly mark. I don't have room in my budget for expensive furniture cleaners and polishes, so I looked around to see what I had available. What I found was easy and inexpensive.

how to clean oil stains from furniture upholstery, how to, painted furniture, reupholster

How to Clean Oil Stains From Furniture Upholstery

Check out a step-by-step-guide how to save your sofa from oil stains

how to spot clean a microfiber couch, cleaning tips, how to, painted furniture

How To Spot Clean a Microfiber Couch

When we redecorated our living room we purchased our first microfiber couch and didn't realize until our dog Chanel slept on it the first time that she drools in her sleep. How unladylike! And, we didn't realize how much it would show on the microfiber. So our options seemed to be either get rid of the couch (never!), get rid of the dog (Chanel would never allow that), or figure out how to clean microfiber.
In doing online research I learned that water shouldn't be used on microfiber so I found some how-to's for using rubbing alcohol or vodka (non-water based liquids) and then buffing with a brush. I was a little nervous about using any kind of liquid at all on the couch, so after stewing about it for a day or two, and giving Chanel the stink eye, I decided to save the alcohol for better uses (vodka tonic, anyone?) and go straight for the brush. As you'll see below, the results were fantastic!

how to clean a mattress, cleaning tips, Step 4 Enjoy your fresh clean mattress

How To: Clean a Mattress

Did you know that you should and can clean a mattress? I sure didn't but when I cleaned it...the results were great. It was super easy and quick.

how to removing wood water rings mayonnaise, cleaning tips, how to

Removing Water-rings From Wood With Mayo!

I recently found a set of gorgeous mid-century tables at Goodwill for a steal. Problem? Their finishes were less than stellar. On this little table, the main issue was water-rings on the top tier.

how to clean a mattress

How To Deep Clean a Mattress

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress?My mattress was discolored from my dark sheets & a few spills so I decided it was time for a deep clean!

cleaning hacks how to clean microfiber

Cleaning Hacks - How To Clean Microfiber

Having microfiber in your dining chairs is a brilliant idea. However, the challenge that comes with investing in microfiber is that keeping them clean can be quite the task. What then, is the easiest way to clean microfiber? Read below to find out!

no paint or stain cabinet makeover, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture

No Paint or Stain Cabinet Makeover

I had every intention in the world to fill all the holes and paint this little cabinet, but then in the end I just couldn't do it. Sometimes our scars tell a story about us and what we have survived through. This little lady looked like she had been to battle and she was still standing strong. I couldn't take that away. In fact, I fixed her up without any repainting, staining, modge podge or any other product that would permanently changer her appearance.

remove grease from kitchen cabinets

Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

I want to shout from the hilltops of my kitchen and say “Ladies & Gentlemen, I have done it!!! I have learned how to clean kitchen cabinets and have even degreased my kitchen cabinets in the fastest way possible!” Now I know you are thinking I am crazy, but cleanliness is one of my pet peeves. I love to sit back and feel comfortable in my home knowing that I have a clean house.

upcycled antique buffet, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Bring the Beauty of an Antique Treasure.

I found this at a garage sale for $10.00. I knew exactly what I should do.
1. Clean it up.

iron your coffee table to make it perfect again, cleaning tips, furniture cleaning, how to

Iron Your Coffee Table To Make It Perfect Again

After years of trying to get rid of water stains on my wood tables, I found this trick online. The recommendation was to iron my tables.

the easy way to remove paint from glass hardware, cleaning tips, how to, painted furniture

The Easy Way To Remove Paint From Glass Hardware

That is one of the great things about do-it-yourself projects. As you are going through them, you learn what to do, what not to do and ways to make the job easier. This dresser was a stretch for me to begin with (you will see why as you read on), but it also taught me The Easy Way To Remove Paint From Glass Hardware and how to make a piece look like the farmhouse furniture that I love.

how to clean a microfiber couch, cleaning tips, how to, painted furniture

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

A few months back, one of our good friends got new living room furniture and was selling their old couch and recliner for almost nothing. Usually I am weird about buying pieces like this because I know firsthand the nastiness that can be embedded in the fabric. But, it was such a good deal that I was going to try to clean it and if that did not work, then I would throw a slipcover over it and be done.

spring cleaning a slipcovered ikea sofa try this at home

Spring Cleaning a Slipcovered Ikea Sofa: Try This at Home!

Now that Spring has sprung, it's time for a little spring cleaning! Upholstered couches are great, but washable slipcovers are even better! Each spring we like to get a fresh start by starting with our sofa and switching up our decor. Our Ikea Karlstad couch is white, so it shows every speck of dirt, and was in dire need of cleaning. However the washing instructions say not to put the slipcover the dryer, so we'd be without it for the full day it takes to dry. What happens when the cover is in the wash and you don't have a spare in the interim?The solution? A full-sized (double) fitted bed sheet, the kind with the elasticized corners like the retro one shown below. We just happened to have it in our linen closet and it fits perfectly in a pinch while the slipcover dries!

gazebo makeover, cleaning tips, container gardening, crafts, how to, outdoor living

Gazebo Makeover

Here’s how we gave our gazebo a makeover for under $700!

how to remove stains and rings from wood

How to Remove Stains and Rings From Wood

It's probably safe to say that we've all come across a piece of furniture (or two... or three...) that has seen better days. We want to rescue them from the landfill or a bad paint job, but the wood looks beyond salvage. Well, I'm here to show you that many of those pieces are hidden treasures, just waiting for someone like YOU to come along and apply the TLC necessary to restore the wood to its former glory. Not everything needs to be painted. In fact, I will usually try to save the wood on the top surface with stain rather than paint over it. Take a look at this sad little table I brought back to life:Just look at the mess on the 'BEFORE' photo with all the mold, black and white stains. No one thought I could get this in shape suitable for staining.

downy dryer sheets uses tips, cleaning tips

12 Creative Ways to Use Your Downy Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are like the Justin Timberlake of the laundry room. They’ve got talent to spare.
Downy dryer sheets cost about $3 for a pack of 100 and do a lot more than keep your towel’s soft. They can de-stink anything, remove static from screens and even scare bees away. Basically, they’re awesome.
Get your Downy dryer sheets out of the laundry room, and try these 12 tricks:

remove rust with coke

Remove Rust With Coke

COKE DOES WHAT?! Yeah, that was my thought exactly.

how to deep clean your couch

How To Deep Clean Your Couch

I'm at it again, a new challenge of how to deep clean your couch. Well, to put this to the test, I cleaned my friend's couch. Why is this a key piece - who would risk ruining their friend's couch?!!! So I found a way to safely clean her couch with items I already had at home, and I wanted to share the results with you.

four unexpected ways to use toothpaste, cleaning tips, To remove marks from leather shoes squirt a dab of toothpaste on the scuff and rub it vigorously with a soft cloth

Four Unexpected Ways to Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste keeps your pearly whites sparkling, but you probably don't give it much thought when you're not brushing your teeth.
It's time to change that! Besides freshening your breath, toothpaste can brighten up your piano and clean your coffee table.
Learn more: https://brightnest.com/posts/2x4-four-unexpected-ways-to-use-toothpaste

how to care for your ikea ektorp furniture, cleaning tips, how to, living room ideas

How to Care for Your IKEA EKTORP Furniture

I know our friends and family probably thought we were a little nuts to have white furniture in our living room, and honestly I had no idea how they would hold up, but as affordable as these two pieces are ($399 for the sofa, $379 for the love seat), it was worth a shot. Plus, I knew I could always replace the slipcovers with a different color for cheap ($49 for the sofa, $39 for the love seat).

quickly remove heat stains from wood

Quickly Remove Heat Stains From Wood!

You’ve seen them before. White splotchy heat stains that cover what used to be perfectly pristine wood furniture, and if you’re reading this, you probably have one or two of these marks in your home right now.

repurposed heavy metal drawers, how to, painted furniture

Repurposed Heavy Metal Drawers

I started repurposing a couple short years ago, and this is my absolute fav item to date. These two sets of drawers were at a yard sale and hubby looked at me very weird when I said I wanted to buy them. These were listed for $10 total and I bargained for $6, and they threw in delivery! You can see why the former owners wanted them gone. I now keep my button collection in these drawers. They are a heavy metal – possibly used for auto parts in their former life. Thankfully, all the working parts (roller mechanisms) just needed a little lovin' to make them go round and round again.

kitchen countertops review lg himacs, countertops, kitchen design

Reviewing Our Solid Surface Countertops - 6 Months In

Back in February, we had LG HI-MACS solid surface countertops installed in our kitchen. Now that it's been about 6 months, I thought I'd come back and share how they're doing and how we like them so far. When we were shopping for counters, we couldn't find very much information or reviews (other than from the company directly) on this material, so hopefully this will help you, if you're thinking of having these installed yourself.