how to easily clean your front door back to new again

How To Easily Clean Your Front Door Back To New Again!

Whenever I discovered a new cleaning tip I have to share it with you! Does your front and screen door get all grimy with pollen, dust, and debris? With the onset of Spring, it’s so easy to have your outside doors easily build up with nasty dirt and pollen. I discovered an easy way to clean your front door and your screen door back to new again!

quick clean your window screens

Quick Clean Your Window Screens

Who doesn't like to open their windows and breath in the fresh spring air? Get your windows ready for a change in season by cleaning your window screens without taking up too much of your time. No need for a hose, all you need is a bathtub for this one.

how to clean silhouette blinds, cleaning tips, how to, window treatments

How to Clean Silhouette Blinds

I am sharing about how to clean silhouette blinds. For some this task might seem overwhelming but I show you six easy steps to get new looking blinds!

pour vinegar into your windowsill for an easy cleaning hack

Pour Vinegar Into Your Windowsill for an Easy Cleaning Hack

Window tracks just love to attract lots of dirt and tough-to-scrub grime, but there is a simple solution to get the job done quick and easy! Watch how quickly the gunk melts away below.

diy magic blinds cleaner dollar tree cleaning hack

DIY Magic Blinds CLEANER // Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack

Today we will be making a very simple diy dollar tre blinds cleaner. From the dollar store you need to buy are tongs, microfiber towels, rubber banks, dryer sheets and scrub buddies wet super refills. I will show you 2 different options for you to use depending on how dirty the blinds are.

clean your window tracks, cleaning tips

Clean Your Window Tracks

Spring cleaning is almost here and what a better way to start than with your window tracks? Window tracks just love to attract lots of dirt and tough to scrub grime, but there is an easy solution to get the job done quick and easy! With a couple of non-toxic household items you can clean your window tracks in no time!

window screen cleaning tip, cleaning tips, window treatments, windows

Window Screen Cleaning Tip

How clean are your window or patio door screens?

9 genius cleaning hacks to make your life easier, cleaning tips, Flickr Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

9 Genius Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

These nine tips might make you hate cleaning a little less.

rub salt on your shower door this is brilliant

Rub Salt on Your Shower Door (This Is Brilliant!)

Remove that awful soap scum using all natural products which leaves behind a fresh citrus scent!

get gorgeous privacy without closing your blinds

Get Gorgeous Privacy—without Closing Your Blinds

Do you have windows or doors in your home that you want to make a little more private? I have two glass doors that lead into our backyard - the only problem? They also lead my neighbors eyes into my home. To fix it, I came up with a simple faux frosted glass trick that is tasteful and completely removable!

homemade window cleaner from tea

Homemade Window Cleaner From Tea

This is such a fun post today! How to make homemade window cleaner from tea bags! This also works for glass surfaces like ovens, mirrors, or glass tops.First, WHY would you want to know how to make window cleaner from tea bags?? Well, if you ever run out of window cleaner, it is nice to have multiple alternatives to use around the home.As you know, our website is full of so many different cleaning tips based on chemistry. It helps you save time, money, and if you run out of something, you have options!

best way to clean blinds

Best Way to Clean Dusty Blinds

Blinds are really annoying to clean, so when I found this clever trick on the internet using salad tongs, I thought I would give it a try! I can’t tell you how great it was for getting the dust off the blinds -- with so little effort.Isn't that like magic?!

5 ways to clean with baking soda

5 Ways to Clean With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a staple in every DIY'ers home. So, I'm giving you 5 awesome ways to use it in your cleaning routine!

window screen cleaning diy budget, cleaning tips, diy, how to, windows

How to Clean Windows and Screens Like a Pro

A professional cost $250 but we did it for $3. Stop by and see what products work the best. And see my secret screen cleaning product that restores them to new.

tips for spring cleaning your windows

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Windows

If your windows are like mine, they probably need a good cleaning to remove the layer of grime winter weather has left. Here are my tips on how to get those windows sparkling inside and out, including the screens!

streak free windows and mirrors, home decor

Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

I have been using this simple and inexpensive solution to clean my windows and mirrors and it leaves them streak free!!! You can see more of my crazy creations here

diy screen cleaner for your ipad laptop or tv, cleaning tips, It s easy to clean your electronic equipment with this inexpensive screen cleaner

DIY Screen Cleaner for Your IPad, Laptop, or TV

Kids = fingerprints. It's an undeniable fact of life. But it's easy to clean fingerprints off your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or TV with this DIY Screen Cleaner!
All you need is rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and an empty spray bottle. Be sure to use distilled water, since tap water and bottled water contain all sorts of minerals and chemicals that could damage the screen.
Determine how much liquid your spray bottle contains, and fill it with half rubbing alcohol and half distilled water. That's it!

how to remove paint from glass, cleaning tips, painting

An Efficient Way to Remove Paint From Glass

Paint is very difficult to remove from any surface. That is why you need to put a lot of effort into preparing your surface for painting so that you won’t have to scrape too much paint once the project is completed. But, no matter how hard you try to protect your surfaces, some paint may still seep through your painter’s tape. This happens quite often, especially when you paint windows. At the end of the job, you may realize that all your glass need to be cleaned from paint. Here is a very efficient method for removing paint from glass.

how to remove hard water stains from windows

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Windows

In our master bathroom, there is a shower right in the middle of our shower. It should come as no surprise then that we had a hard time seeing out of this window because of all the hard water stains and spots that covered it! I tried cleaning it with a simple window cleaner, but it just didn't cut it. Finally, I tried something new, that was surprisingly easy and effective!

sliding screen doors remove clean and tune in under 10 minutes, cleaning tips, doors

Sliding Screen Doors: Remove, Clean and Tune in Under 10 Minutes

How the heck do you remove a sliding screen door? This is a question many people have. We constantly have spiders, cobwebs, and other long legged insects living between the screen door and sliding glass door.
My wife really hates it when this happens (she's particularly freaked out by spiders). This past weekend I decided to remove, clean and tune our sliding screen door.
I put together a step-by-step video that will help you discover how to do this yourself. You can check it out at

clean your window screens, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, windows

Clean Your Window Screens

Keep the coughing to a minimum and June bugs at bay by cleaning your screens once a year. Dirty screens are a two-fold problem: they mess with air quality and are easily damaged. Rate the dirtiness of your screens on a scale from 1 to 4, with 4 being "it's so dirty my view is ruined." Then, choose your cleaning method!
1. Remove your screens. For best screen-cleaning results, remove your screens from the window before getting started. If you're just trying to clean your screens quickly, and they aren't too bad (think 1-2 on the dirt scale), it's okay to leave them in the window. You won't get every nook and cranny clean, but it's better than doing nothing. If your screens are any dirtier than that, we definitely recommend removing them from the window. Otherwise, you won't be able to remove the large chunks of dirt (plus it will make a big mess).
More tips:

four grown up reasons to buy baby wipes, cleaning tips

Four Grown-Up Reasons to Buy Baby Wipes

We’ve picked favorites when it comes to baby wipes, and our heart belongs to Seventh Generation’s Natural Baby Wipes. Not only do they smell great, they come in handy all over the house! Here are four reasons to pick up a pack:

disinfect your doorknobs, cleaning tips, doors

Disinfect Your Doorknobs

It’s sad, but true – doorknobs are pretty good at opening doors, but they’re great at collecting bacteria! The good news: they’re incredibly easy to clean. Here’s how!
1. Choose a safe disinfectant. A disinfectant spray doesn’t need to have harsh chemicals to clean your doorknobs. For a safer, eco-friendly spray make your own, instead. To create homemade disinfectant spray , you only need vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and a few spray bottles. DIY isn’t your only option! There are several eco-friendly options on the market – we’re fans of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Countertop Spray.
2. Ready, aim, spray! Grab your disinfectant spray and a clean towel and spray away! Spray the entire doorknob and then wipe it dry with your towel. Focus on the doors that see the most action in your home like the kitchen, bathroom and front door.

how to remove hard water stains on your windows or shower glass

How to REMOVE Hard Water Stains on Your Windows or Shower Glass!

I have a MAGIC ingredient to REMOVE the hard water stains from your windows and shower door glass!

peppermint clean windows

Peppermint Clean Windows

Since I have discovered Infused Oils and flower water, I have had so much fun discovering all their uses! Diffused Peppermint Water has amazing cleaning effects. There is some kind of degreasing properties which makes my life so simple!