carpet deodorizer and banishing wash

Carpet Deodorizer and Banishing "Wash"

Commercial carpet deodorizers are great for getting the stink out of carpets and loosening up pet hair, but the heavy perfume fragrance can cause allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, headaches, and a number of other issues. Making your own is easy, it can be customized to a scent you like, and you can add some magical elements. The addition of salt to this recipe has the same effect as using a floor wash for banishing negativity and blessing your home, but for rugs and carpets.

four unexpected ways to use toothpaste, cleaning tips, To remove marks from leather shoes squirt a dab of toothpaste on the scuff and rub it vigorously with a soft cloth

Four Unexpected Ways to Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste keeps your pearly whites sparkling, but you probably don't give it much thought when you're not brushing your teeth.
It's time to change that! Besides freshening your breath, toothpaste can brighten up your piano and clean your coffee table.
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how to fold a fitted sheet, cleaning tips, how to, reupholster

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Ever wonder how to fold a fitted sheet? My mom taught all of us when we were kids, but my friends always ask me how I do it, so I decided to make a quick and easy how-to guide to explain folding a fitted sheet.

9 genius cleaning hacks to make your life easier, cleaning tips, Flickr Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

9 Genius Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

These nine tips might make you hate cleaning a little less.

cheap and easy trick for cleaning a smooth stovetop, appliances, cleaning tips

Cheap and Easy Trick for Cleaning a Smooth Stovetop

Here's a simple way to clean a smooth stovetop using baking soda and a wet soapy towel. I've done this several times and it really does work!

homemade laundry detergent tablets, cleaning tips, go green

Homemade Laundry Detergent Tablets

Make your own pre-measured laundry detergent tablets with this easy recipe. You will need equal parts:
*Washing Soda

the magic secret to fresh fluffy towels and eliminating, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, how to

How To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell On Towels and Clothes

I've been noticing a weird mildew smell coming from our laundry room, so I went on a hunt to find out what was causing it. I found a crumpled up towel that wreaked of mildew behind our washer that must have gotten left there when our hot water tank leaked. I washed it as I normally do my laundry, but the mildew smell persisted. So, I decided to try a trick that I read about in a magazine years worked like a charm, and is super inexpensive!

how to shine the silver for the holidays, cleaning tips

Shining The Silver For The Holidays

Do you love the glimmer of the holiday season? November is the perfect time to take stock of your silver pieces and start shining things up.

2 ingredient carpet deodorizer, cleaning tips

2 Ingredient Carpet Deodorizer

I have dogs and that means that my home doesn't always smell like roses. Today, in fact, I am sitting here typing while smelling eau de wet dog. I wouldn't keep this cutie off of my feet for the life of me, though!
Since I have pets but I want a house that smells nice I like to use lots of "smell goods" including carpet deodorizer. It's hardly an expensive thing to buy at the store BUT I can show you how to make it for SO MUCH CHEAPER and in your absolutely favorite scents, too!

scented vinegar

Scented Vinegar

In the last few years since I quit my 9-5 job and started working from home, I’ve tried to find ways to save money. Before Bo was born, I was making mine and Rob’s laundry detergent which was great but after a year or so I found myself going back to the convenience of buying it in the store. I’ve always experimented with natural glass cleaner and things of that nature but I hated the smell of the vinegar in the solutions. I think I may have finally found a way to make my own cleaning solutions that still smell just as nice as the store bought once and it’s amazing how easy it is to do!

best cleaning hacks that actually work

Best Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

Check out these 15 cleaning hacks! - 5 Ways to Clean Your Tub & Tile- An Insanely Easy Eco Oven Cleaner- The Easiest Way to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan- The Easiest Rust Remover- Get Your Carpet Smelling Fresh With This Eco Carpet Freshener- The Fastest Way to Clean Glass Dishes- The Natural Cleaner Your Nasty Toilet Needs- Eco Wood Polish (Just 2 Ingredients!)- Homemade Grout, Tile and Tub Cleaner- How To Clean Your Old Cookie Sheet

homemade natural autumn room spray no essential oils needed , cleaning tips, crafts, go green, seasonal holiday decor

Homemade Natural Autumn Room Spray (No Essential Oils Needed!)

This homemade natural autumn room spray smells so heavenly! You won't need any special ingredients for this room spray either, no essential oils necessary!
I think the smells of autumn are my favorite scents on earth! Warm spicy scents, hints of pumpkin, and fallen leaves are perfect! Fall candles are definitely my favorite scents to burn all season, but I also really love having autumn room sprays to keep the house smelling like the perfect autumn day!
Readers really loved the orange rose air freshener I made a few months ago.

six ways to use tea around your house

Six Ways to Use Tea Around Your House

Here are six different ways to use three different teas - black, green, and mint.You can use unused or used tea bags; however, in some of the tips, the tea must be dry. This is a great way to recycle your tea after you've enjoyed a spot of tea.

diy essential oil diffuser for the car

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for the Car

I wanted to diffuse oils in my car, but I didn't want to spend money on a diffuser. So I made one with items from my craft room!

upcycling an old english settee, cleaning tips, living room ideas, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

A Very Old English Settee Rescue

I found this great settee at a local thrift store. I felt it looked like an old English settee straight out of an old home in the English countryside (wild imagination!). However, it was absolutely filthy. The dirt didn't sway me and I grabbed it. I knew with some tlc it would look beautiful again.

diy scented room spray, cleaning tips, Just 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes of your time is all it takes to make this wonderful room spray

DIY: scented room spray

Just 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes of your time is all it takes to make this refreshing room spray. I use it to freshen the house, mask pet smells... and a quick squirt in the linen cupboard gives all my linen a delightful scent.

how to clean the plastic strip at the bottom of a glass shower door, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, Since the plastic strip was removed I took a minute to scrub the entire glass door all the way to the bottom Then replaced the strip Easy Peasy And almost new

How to Clean the Plastic Strip at the Bottom of a Glass Shower Door

Before selling our home, I started cleaning every area like crazy! It was part of my normal routine to clean the shower, but the plastic strip at the bottom of the door had not been touched. Here is the best way I found to clean this overlooked area and make it look brand new!

make your washer clean itself, appliances, cleaning tips, Clean drum after running the vinegar through the hottest cycle

Make your washer clean itself!

It sounds funny that you have clean a machine designed for cleaning, but the washer does need some love. Detergent and grime build up on the drum over time.
Luckily, it's pretty easy to clean. Dump a couple cups of vinegar with a little bit of lemon juice (for smell) into the washing machine and set to the hottest cycle. While the washer is running, wipe down the exterior with a mixture of vinegar and water.
After the cycle is completed, clean the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers with the same mixture.

miracle wand for cleaning glass shower doors, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, I keep this filled and ready to go in the shower

Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Fill a dish wand with cleaning solution for glass. Makes for easy upkeep of glass shower doors.

how to clean your fridge coils

How to Clean Your Fridge Coils

When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator coils? Yeah, it's been a while huh? Did you know that you can save yourself money by keeping the coils clean? Yes! When everything is clean in there your fridge doesn't have to work as hard, this results in the fridge using less electricity. Yay!

essential oil gel air fresheners

Essential Oil Gel Air Fresheners

Freshen up your home naturally with these simple gel fresheners. They’re easy to make with a few simple ingredients. You can customize them with any scent and color you prefer. Plus, they’re fun to look at! The process is so simple, you can easily make a bunch of air fresheners in just a few minutes. Make one for every room in your home.

four ways to clean with butter, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling

Four (4) Ways to Clean With Butter

Some paleo diets permit the use of butter, but honestly The Beau and I tend to avoid butter altogether, opting for coconut oil or olive oil instead. Plus, as a huge advocate for the plant-based lifestyle, there is no butter on my daily menu! I do use butter when I bake the occasional cake or baked good (I’m human after all!), but otherwise the butter in my refrigerator sits untouched. That is, until I discovered some amazing tricks for cleaning with butter.

the very best trick to clean stubborn carpet stains, cleaning tips, flooring

The Very Best Trick to Clean Stubborn Carpet Stains!

File this one under "coolest trick ever"! If you have carpet in your home, then I'm sure you've had more than one "mystery stain" appear from time to time, especially if you have lighter-colored carpeting. If it's proving to be a little difficult to get that stain out, try my new favorite trick!

6 things you didn t know you could clean with dish soap

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Clean With Dish Soap

Everyone has a bottle of blue dawn in their kitchen cabinet. Here's 6 things you can clean with it you may not have thought of!

the no scrub way to de scale a kettle, cleaning tips

The No Scrub Way to De-Scale a Kettle

If you have hard water and use a kettle to boil water, this simple and easy tip will remove hard water build up with very little effort.
You will need: