we have just one new years resolution for 2018

We Have Just One New Years Resolution for 2018...

Thank you for a year of inspiring, encouraging, sharing and creating together with us on Hometalk! We can't wait to reminisce about all the amazing things we've done together this year, but before we get carried away...Our New Year's Resolution:

6 quick fix facelift ideas for builder grade bathrooms all under 100

6 Quick Fix-Facelift Ideas for Builder Grade Bathrooms ALL Under $120

I'd like to share some bathroom face-lift projects we tackled a few months ago. EACH can be done in 6-12 hours, some less some more (if paint is involved) but nothing over a day. When I know I can finish a project in a day (or so) I am definitely quicker to start/try it. Our '06 builders grade bathroom was plain old ugly and odd! They put carpet in the vanity area & a one piece "acrylic" counter with single sunken sink (should be two) plus oak dbl cabinets.We would rather go on vacation than fund a full remodel, so a face-lift was all we could do on our modest income. Everything we did was under $120 total...and that was spent mainly on flooring & paint. ( I wasn't planning to post. I had painted the cabinets before I took my BEFORE Photo.)

quickly remove heat stains from wood

Quickly Remove Heat Stains From Wood!

You’ve seen them before. White splotchy heat stains that cover what used to be perfectly pristine wood furniture, and if you’re reading this, you probably have one or two of these marks in your home right now.

ok it may be possible that i may be the only one but i don t think so

Where Are My Keys ? NO MORE! $15 Solution

Ok.. It may be possible that I may be the only one… BUT I don't think so. I hate seeing keys on a counter rolling around with no assigned location. I also don't really like having them “exposed” on a key hanger. (specially since I don't have a “Mudroom” or something like it. I wish I did.) In my case they would just hang there in my middle of one of my entry ways, looking into my OCD soul. Too much? Ok.. well, you may be right, but I really don't like them just hanging there. Doesn’t really fit in the decor.. Sometimes I feel it take aways from the great looking key hanger out there.I ramble just to justify.. My great James Bond idea. HA! “Why don’t just hide them behind a frame.” The key (no pun intended) is finding the right frame. It’s has to be at least 1½ inches in depth. This way the keys will hide behind behind the frame without damaging it or not allowing the frame to close properly. The deeper/thicker the frame the better. It was really pretty easy and I think I may customize a bit more by adding fancier hooks, and maybe replacing the elastic with a small wood plate but I just couldn't wait to share. I hope you guys like it and maybe you can customize it to fit your needs, hopefully I gave you a head start. Check it out ! I had most of the materials which allowed my cost to be minimal.

how to remove dried paint from clothing

How to Remove Dried Paint From Clothing

If you are a DIYer, you probably have some clothing with dried paint on them. Here's how to remove it - for real!

making a faux hornets nest

Making a Faux Hornets Nest.

I found out that hornets and wasps are pretty much territorial. They don't like to set up house where the other already has. When I went searching, I found you can buy these for about 7.00 at Walmart that inflate and deflate for seasonal use. But I am a tight wad and don't have a way to drive to town so I just made one. You can get the full pattern here http://www.thriftyfun.com/Faux-Hornets-Nest.html. Here is a general idea for you to ponder then look further if you want. It's easy for even the beginning crocheter. And here are some links in case you want more evidence these work. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KLMDXKKhttp://forums.gardenweb.com/discussions/1531563/do-wasp-decoy-nests-work

grandm s merical

Mint Spray Helper

I have little Sheltie dogs . I like them to smell fresh and clean ,between trips to the groomer. So I got a 2oz size pump spray bottle at Walmart in the travel supply's in the drug store part of Walmart. I then fill the bottle with tap water 3/4 filled, then add some drops of mint oil. I get my mint oil from Amazon. $15.00 for a 4 oz bottle

9 inspiring kitchen cabinet makeovers before and after

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers (Before and After)

Everyone knows that a kitchen is never fully dressed without some grade A cabinetry, and luckily, that's not too difficult of a feat to accomplish in your DIY home decor projects! Your kitchen cabinets can be completely made over by simply giving them a paint job or replacing their hardware. Don't buy it? Take a look at how painted kitchen cabinets completely changed these unimpressive rooms into spectacular and bright homes for some amazing kitchen makeovers!1. Like Night and Day

7 budget ways to create a statement wall

7 Budget Ways to Create a Statement Wall

Have you ever heard that your home is a reflection of yourself? Your furniture, your flooring, even your layout says something about who you are and how you live. And it starts with home decor, DIY of course.But when a budget is cramping your style, it's hard to feel like you have the freedom to express yourself. Instead of getting discouraged, focus on just one wall. These budget updates can help you turn that wall, and your home, into a completely 'You' space, and they won't take hours of time, piles of tools, or pocket-fulls of cash to complete. You can turn this into an incredible DIY wall decor project! Making a statement starts at home, so what are you waiting for?1. Add molding and paint

diy home improvement projects

DIY Home Improvement Projects

Check out these DIY home improvement tutorials for your next project. You'll be amazed at what you can DIY in your home!

how to draw a peacock

How to Draw a Peacock

Martina loves animals and she happens to draw them very well herself. She is only 8 years old but has an impressive talent. She got to film this tutorial so that everybody can learn to easily draw a peacock, a beautiful and colourful feathered bird. She'll show you how. Enjoy her tutorial!

hurricane or bad weather hints

Hurricane /or Bad Weather Hints

If you have a bad weather event, that you don't have electricity after the event. for days. This may help you.

6 awesome diy bath bombs

6 Awesome DIY Bath Bombs

These awesome recipes and instructions for DIY bath bombs are the bomb!

how to remove paint from just about anything

How To Remove Paint From Just About Anything

You were careful, but it happens to the best of us -- paint on your..... fill in the blank! Don't worry, we have tried and true answers here for how to remove paint from just about anything!

don t forget the hot knife point

Don't Forget the Hot Knife Point!

I have accidentally discovered the wonders of this little element. Let me share them with you. My husband was trying to make his own carrying case for his pistols. He had the case, but wanted to add some extra foam with the exact cut-out of the pistols to keep them in place. He thought about using an electric carving knife.

best diy projects

15 Really Fun DIY Projects

Looking for fun DIY projects? We've got 15 really fun DIY projects that you can get started on immediately. These awesome projects made our "Best Of" list this week! You don't want to miss these!

lighten up for spring with 7 color risks

Lighten up for Spring with 7 Color Risks

Chances are, you're timid with colors. That's alright - most people are! But it's spring now, which means you're refreshed and ready to get a little wild with your color palette. Who knows? You might realize that bright mustard or rich amethyst is the home decor touch you've been missing all along.1. Add a loud pop to a neutral palette

easy diy projects

Easy DIY Projects

15 Easy DIY Projects you have to try!

repair a broken pearl necklace string

Repair a Broken Pearl Necklace String

My wife was so sad when her favorite necklace broke. I never back away from a challenge... so I started researching solutions and here is what I came up with.Sure a professional could have done a much better job... but for $3.49 - I think my fix is pretty good. Important thing is the wife is happy!

20 diy vanity projects you can do right now

20 DIY Vanity DIY Projects You Can Do Right Now

You can easily find your perfect new vanity look now, with these 20 DIY vanity projects that show just how versatile – in both style and size – a vanity can be.

9 unusual cleaning tricks that really work

9 Unusual DIY Cleaning Tricks That Really Work

Using ingredients you've already got in your pantry, tackle those tough mess areas in your home that aren't having their cleaning needs met by bleaches and sprays with these great DIY cleaning tips. These methods may sound crazy, but the results are nothing short of miraculous. These weird rubbish-ridders will save you money, effort, and many sweaty and frustrated hours of scrubbing. So go ahead -- make Grandma proud!1. Use Kool-Aid to clean your toilet bowl

9 entryway designs that make a great first impression

9 Entryway Designs That Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are made by your entryway. When a guest enters your home, your entryway will be the first taste they get of who you are and what makes you tick. Big or small (or nonexistent!), an entryway can be infused with personality, color and warmth. To build one that will perfectly embody you, choose a theme or idea and design your entryway around it. For inspiration, see what entryway ideas some other creative minds have come up with. And make sure to check out our DIY home decor ideas for more awesome home-related first impression projects!1. Country style

best diy holiday gifts

Best DIY Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is around the corner, and here are our top picks for some of the best DIY holiday gifts we've seen this week! Check these out!

the truth about natural weed killer exposed

The Truth About Natural Weed Killer Exposed

You'll find an abundance of natural weed killer suggestions and DIY garden pest solutions on Hometalk, but which ones actually work? We caught up with renowned gardening expert and much loved Hometalk member Walter Reeves to reveal the truth behind the 9 most popular natural weed killers.

decorating repetition

Decorating Repetition

In decorating it is important to repeat a motif or pattern or color, so what is done looks meaningful. This is how I approached doing this in an almost no cost way. Many years ago I found this framed print of Raphael's Madonna of the chair. I found it on the street left out for big trash pickup. I consider it the very best thing I have ever found. It has always hung in my bedroom on a wall that has little floor space beneath it. I wanted a narrow shelf and decided the best thing to do was to repeat the elements of the frame. The nail head trim and the angles the frame was cut in.