chunky yarn

Here's How Chunky Yarn Is Keeping Everyone Warm This Week

With winter in full swing, you’ll love these ideas for our Material of the Week: chunky yarn! Grab your supplies and get cozy, because these chunky knit projects will have you wishing for snow days, logs crackling in the fireplace and your favorite hot cocoa :) You can get chunky yarn here!

make anything a label or sticker

Make Anything a Label or Sticker!

Organization makes me happy and I adore me some labels and stickers. But typical label makers are as boring as you can get. What about a Cricut, you say? Yesssssss - I could watch that little box of amazingness work its magic all day long. But did I mention I'm also frugal? So when you need a cute label or sticker (out of any picture!) and have only a printer and some shipping tape to work with, you're in luck!You'll need:* Printer and paper* Clear shipping tape* Mug/glass/basin with water, enough to cover the size of your label* Scissors* Spoon or other hard implement

vintage coca cola transfer on the pillowcase easy and precise, crafts, how to, reupholster

Vintage Coca-Cola Transfer on the Pillowcase, Easy and Precise

It is easy and precise method to transfer laser print to wood, glass or metal (both need to be painted with acrylic paint first) or fabric - like here. You need special chemistry for cars, gloves to protect your hands,cotton fabric, laser print - if you transfer sentences, need to be reversed like in mirror, scotch tape - or similar one, cotton cosmetic pad and old tea spoon. Ready to see the steps? :)

how to fake hobnail glass

How To Upcycle Dollar Store Glassware

With 2 simple treatments ordinary glassware can be transformed into a vintage favorite....

roller blind upcycle using mod podge photo transfer technique

Roller Blind Upcycle Using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Technique

Do you have any old roller blinds lying about? Well, this is the perfect DIY project to recycle them and turn them into some beautiful hanging wall art for your home.

three super easy no sew pillows

Three Super Easy No Sew Pillows

Everyone loves pillows but they are soooo expensive. Here are three ideas to make your own pillows without sewing.

peony coffee table

Peony Coffee Table

Recently I picked up an old solid oak dining table. I really liked the round shape and thought I could create a unique coffee table out of it - so I snatched up for $50. Woot Woot!I scrapped the base as it was just a pedestal and kind of nasty, and just saved the top for my project. At first, I was thinking I might sand it down, stain it, then apply the graphic. *** spoiler alert - I tried 3 different ways to transfer this image and this was most successful. If you are interested in my epic failures you can see them on my blog.

packing tape image transfer and diy clear labels

Packing Tape Image Transfer and DIY Clear Labels

Here's a really cool image transfer technique on how to turn packing tape into great looking clear labels and stickers!
After I published this on my blog, I got lots of great questions such as " Can you use it for color images?" "Why is my sticker cloudy or not sticking?" I will share at the end some super helpful tips and tricks!

large scale ice dye

Large Scale Ice Dye

When I first saw this idea on Hometalk I knew it was something I had to try. I have done all kinds of different tie dye projects. It started in elementary school, the school had us bring in shirts and well the rest is history. LOL I have dyed towels as a gift to a friend who loved tie dye, I have made shirts for fun and once I even dyed a shirt to cover up a red stain. You know how it is a red something gets in the wash and ruins your favorite shirt. Pink dye to the rescue. This idea from Amanda I have a ton of white fabric and I want to use it to reupholster a couch and possibly a matching chair. But... WHITE??? not with 5 cats and 2 dogs and a handicapped kid who regularly pees on my couch. Then I saw the ice dye idea and well inspiration struck.

shibori dyed slipcovers

Shibori Dyed Slipcovers

When we replaced our dining room chairs with comfy upholstered ones, I knew that the white slipcover wouldn't last long in our home with messy kids and a dog. So I dyed the slipcovers shibori style to protect them and hide messes.

image transfer using laser printer

Image Transfer Using Laser Printer

Suzanne Fulford prints a favorite image and applies it to this beautiful piece of furniture.

the most creative ways to use hot glue to make home decor

The Most Creative Ways to Use Hot Glue to Make Home Decor.

Get the full tutorial + materials here:- Hot Glue Placemats- DIY Storage Footstool USING A BUCKET!- Venetian Plaster Pots- 5 Dollar Store Crafts- Ping Pong Ball DIY Projects for Your Home!- Rope & Spandex Rug- DIY Bulletin Board From Wine Corks- How to Display Your Valentines Flowers- 6 Unique Diaper DIY Displays That Aren't Cakes- Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

making printing blocks from firewood

Making Printing Blocks From Firewood

I really wanted to try my hand at making some printing blocks just because I love the result they give and I knew it would be a bit of a challenge. Naturally the first design I tried out was my logo and after that I attempted to make a symbol from Game of Thrones. Check out the video if you'd like to see close ups of how the details came through.

how to make a beach towel with pillow handles

How to Make a Beach Towel With Pillow & Handles

Whether you are going to the beach, camping, or even to a baseball game this is the perfect project for you! When I was growing up, we kept this huge, ratty, thousand pound blanket in the trunk of the car for any occasion we might need to sit on the ground. I am not kidding!We finally let that blanket go after many years of being dragged around, but since then I have always been prepared with a beach towel or blanket of some sort! So when I saw this amazing towel/pillow/bag at the store, I knew I had to make my own!

aging or giving a burned appearance to cheap pine

Aging or Giving a Burned Appearance to CHEAP Pine

I'm cheap. I'm cheap, I like to make things but I want cheap wood. I don't want to throw away my scrap pile. I buy CHEAP pine common boards from Home Depot and expect them to look expensive. I have to give them some love though and this ohs one way I accomplish that, in all my cheapness.

girls knitting weekend, crafts, Find colors from your wardrobe or that compliment your home

Girls Knitting Weekend

Exploring the city of Portland and being inspired by creative knitting projects.

give your wooden flat cabinets furniture a pretty 3 d application

Give Your Wooden Flat Cabinets & Furniture A Pretty 3-D Application!

Do you have flat kitchen cabinets, good structure wood but boring? How about a dresser with no personality? Well no more! With this step by step easy application anyone can bring vintage beauty to a tired wood surface …….

sewing machine presser foot organizer, crafts, how to, organizing, storage ideas

Sewing Machine Presser Foot Organizer

Sewing Machine Feet running around everywhere? Sew an organizer for your wall with labels using Transfer Artist Paper so each presser foot has its own place, all within reach!

make a cute saying wood sign for 1 00 using dollar store items

Make a Cute Saying Wood Sign for $1.00 Using Dollar Store Items!

We built a cedar deck 17 yrs ago. And as we get older the more we struggle with keeping it stained and looking nice. So finally after all these year we went maintenance free. But I had all this amazing cedar wood, like the steps... I thought perfect sized wood to make a wood sign saying. Free wood! All the same size, just perfect.Then I was at the Dollar Store and say these vinyl sayings for $1.00! I bought 6 of them knowing I would use them in the future...So project made!i took 2 step boards, painted on sides and fronts a brown outdoor paint, onlybisrd this as I liked the color and I had some at home, again free. I let that dry then, added a back brace to keep them together and simply added the vinyl lettering.Hope you enjoy...

how to torch wood

How to Torch Wood!

In this HOT Doing it with jason episode, I will show you how easy it is to burn wood. So instead of using stain, give this a try.Subscribe to me atHttp://

how to make your own sign stencils

How to Make Your Own Sign Stencils

Cute signs are everywhere these days, right?Rather than buying something ready made and impersonal from a store, here's how you can make your own adorable sign with DIY stencils. (No special cutting machines required!)For more inspiration, be sure to check out all the cute sign projects on my website.

easy graphic transfers with packing tape

Easy Graphic Transfers With Packing Tape

There are a few versions of how to make graphic transfers. I found a way that worked best for me. With this inexpensive trick, you can make personalized decor for your home, gifts for friends and family, and party favors for celebrations. You can see more of my crazy creations here

how to rust a brass light fixture in 3 easy steps, how to, lighting, repurposing upcycling

How to Rust a Brass Light Fixture in 3 Easy Steps

Well, this is one time that I really should have taken a few pictures. Argh!! What I mean is that I should have been paying attention to the “before” instead of racing towards the “after” without capturing everything that happened in between. But, in short, my powder room bath light fixture...circa 1990s.... was beyond its prime.

indigo dye cloth tutorial


My first time to publish this project on hometalk. I tried indigo dye in last winter. Not perfect season, right ? You guys could try this out in summer days.

photo transfer on wood and acrylic repurposing plaques

Photo Transfer on Wood and Acrylic (Repurposing PLAQUES)

Who has these stored somewhere for years? I have these trophies and plaques and I was wondering how to repurpose them.