packing tape image transfer and diy clear labels

Packing Tape Image Transfer and DIY Clear Labels

Here's a really cool image transfer technique on how to turn packing tape into great looking clear...

image transfer using laser printer

Image Transfer Using Laser Printer

Suzanne Fulford prints a favorite image and applies it to this beautiful piece of furniture.

make anything a label or sticker

Make Anything a Label or Sticker!

Organization makes me happy and I adore me some labels and stickers. But typical label makers are...

peony coffee table

Peony Coffee Table

Recently I picked up an old solid oak dining table. I really liked the round shape and thought I...

large scale ice dye

Large Scale Ice Dye

When I first saw this idea on Hometalk I knew it was something I had to try. I have done all kinds...

chunky yarn

Here's How Chunky Yarn Is Keeping Everyone Warm This Week

With winter in full swing, you’ll love these ideas for our Material of the Week: chunky yarn! Grab...

vintage coca cola transfer on the pillowcase easy and precise, crafts, how to, reupholster

Vintage Coca-Cola Transfer on the Pillowcase, Easy and Precise

It is easy and precise method to transfer laser print to wood, glass or metal (both need to be...

roller blind upcycle using mod podge photo transfer technique

Roller Blind Upcycle Using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Technique

Do you have any old roller blinds lying about? Well, this is the perfect DIY project to recycle them...

making printing blocks from firewood

Making Printing Blocks From Firewood

I really wanted to try my hand at making some printing blocks just because I love the result they...

shibori dyed slipcovers

Shibori Dyed Slipcovers

When we replaced our dining room chairs with comfy upholstered ones, I knew that the white slipcover...

three super easy no sew pillows

Three Super Easy No Sew Pillows

Everyone loves pillows but they are soooo expensive. Here are three ideas to make your own pillows...

transform garden furniture with a bright striped crochet cushion

Transform Garden Furniture With a Bright Striped Crochet Cushion

I have to admit I have been a little slow to appreciate all that crochet has to offer - it is so...

replace a missing button, Missing a button

Replace a Missing Button

Pair of shorts that I repaired also needed a replaced button. For this project I simply needed a...

image transfer using a wood burning tool

Image Transfer & Using a Wood Burning Tool

Today I'll be sharing 2 things - how to transfer an image onto a surface and how to use a wood...

burning experiment

Burning Experiment

I saw someone do some shading with stain, I've recently been experimenting with burning wood and...

simple diy rag quilt a sewing project for beginners

Simple DIY Rag Quilt- A Sewing Project for Beginners

I starting learning to sew back in 2004 and found that I loved it. My friend taught me how to make...

transfer an image with varathane water based polyurethane

Transfer an Image With Varathane Water-based Polyurethane

Using a water-based poly to transfer an image??? I am in love with this method for transferring an...

reweaving a shawl or scarf

Reweaving a Shawl or Scarf

A customer dropped off a scarf to have me reweave it.

make fabric strips without sewing

Make Fabric Strips Without Sewing

Learn the useful skill of joining fabric with no sewing! Especially useful for when you make rag...

photo transfer on wood and acrylic repurposing plaques

Photo Transfer on Wood and Acrylic (Repurposing PLAQUES)

Who has these stored somewhere for years? I have these trophies and plaques and I was wondering how...

aging or giving a burned appearance to cheap pine

Aging or Giving a Burned Appearance to CHEAP Pine

I'm cheap. I'm cheap, I like to make things but I want cheap wood. I don't want to throw away my...

wood burning without a wood burning tool

Wood Burning Without a Wood Burning Tool

In this video I show you how you can burn any design into wood WITHOUT a wood burning tool!

hemming with a blind hem machine

Hemming With a Blind Hem Machine

I recently acquired a blind hem machine and it is the best thing I have seen for hems. In the past...

tired of sewing buttons do this instead

Tired of Sewing Buttons? Do This Instead!

Here's why I don't think I'll ever want or need to sew on a button again: I got to try out kam...