diy cork bath mat and other bath mat ideas

DIY Cork Bath Mat and Other Bath Mat Ideas

A new bath mat is an exciting way to add style and personality to your bathroom. But where’s the...

creative diy cutout rug, diy, flooring, reupholster

Creative DIY Cutout Rug

Make a fun DIY rug for less than $10 and 30 minutes!

personalized canvas rug for 10, crafts, flooring, When you re finished with your rug find a cozy place in your home to display your work I m still trying to figure out what room would look best for this guy

Create A Personalized Canvas Rug For $10

I recently purchased a beautiful canvas rug for my bedroom, and then thought, "Wow I could have made...

make guests smile with this cute welcome doormat, doors

Make Guests Smile With This CUTE Welcome Doormat

I was in the market for a new mat for the outside of our main door (we use our side door as our main...

your very own braided rug, crafts, home decor, repurposing upcycling, reupholster, You can add with time more and more and make your rug bigger and bigger I am still finishing off mine

Your Very Own Braided Rug

Braided rugs are extremely fun to have, especially when you can brag about how you made them...

how to braid your own large rag area rug , how to, reupholster

How to: Braid Your Own Large Rag Area Rug!

Did you hear about that insane winter storm we got hit by a couple of Fridays ago? Well, it meant I...

gorgeous colorful soft rug from old sweaters

Gorgeous Colorful Soft Rug From Old Sweaters

My mum gave me a bag of her old wool sweaters to repurpose and upcycle. Lucky for me my mum loves...

diy shag rug dorm decor backtoscool, home decor, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

Shaggy Rag Rug Dorm Decor

My daughter fell in love with the shaggy rag rugs so we decided to make one from recycled...

old t shirt rug on a hula hoop loom, crafts, flooring, repurposing upcycling

Old T-shirt Rug on a Hula Hoop Loom

Weave a rug? Me?
Since I have never done any weaving, crochet, or knitting, this is truly

diy custom doormat for cheap


I have been eyeing this super cute doormat for a really long time that said "SUP". Yes, it's not a...

paint a fake rag rug how to, how to, painting

How to Paint a Faux Rag Rug

When I finished painting my upstairs hallway floor I really wanted to try painting a faux rag rug,...

fresh and modern powder room makeover

Fresh and Modern Powder Room Makeover

Hi, I'm Christene from the blog Keys to Inspiration. My blog is all about helping you discover...

how to paint a houndstooth rug, flooring, outdoor living, painting, A handpainted rug adds charm

How to Paint a Houndstooth Rug!

I wanted to update the front porch but on a shoestring budget. So we painted a rug on the floor...

hand print and footprint area rug gift, crafts

Hand Print and Footprint Area Rug Gift

Do any of you have problems at Christmas thinking of unique gifts for Grandparents from your kids? I...

diy painted outdoor rug, reupholster

DIY Painted Outdoor Rug

I searched high and low for a rug that I liked. I didn’t even see one outside of my price range that...

carpet rug from and old t shirts

Carpet (rug) From and Old T-shirts

Don't throw away Your old and destroyed clothes, recylce them into carpet or napkin.

beautiful area carpets on a budget

Beautiful Area Carpets on a Budget

I wanted some new area rugs for my bedroom, but since my whole house was a total gut job I couldn’t...

diy sisal rug, how to, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

DIY Sisal Rug

As part of my blog's most recent DIY Challenge, I had to come up with a project using Sisal Rope...

easy rug painting gives it a new look, Finished the design

Easy Rug Painting Gives It a New Look

I had this plain lite sage color rug laying around and wanted to make it look better for my kitchen...

diy pebble bath mat and other ideas for a quick bathroom makeover

DIY Pebble Bath Mat And Other Ideas for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom renovations can be a headache. They’re either too expensive or take an extensive amount of...

how to make a braided beach towel rug

How to Make a Braided Beach Towel Rug

I found this cute beach towel at a discount store and thought it would make a nice cushy rug for the...

diy wood slat door mat, doors, how to, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Wood Slat Door Mat

First things first - the inspiration for this project was NOT original. A fellow-Hometalker posted...

how to paint an old carpet, how to, reupholster

How to Paint an Old Carpet

Sometimes, you just have to go with a crazy idea and see how it works out! I have had this wool...

faux fur rug from a coat, how to, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

Faux Fur Rug... From a Coat

Oh I love faux fur rugs! Just a quick glance at them and immediately you feel the warmth and comfort...