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Garden Art Frog Prince - Free Tutorial

A friend saw a garden art frog prince during a garden tour and asked me to make one. She didn't have a photo, so all I had to go by was 'it's round, green, funny, and wears a crown'. Okay. I can make one of those! I confess, it's not my usual style of garden art, but I was up for the challenge.
This project is suitable for a somewhat experienced crafter or anyone who is willing to experiment and adapt. When you work with repurposed/used materials, each frog will be unique-which is wonderful, really-but does require a bit of patience and imagination.
I used a sturdy glas lamp globe for the body. An old bowling ball would work very well too.

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Lighted gazing ball

This is my lighted gazing ball that I lovingly refer to as my "Fairyball". It's made from a standard gazing ball that can be purchased at most garden or craft centers and an old log we fished out of a river while camping. We let it dry for a year, then drilled a hole right up through the center and ran an extension cord up through the hole to plug the strand of lights into. Colored LED lights have been the best string of lights because they do not get hot inside the glass ball and burn out. Its on a timer and glows 365 days a year down in my shade garden.

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Design Wizards: Garden Spheres, Orbs, and Gazing Balls

Whether you’re a master glass artist, or just starting out with seashells, pebbles, pennies, or marbles, flea market bowling balls make sturdy bases for garden mosaics. Gather your glue and patience, and take a look at some of these inspirational designs for mosaics for all levels of expertise

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How To Make A Fairy Garden Using Pea Gravel

Using Pea Gravel for a Fairy Garden Path Way.

gorgeous colorful planters to brighten up any small garden

Gorgeous Colorful Planters to Brighten up Any Small Garden.

I live in a Victorian semi-detached house with a lovely but small walled garden. There isn't much space for growing plants, so I tend to grow things in pots that I can then stack on a stand.I love to make colorful vertical planters for the garden and last year I made an amazing Morrocan one out of a pallet, which you can see here.This time I used tin cans and instead of Morrocan I went all Nordic (Finnish) with my styling!

painted garden stepping stone

Painted Garden Stepping Stone

Create a little fun and whimsy in your Garden with a Bloom Garden Stepping Stone.

repurposed strainer flowers

How to Make Repurposed Folding Strainer Garden Flowers

Making fun things for the garden is one of my favourite things to so so I decided to create some repurposed garden flowers using thrifted strainer steamers.

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How to Build a Fairy Garden Waterfall With Foam In A Can

I love Fairy Gardens so I wanted to build a waterfall and make it magical. I bought some cans of fire retardant Great Stuff and made it happen :-)

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Garbage Can Planters

Hello and Happy Labor Day weekend peeps. Today I have a pretty TRASHY
post for you all!!! Last month while out shopping with a friend at LITTLE HILL FARM ,
I found these 2 trash cans. I have been on the look-out for some just like this for a while now,

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DIY Garden Fountain

So I'll admit to being moderately obsessed with concrete and all of the things that can be considered concrete molds. When this little idea came to mind... a $15 solar fountain kit... some problem solving about the concrete molds (hint: Goodwill was involved) and a quick trip to Home Depot, and for once I can say this fountain is just as I'd imagined it! A lovely trickling little moment in the corner of our patio flower bed. />

wood spoon garden markers

Wood Spoon Garden Markers

With some inexpensive spoons and paint, you can create some colorful wood spoon garden markers that are practical as well as pretty!

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Sunflower Garden Decor - A Repurposed Project

I love a great thrift store find. But what I REALLY love is laying my eyes on something and immediately seeing what it can become! That's exactly what happened when I saw this outdated wall clock and envisioned a sunny decor piece for the garden. Visit with me for a few minutes and I'll show you what I found, and how I gave it a bright new face for the garden!

diy sea glass stepping stone

DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

I live near the sea and one of my hobbies is searching for glass on the beach. Not freshly broken glass but pieces that have been softened by the action of the surf over time. The light shining through them looks beautiful and I figured out a way to capture it in a mosaic. A piece that not only looks beautiful but can be used in the garden -- a Sea Glass Stepping Stone.

tennis shoe planters for summer

Tennis Shoe Planters For Summer

This was actually part of a summer wedding movie challenge but I wanted to incorporate something colorful and fun for my garden. I chose The Runaway Bride as my wedding movie and created some planters from my old tennis shoes!

make gorgeous art for your garden

Make Gorgeous Art For Your Garden

I've been making these garden art balls for years after seeing a great forum on Garden Web for bowling ball art.


Homemade Wind Chimes From Clay Pots

Did you know that you can make homemade wind chimes from clay pots? This simple idea would look great in your yard and there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy them.

quick and easy curb appeal

Quick and Easy Curb Appeal

What can you make with a $2 ladder, $6 worth of flowers, and purses by the pound? A very bright, eye-catching display to brighten the front of my home! This past winter has been so long and so cold, most of my plants froze to death, despite my taking precautions such as wrapping them in lights and putting cuttings in water in the house. I desperately needed some life and color to add to the curb appeal until the native plants grow back.

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Hose Holder Made From Scrap Materials

My tangled hose in the front of the house was driving me crazy, so I was really happy when I came across a genius hose holder made by the talented girls over at I was inspired by their design, however, I didn't want to buy any new materials. Instead, I used whatever I could find in my garage.

quick a

Quick and Easy Hanging Solar Lights

My old hanging solar lights broke, and unfortunately I couldn't find any I liked, so I decided to see what I had in my trunk of junk and found a treasure. This project cost me absolutely nothing to make as I had everything I needed to create these awesome solar lights.

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More Garden Crystals: Make Your Garden Sparkle With Crystals II

On Sunday I was sitting on the patio looking at the garden crystals I created a while back. Previous post "Make your garden sparkle with crystals" which are still hanging doing great. But I thought about my flower pots and decided they needed a little sparkle too. I wanted it to look as if I was watering the plants. Don't know, maybe so. I still have to play with it a bit. But here's how I did it. Crystals from on line.

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Repurpose Pretty Sunflower Seed Sack Decor.

This was a fun repurpose project I did today. Instead of throwing everything I used today in the garbage I created my bird house window.

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Orange Peel Bird Feeder

Fill orange peels with birdseed, popcorn, and peanut butter for an easy DIY bird feeder.

a stone cottage birdhouse, crafts

A Stone Cottage Birdhouse

How to create your own stone cottage complete with dormers! It's for the birds.

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Making a Fairy Garden From Objects Mostly Found at the Thrift Store:)

Sometimes I am really "afraid" to look at Hometalk posts because I get inspired by some many ideas and I just have to create something right away.:) So when I see a cool project I think "not again, now I have to run to the thrift store or look thru my craft things."hahahaha. Of course this is why I love this site!!!
Last year I purchased this whiskey ( I think) barrel from tractor supply. It was on sale yay! I planted beautiful flowers in their but this year I really had nothing in it.I saw so many cool posts about fairy gardens and I really wanted to make my own.I looked online to see how much fairy garden furniture were and I knew I couldn't afford them. So I went to my favorite thrift store that is only 3 min drive from my house and found all bunch of cool things. I realized that there were lots of sealed bags with many little items in it and most of them looked like they would work perfectly for the little garden. I also went to the dollar tree store to look for some things. So this is what I created :)

framing a planter of flowers, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, With just a little spray paint I now have a 3D piece of art on my back deck

Framing a Planter of Flowers

So here's an easy way to make a floral planter a piece of 3D garden art. Just frame it!