repurposing a tattered vintage quilt for my spring mantel, crafts, fireplaces mantels, mantels, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Repurposing a Tattered Vintage Quilt for My Spring Mantel

Some vintage quilts are in gorgeous shape and can still be used on a bed...but then there are others that are falling to pieces! When I found one at a thrift store...that was gorgeous in spots but disintegrating in others, I decided to salvage what I could...and here is the first project I made!
And be sure to check out my original post for the full tutorial!

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Mantel Garland

Making a mantel garland with cheap supplies. Using empty soda cans (any empty cans would do) to make large wrapped candy filler for the garland. Cut your cellophane or wrapping paper to fit around the can with aprox. 6" excess on each end to gather up & tie. Working with the slick, easily torn cellophane is a PIB. The easiest way to work with it is to use double stick tape, placing a piece of tape on both edges attach one edge to the can, begin rolling. Something (soup cans in my case) to weight it down smoothly while you roll the can makes it easier.

how to make a garland with magnolia leaves, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

How to Make a Garland with Magnolia Leaves

After decorating my Christmas Mantel with fresh greenery and garden-inspired items, including a magnolia garland, I thought I'd share how to make one of these...just in time for Christmas! Just click on the link...

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Beach Glass Painted Jars

I have been planning this painted jar project for some time. I have been saving jars and bottles that I like the shape of, and I bought the paint to do this months ago. Well a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to actually painting the jars, and I don't know why I waited so long, cause they are awesome! As you can see, I decided to put them on my mantle. I love these jars on the mantle for summer.

step by step idea for decorating a mantel, fireplaces mantels, seasonal holiday decor

How to Decorate a Mantel Step-by-Step

Awhile back a friend asked me to write a post on how to decorate a mantel and since I just changed out the Halloween decorations on our mantel for Thanksgiving decor, I thought now would be a good time to show you how I go about decorating our mantel.

swap it like it s hot, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Swap It Like It's Hot

I was invited by Charlotte Smith of Ciburbanity to join 39 other bloggers to a swap thrift store items with a blogger mate and transform the picks into treasures. I received my box of items from My good friend Evey at Evey's Creations. Hmm. 3 framed tiles and 3 pumpkins? What is a girl to do with this I thought.

mini chalkboard garland, chalkboard paint, crafts, fireplaces mantels, home decor, mantels

Mini Chalkboard Garland

I found these adorable wooden "gift tags" and I knew I had to paint them with chalkboard paint! I used two different sized of wooden craft tags, and made rustic garland that can be customized year-round.

fall decorating inspiration easy french elegant style, fireplaces mantels, seasonal holiday decor

Fall Decorating Inspiration...Easy French Elegant Style

Although this may look expensive, I have carefully curated collections over a long time. Much of what I have in these living room shots was free, out for trash or bartered!

candy corn felt light garland, fireplaces mantels, halloween decorations, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Candy Corn Felt Light Garland

Have you ever noticed that people have STRONG feelings about candy corn?
They either love it, or they hate it!
I'm a fan of the stuff, but I'm kinda glad it's only available seasonally. Suger shock!

how to decorate a pretend mantel the inexpensive way, christmas decorations, fireplaces mantels, seasonal holiday decor

How to Decorate a "Pretend" Mantel the Inexpensive Way!

For years I bemoaned the fact that I didn't have a fireplace in our home, thus I had no place to cuddle up with my hubby and no mantel to decorate to share my creativity and yard sale goodies.
You know, silly little insignificant problems.

mr mrs moss bunny topiaries, crafts, easter decorations, how to, seasonal holiday decor

Mr. & Mrs. Moss Bunny Topiaries

After a LONG winter, I am more than ready to usher in warmer weather and the lighter, fun colors that are synonymous with spring! I made these moss bunny topiaries for my Easter mantel, and I just LOVE them!

decorate fireplace wall naturally on a budget

Decorate Fireplace Wall "naturally" on a Budget

By bringing outdoor elements inside can enhance interior decor. We needed to fill in a vaulted fireplace wall, so trees added reality to nature canvas.

bigger is better with this waterfall of hydrangeas for a fall mantel, flowers, gardening, home decor, hydrangea, seasonal holiday decor, The fireplace mantel is wearing a new fall ou

Bigger is Better With This Waterfall of Hydrangeas for a Fall Mantel

One of my most favourite things about fall is harvesting hydrangeas to dry! I just adore how abundant they are and the statement they make, no matter what you do with them. Not to mention that they'll last all year long.
So... my mantel got hit. HARD. Bigger was indeed better this round.

diy photo board book with mod podge

DIY Photo Board Book With Mod Podge

On my blog, I've shared how to transfer a photo onto wood using mod podge. This craft got me thinking about other applications for this technique. And since we had another special event to make a present for recently, I set out to create my own board book.I had two copies of this 6″ by 6″ board book, “Sleep.”

fall mantel decoration ideas, fireplaces mantels, home decor

Fall Mantel

I love decorating my mantel, especially for fall. Fall is a great time to play up different colors and textures.

blogger inspired illuminated christmas wall art, christmas decorations, crafts, wall decor

Blogger Inspired Illuminated Christmas Wall Art

A few Christmas' ago, I was perusing the world of Pinterest for ideas for an oversized piece of Christmas artwork to use as the centerpiece above our mantel. The kicker? I needed to be able to create it myself. After seeing all the beautiful illuminated artwork created by other bloggers, I wanted to try my hand at it and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

styling your mantle in the minimalist style


There is something about decorating in the minimalist style. It makes a space seem larger and uncluttered. Follow along to see one idea for decorating your mantle in this style. And the best part is you may already have all the items in your home.

easy diy feather sculptures made with concrete, concrete masonry, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Easy DIY Feather Sculptures - Made With Concrete

Love simple and modern design, but do not have the cash to spend on art? No Worries! Create beautiful feather sculptures for less than $5.00 with concrete.

rustic fall mantel, fireplaces mantels, seasonal holiday decor

Rustic Fall Mantel

Fall is finally in the air and we are so excited! This weekend the temperature got in the 50's, which we just love. With the weather getting cooler, it definitely helps to inspire us more with our Fall decor.

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Displaying Instagram Photos

I love taking photos with Instagram. And when I say love I mean LOVE! The only thing I don't love is that these great photos are stuck in my camera. Yeah, I can print them if I want but how do I display them?
I'm happy to report that I finally found a way to display Instagram photos! How? By building Instagram Photo Stands!

fall mantel 2, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday d cor

Fall Mantel #2

A mantel is one of my favorite things to decorate, especially for Fall and Christmas! I used neutral colors this year, and like the way it turned out. You can visit us on our blog for more on this post! :)

fall mantel decorating idea, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday d cor

Fall Mantel Decorating Idea - Two different variations

I adore the fall! Here is a fall garland I made for my fireplace. One choice is with the green ribbon, and another is with the mesh ribbon. Which one do you like? I used a Christmas garland as the foundation for this garland.

diy neon sign


This was a super fast way to add a fun character piece to your home!Check out the video below! Or just follow the steps!Following me in Insta || Spruced.Sticks || to see all the latest projects I have goin' on!Check out more fun stuff on my YouTube page ||

faux deer mount, crafts

Faux Deer Mount

If you've admired those beautiful white deer heads, this hack is for you! Take an inexpensive paper mache deer head and make your own faux deer mount.

diy glass huricanes for 2, crafts, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, A little super glue and there you have it

DIY Glass Huricanes for $2

Once again I was inspired by a picture I saw. This time it was of a glass hurricane that someone had made themselves. About a month later I was walking through the Dollar Tree store (looking for beads for my laundry room chandelier---post coming soon!) and I saw their shelf of candles and candle stick holders.
Immediately that picture came back to my mind. I could make that glass hurricane for $2! It would sit perfectly on our shelves in the living room. They are completely empty right now just waiting for the perfect accents. I was so excited, I grabbed...