dollar tree diy picture frame candle lantern, outdoor living

Dollar Tree DIY Picture Frame Candle Lantern

Here is another Dollar Tree DIY I created for my home.

stained glass privacy panel for porch

Stained Glass Privacy Panel for Porch

adds a pop of color to your home and serves to provide some privacy without sacrificing the light

whimsical diy luminaries for your outdoor space, crafts, how to, outdoor living

Whimsical DIY Luminaries for Your Outdoor Space

When you need a little extra lighting on your patio at night, these Whimsical DIY Luminaries are...

make the little one in your life a climbing wall for less than 50, diy, how to, outdoor living, woodworking projects, He knew exactly what to do

Make the Little One in Your Life A Climbing Wall for Less Than $50!!

Our grandson LOVES to climb on everything! Commercial climbing walls were pricey (about $80 on the...

stunning outdoor sofa refresh with shibori

Stunning Outdoor Sofa Refresh With Shibori (Indigo) Dyeing.

One of my favourite places in the summer is the outdoor sofa in my back garden. When l get 10mins...

oil lamp from thrift store perfume bottle

Oil Lamp From Thrift Store / Perfume Bottle

In the Midwest we have storms, and lose power all the time. You can't have enough candles. Here's...

solar light basket, crafts, lighting, outdoor living

Solar Light Basket

I have really been trying to get my patio spruced up for the summer. One of the projects I have been...

another solar light in a jar, crafts, lighting, This is after glued flat sided gems around the jar ring and around the little edge on the bottom of the clear part of the light This little part was where the cylinder and spike were to put the light into the ground

Another Solar Light In A Jar

A big thank you to Lovedecor for inspiring me to make solar lights in jar. This is my twist on your...

hanging patio light from a 2 pot

Hanging Patio Light From a $2 Pot

Sometimes you just need a simple and inexpensive fix to solve a problem. I have an awkward area of...

safer porch steps at night with easy solar light mods, Not quite tall enough

Safer Porch Steps at Night With EASY Solar Light Mods

How I lit up my front deck/porch steps with solar lights and some minor cutting/modifications

from candle to solarabra , lighting, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling

From Candle to Solarabra!

I ran across this candle holder chandelier at a thrift store. I just knew what I wanted to turn it...

milk can porch light, lighting, repurposing upcycling

Milk Can Porch Light

I turned this old milk can into a fun porch light by adding a faucet light (a project in itself), an...

diy solar outdoor table lamp, how to, lighting, mason jars, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Solar Outdoor Table Lamp

I have solar lights all around the garden, but needed something for my side porch table & there are...

from candle to solar chandelier, crafts, lighting, outdoor living

From Candle to Solar Chandelier

I ran across this candle holder chandelier at the Flea Market. I just knew what I wanted to turn it...

diy 30 whimsical porch, home decor, outdoor living, porches, Enjoy by reading or eating a piece of fruit

DIY: $30 Whimsical Porch

Hang sheers on your porch for a whimsical feel and added privacy! I live in an apartment so hanging...

faux concrete candle holders mason jars unique outdoor lighting, concrete masonry, mason jars, repurposing upcycling

Faux Concrete Candle Holders + Mason Jars = Unique Outdoor Lighting

I found these candle holders at an estate sale last summer. They've been sitting on my porch waiting...

how to hang outdoor string lights for a magical glow, how to, lighting, outdoor living

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights for a Magical Glow!

Want the magical glow of string lights on your deck, patio, or garden but don't have two walls to...

recycled glass glowing diy garden lights, lighting, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Attempt 3 glow paint but it didn t glow Not without a lot of help

Recycled Glass DIY 'Glowing' Garden Lights

You may remember I posted a pic the other day of my recycled glass garden art tower... well after...

diy west elm hack copper ice bucket

DIY West Elm Hack Copper Ice Bucket

I don’t know about you, but I am currently crushing on all things West Elm. I adore the clean lines...

got propane how to hide the tank without painting , gardening, how to, landscape, Now you don t

Got Propane? How to Hide the Tank Without Painting!

If you rent a propane tank you are not allowed to paint it to match or blend into your surroundings....

lantern made from dollar store finds

Lantern Made From Dollar Store Finds

I love the look of lanterns for decorating but they’re so expensive so I made my own out of Dollar...

flower pot to solar pumpkin

Flower Pot to Solar Pumpkin

I love fall, Halloween, and solar lights! Every year I want to make my walkway light up for fall...

mini solar light tower

Mini Solar Light Tower

A friend gave me a bunch of scrap wood and this is the second solar light tower I made from that...

diy outside lighting soda bottle torch, crafts, how to, lighting, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Outside Lighting : Soda Bottle Torch

Here's another Soda Bottle upcycle! They made great outside lighting torches! Great for home or...

diy repurposed solar chandelier

DIY Repurposed Solar Chandelier

I found this awesome candlestick chandelier at our local thrift store and new exactly how I wanted...