pvc mosaic planters

PVC Mosaic Planters

I needed some tall planters, so I went to Lowe's. News flash! Tall planters are very expensive!! But as I was walking through the plumbing aisle, I had an idea...

another solar light in a jar, crafts, lighting, This is after glued flat sided gems around the jar ring and around the little edge on the bottom of the clear part of the light This little part was where the cylinder and spike were to put the light into the ground

Another Solar Light In A Jar

A big thank you to Lovedecor for inspiring me to make solar lights in jar. This is my twist on your idea, THANKS again for your inspiration
I found solar lights at Walmart that were pretty much the same size as the top of a canning jar. I bought a box of a dozen clear generic canning jars at Walmart. And I bought bags of flat florist gems at the dollar store.
I removed the cylinder with the ground spike from the solar light and put a thin line of clear silicone caulk around the outside of the jar ring then put the light on top. After the caulk dried attach flat florist gems around the jar ring and around the little edge at the bottom of the clear shade of the solar light. Then I threw in about 50 florist gems inside the jar for stability outside along my wall. I wanted to use red gems but they didn't have any. Next trip to the Dollar Store :)

tin can solar lantern tutorial, diy, how to, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, and wait for nightfall

Tin Can Solar Lantern Tutorial

I love the rustic charm of tin can lanterns. Budget-friendly and super simple to make, their warm light brings a relaxing ambiance to any outdoor party. While flickering candlelight is perfect for a special occasion, I really wanted tin can lanterns that glow all summer long. I quickly decided that making them solar powered was the way to go. I've written a tutorial for anyone interested in making their own solar tin can lanterns.
Visit Craftiments for the complete supply list and detailed instructions.

how to add a light sensor to outdoor lanterns, how to, lighting, outdoor living

How to Add a Light Sensor to Outdoor Lanterns

Last November Handan informed me that it was time to replace our front porch lanterns. I agreed – the old lanterns were no longer fit sentries for our home. Their once-proud frames of brilliant white were now peeling, exposing a dull metal skeleton streaked with rust. Their glass faces, once clear and perfect, were now cataracts, blurring and marring the light trying to escape. They doubtless served the original owners of this house well back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but their nights of silent overwatch were over. It was time for an upgrade. We wanted bigger, blacker, and higher-end. I also wanted to get them with light sensors. It’s pretty dark at night around here, and we usually had no lights on in front because I would always forget to turn them on at night. Then if I did remember, I’d always forget to turn them off in the morning. So light sensors were a must. But that presented us with a problem. Of the 30 gazillion lanterns Home Depot offered online, only like 7 of them came with light sensors built in, and those 7 were so ugly, you’d likely want to keep the lights off all night to avoid any embarrassing attention. We searched on Amazon with the same results. What to do?

outdoor curtain rods for aluminum screen room, outdoor living, reupholster

Outdoor Curtain Rods for Aluminum Screen Room

I didn't want to use metal screws to attach any kind of curtain rod hardware to my aluminum uprights in my screen room. If you've ever priced "outdoor" tension curtain rods (glorified shower curtain rods) you know they are very expensive starting at @$40 and up. I needed 5 of them.

needed a little shade

Needed a Little Shade

I love to BBQ. In fact, I BBQ all year round. But in the winter the wind can be a bit icy and in the summer the sun comes right in on the BBQ and the patio. Nothing like needed a hot pad just to open the grill.I knew I needed a drape, but after pricing out the rod and attachments, I was not about to pay that. There had to be an easier way to do this on a limited budget.I would rather buy a nicer drape than throw $200.00 into the rod alone.One trip to the hardware store and I was ready to go. The cost for the rod was under $25.00. I got everything I needed for the rod at the hardware store in the section for galvanized pipe. They sell the pipe, and all the attachments so you can put them together and see what they look like.The drapes were my most expensive part at $100.00 but I wanted a thicker draper and also wanted to make sure it was weather proof. So I opted for something a little more pricey.The best part about this project, all I needed as far as tools, was a drill and screwdriver.

diy large pallet wood planter boxes

DIY Large Pallet Wood Planter Boxes

Using pallet wood is an affordable and easy way to create items for your home and yard. In this project, our contributors, Sara and her husband, used pallet wood to build beautiful planter boxes to accent part of their home's exterior.

fire and ice lanterns, crafts, lighting, Fire and Ice Lanterns

Fire and Ice Lanterns

Make gorgeous fire and ice lanterns to line your drive this winter. All it takes is a little time and inexpensive materials from the dollar store!

upcycled maple syrup can lanterns, lighting, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Maple Syrup Can Lanterns

At a yard sale last year I came upon this set of 4 extremely rusty tin cans. Being that it was late in the day, the vendor made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Four for a dollar. I had no idea what they had been used for in their previous lives, but now I had to have them.

how to make beautiful applique clay flower pots with efex

How To Make Beautiful Applique Clay Flower Pots With Efex

This is the perfect time of year to make some beautiful applique clay flower pots! Why pay for expensive flower pots when you can DIY using Efex appliques? You are going to love this easy technique and, they are going to transform your outdoor or indoor space too.

outdoor drink pedestal table, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Make an Outdoor Drink Pedestal Table Your Guests Will Love

As I've mentioned so many times in previous posts, I love to entertain. My husband and I love to have a reason to hang out with our friends, whether it's a few couples or a party of 50+ people, we try to find reasons to have people over throughout the year. This project is perfect for a casual backyard gathering and it's great because it's so versatile for our needs--keeping drinks cool and providing shade during the day, or dressing it up with fabric and candles and using to hold hor d'oeuvres--the sky is the limit with this cute pedestal table!

summertime porch with a vintage flair, gardening, outdoor living, porches

Summertime Porch With A Vintage Flair

I added some vintage items to my front porch last year to give it a fun vibe. I don't normally do anything too stuffy out here.

scrap 4x4 porch deck solar lamp

Scrap 4x4 Porch / Deck Solar Lamp

Another quick way to use outdoor solar lighting with stuff around the house

diy exterior porch lanterns, home decor, lighting, outdoor living, pallet, woodworking projects

DIY Exterior Porch Lanterns

I have a great project for you today, outdoor porch lanterns. I love the tall lanterns that you find in the the home decor stores but have always found them rather pricey, often $100 or more. Well, I’m here to show you that you can make your own lanterns for a fraction of that price.

diy garden art, crafts, gardening, And then screwed the jar onto the lid Not only does it shimmer in the sunlight it gives off a soft blue glistening glow at night thanks to the solar light inside Should the light quit working I can simple untwist it and replace the battery in the light

DIY Garden Art

I wanted to add some new elements to my back garden this year.I wanted something that sparkled and stood out among the plants as they start to grow and bloom.And, because you know me, and my lack of patience, it had to be easy. I grabbed an empty jar, some flat sided marbles and some good glue and went to work.

diy cedar cube landscape lights, landscape, lighting, outdoor living, woodworking projects

DiY Cedar Cube Landscape Lights

If you've ever bought inexpensive solar landscape lights from Home Depot or Lowe's, you're probably familiar with their Achilles heel: the cheap plastic spike that sticks into the ground. By tossing the spike and the shaft in their rightful place (the garbage can), you can get on with the business of making an elegant and durable solution.

easy flower basket to solar chandelier

Easy Flower Basket to Solar Chandelier

Turning a flower basket into a solar chandelier is easy and inexpensive. You can do so much to personalize it for your own style. You can see more of my crazy creations here

twig x mas lights, gardening

Holiday Lights / Yard Lights

Holiday/Yard lighting with small tree branches or twigs. easy project.

rustic ball jar tree garland, crafts, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, A finished Ball jar hung on the tree with small hooks

Rustic Ball Jar Tree Garland

I have slowly been decorating our back porch area. I've shared my new planters, new patio cushions, an outdoor cooking island, and now I've used some Ball jars to create a fun garland for the tree that is in the center of our patio.
Using some fun craft materials from David Tutera's Casual Elegance collection, I painted my ball jars and strung them up with some hemp string. I also used several antique bulbs.
At some point, I am hoping to change out the artificial flowers and add in some real flowers!

patriotic summer diy ice buckets

Patriotic Summer DIY Ice Buckets

Have you wondered how-to make a DIY ice bucket? 4th of July and Summer parties are perfect for these patriotic wine and alcohol ice chillers!

solar candelabra plant stand, crafts, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Solar Candelabra with solar lighting

Solar Candelabra Plant Stand

Adding lighting in the patio are with a few things around the yard creating a Solar Candelabra with a plant stand to see more you can visit http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/06/solar-candelabra-plant-stand.html

how to make lanterns from scrap wood

How to Make Lanterns From Scrap Wood

I love scrap wood projects! If you have been working with wood for any length of time you have probably built up an awesome pile of wood. I say awesome because there are so many amazing projects that can be made from scrap wood. So protect those scraps from anyone at all costs and stick with me through this post and I will show you how to make your own scrap wood lanterns.These lanterns will work fabulous on the front porch, in the backyard or inside as a decor item on a console table. Not including the drawer knobs my lanterns measured 17 inches for the small lantern and almost 21 inches for the larger lantern. Start out by sifting through your pile of scrap wood.

updating an ugly lamp post for 100

Updating An Ugly Lamp Post for $100

If you've seen any share of retro ranch houses, you've probably seen several lamp posts in the yards. Unfortunately, many of them have become eyesores over the years. Such was the case in my Flip 3 house-- the yard had an ugly, non-working vintage gas lamp. With the goal of preserving its integrity but updating it and adding curb appeal, the existing post got a complete affordable makeover!*I buy old, ugly, & neglected houses and flip them all by myself. It's a crazy, DIY house-flipping life that I blog about over at The Bachelorette Pad Flip. Come follow along!

upcycle an outdated chandelier to a solar chandelier, crafts, go green, how to, lighting, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painting, repurposing upcycling

Upcycle an Outdated Chandelier to a Solar Chandelier

My neighbors were getting rid of an outdated chandelier at their garage sale. I bought it from them and told them I was going to tear it apart and make a solar chandelier. You can see more of my crazy creations here