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A Drastic Front Entry Redo, Thanks to a Bunch of Bikes and Old Signs!

While everyone else was busy wrapping presents this fine holiday season, I was busy tripping over fake pumpkins, and stumbling over 2 brand new bikes jam packed into our crowded front entry.
Oh friends... it's just a long story. Basically put, our front entry just got WAY out of hand.
But with the deadline of Christmas, there was no way I could chime in the season with pumpkins that refused to rot and... bikes that refused to look for a roomier room.

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Barn Quilt

I had this blank wall on the out side of my house, I hated it. I planted Ivey, a tree noting looked right. I decided to make a small Barn Quilt got ideas from Pinterest.
I had fun deciding, drew it out first before painting. It took about a week to complete. I allowed each coat of paint to dry overnight or several hours. Before moving on.

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An Instant Old Sign Coffee Station to Fill Your Caffeine Fix!

My love for coffee runs deep. All the way to addiction, really. So I really wanted to celebrate that with a place to store my beloved coffee cups. You know... so they'd be within panic reach. Can you relate?
Gathering up a few planks of old fence wood, a few rusty S hooks and a cool stencil, this happened...
Now, excuse me while I go indulge just one more time... care to join me?

black mirrored dining room

Black Mirrored Dining Room

For 11 years I played with the idea of painting my hallways black and covering them with mirrors. After years of collecting thrift store mirrors, I finally went for it! Only I did it to my dining room. It's spectacular in candlelight, these iPhone photos do not do it justice. My husband made me the steampunk mannequin for Christmas and she fit right in with all the metallic framed mirrors. End result: we LOVE it (except when we play card games at the table and can see each other's hands)!

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Metal Shelves Hack

I found some amazing shelves from Ballard Designs ($499 each) with a not-so-amazing price tag. So, I set to work trying to figure how to make them for myself!

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DIY Wood Slice Spring Pallet Sign

If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you know I love pallet wood. To me, it never gets old. You can do SO MUCH with it, and it is so easy to find FREE pallets! Today I am coming at ya with a super easy and fun spring sign made from DIY wood slices, pre-made letters and of course, a piece of pallet wood.
Do you remember my Rustic Glam Office that I posted this past Christmas? Well, in that post I showed you how to make some VERY easy DIY wood slices}. These same wood slices that we made are the ones that I am using in today's project! {Look at me being all resourceful!}
Here is what they look like!

rustic love sign from old farm implement parts, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Rustic LOVE sign from old farm implement parts

After scavenging for this old cabinet door in a friend's barn, I became inspired to so something rustic with some other farm pieces. My husband grew up on a South Georgia farm, so on a weekend trip I searched high and low for inspiration. Ultimately I ended up with a basket of rusty pieces where I decided on these "letters." It took some work to attach the pieces as they are quite heavy. I used eye hooks and wire, liquid nails, and a couple of screws on the larger pieces. I LOVE the result and have had many offers to buy it. It cost me $zero, only time.

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3D Metallic Holiday Sign for $10

I know it is a bit early to be starting in on Christmas bliss, but who can help themselves? This is a fun and cheap way to add some metallic glitz to your mantle, or to hang on your door. To make this 3D metallic holiday piece all you need to do is save some cardboard boxes, grab some gold leaf and a box cutter, and get to molding. You could use the same technique to make any word of your choice!

diy wine corks project

DIY Wine Corks Project

Are you a wine drinker like me? Do you save all your corks like me too? Then they sit there in a vase or jar or something forever and you think, what the heck am I gonna do with all these, but you can’t seem to throw them all away? Sound familiar? Well, I finally decided to do something with all of mine and make this DIY wine cork sign. And it was super easy! Here is how I did it.

jingle bells shadow box

How To: Jingle Bells Shadow Box

Check out this super simple way to turn an ordinary shadow box into a fun and festive decoration for the holidays.STEP 1: GATHER SUPPLIES.For my box, I recycled the frame from an old desktop clock. Its measurements are similar to an ordinary shadow box -- 7.5 x 7.5" with a working depth just shy of 1". I don't own a cutting machine so I bought the 6x6" Jingle All the Way foil decal from my local craft store along with the glitter card stock and assortment of bells.

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Refurbished Window Mirror
Update 80's forest green into a beautiful creamy antiqued mirror.

skateboard shelving

Skateboard Shelving

I had a brainstorm one night while thinking about new ideas for shelving & storage. I needed a new way to store my shoes, since the bag on the back of my bathroom door(you know the type with all the slots in it), was rapidly dying. Those plastic ones just don't last & I needed something so much cooler & kinda wanted to display my more awesome & fancy shoes. so I thought- why not make some really killer shelves to show off those kicks! I had seen a few skateboard shelves here on hometalk- so I decided to take it up a few notches.

dated hallway to travel gallery themed space

Dated Hallway to Travel Gallery Themed Space

We took our dated hallway and transformed it to a Travel Gallery Themed Space. Come on in and tell me your thoughts!We still have quite a few things to do but it's definitely much better than the before! This project was completed over the course of a few months but could definitely be completed in just a few days.

diy space saving rolling kitchen pantry, closet, diy, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas

DIY Space Saving Rolling Kitchen Pantry

Our cabinet space is limited in our tiny kitchen. But we did have 8 inches of unused space beside our fridge. So we built a rolling pantry to hold all our canned goods and dry food!

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Hardcover Book Clock DIY

Do you have a bibliophile at your home? Or maybe you're the book lover? Turn a hardcover book into a clock for the avid reader in your life.

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Welcome Sign Using the Silhouette Machine

This sign has gotten a lot of attention on my blog and I thought I should share it here with you! This is a #2 pine board from a big box lumber store.

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Easy License Plate Wall Art

It started with a clock. And a blank slate of a room. Our 4-year-old son Lucas's room to be exact. He'd asked for a clock since we'd moved in and I'd finally procured the perfect fit. A sweet clock that was modern, bright, and simple... oh yeah, and super inexpensive. (Ie: The stuff fist-pumps are made of). The question was how to hang it.

chalk couture hand made signs, Chalk Couture GATHER

Chalk Couture Gather Sign

I've recently become a Designer with a new company called Chalk Couture. I've quickly amassed a team of over 100 excited members under me because the product speaks for itself. I like to do things that are quick, easy and straight to the point. I've never been a sign maker. I didn't have the time to learn any machines or new software just to spit out vinyl and then have to weed vinyl off whatever surface I wanted to work with. Being able to apply a sticky transfer to almost any surface and then spreading a chalk style past right over, has been life changing. I'm now able to make all kinds of decor in my existing growing business and give things a new look. To join my team "Down2Chalk" or purchase the transfers and pastes you will see here go to --> use Sponsor Code "down2chalk" to join my team.

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Build an Easy Bathroom Shelf Diy

If you've always wanted to create something out of wood but the directions seemed too intimidating, I've got the project for you. Today I have a super easy bathroom shelf that is put together just like a toolbox with the exception that the opening is in front instead of on top.
This project came about because I’m still using up a pile of spindles that my brother gave me. It may look like I only used one spindle, but I actually used two. You'll see why in just a second.

easy farmhouse chalkboard, chalkboard paint, crafts

Easy Farmhouse Chalkboard

In a recent Monthly DIY Challenge, my friends and I chose a chalkboard theme. I had been looking for something to hang above our brick fireplace, so this was the perfect opportunity to create something that was just right for the space!To see more Monthly DIY Challenges CLICK HERE.

vintage scale farmhouse sign and wall hook, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Vintage Scale Farmhouse Sign and Wall Hook

This is one of the new pieces of wall decor I have in my farmhouse style bathroom makeover. It's vintage. It's pretty. And it's useful, too! Bathroom decor at its finest!

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Re~purposed Crank Handle Towel Holder

I picked up this old crank handle cheaply at the consignment shop last year. Of course I wanted to create a fun re-purposed project with it. This project cost me less than $3.

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Turquoise and Trunks

it all started with a globe clock! I created it, then hung it up and looked at it thinking hmmm. Well that's not a very pretty photo op. I need more colour!!!!! I pulled this colour from the globe and went to work mixing a batch of blues and turquoise up. Then set off to my awesome junk piles to look for things to create to help make a prettier photo. It sort of took off on this spiral of colour and items. First the suitcase table, then the little accent table, then the mirror, then ... too much colour! Let's throw in a chair - maybe I'll paint it white...... and voila - all creations done and shot in one day. Love them to bits! For our never ending repurposing fun - find us on Facebook at

simple floating shelf for small collections

Floating Shelf for Small Collections

On this edition of Workshop Wednesday, we revisited a project we did three years ago. It's still holding strong and is home to a collection of small Lego sets.We realized we never shared the tutorial here in Hometalk. The project lends itself to even novice DIYers. You can see a preview of the shelves at the 2:15 timecode mark. Take a look and then read on to see the tutorial

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Christmas Decoration

Here is a simple sign that even a kid could make, but the fun effect it will have on your Christmas decor is sure to bring some JOY!