the mom cave

The Mom Cave

Our builder lovingly called this small room in our home, "The Mom Cave". For all of you who work from home, this would be your office. Some people had even built a door on it that would keep everyone out while they were working. I chose to bring the outside in! The room had a granite counter top and drawers already set up in it, with room for my laptop and printer and a small closet. But who wants to look at a boring wall all day? The window to the outside was behind me. So, I decided to do something about it. I decided to make the wall my happy place. It all started with some pieces of wallpaper that I had hung onto that were from another house. They were favorites of mine and I wanted to use them here. I put them together as best I could with some other pieces that I had saved and it turned out looking like this.

4 ways to turn ordinary items into pottery barn style home decor

4 Ways to Turn Ordinary Items Into Pottery Barn-style Home Decor!

Got an old ladder, window or table legs lying around? Here are 4 perfect ideas to up-cycle your unused items.

diy embroidery hoop decor less than 10

DIY Embroidery Hoop Decor - Less Than $10!

Learn how to make beautiful and unique embroidery hoop wall decor. It's super simple, taking less than an hour to make and hang up. Also, it's super inexpensive! It cost me less than $10 and depending on what you have in your craft closet, it could cost you even less. Enjoy and happy crafting!

farmhouse pallet wall decor

Farmhouse Pallet Wall Decor

I have a nice sized wall in my dining room that really needed something. My home is decorated in an industrial farmhouse Style. After a lot of thought I decided to create my own farmhouse wall décor, using a picture I took of my husband’s grandparent’s farm, a pallet picture frame that I had from a previous project, and some mod podge.

diy sea glass window art

DIY Sea Glass Window Art

I’ve always loved these beautiful sea glass windows. I’ve seen them in the shops on Cape Cod and online and have always wanted one. A few years ago I made this Sea Glass Dolphin and Sea Glass Sea Horse and I thought, ‘hey maybe I could try to make one of those windows’! Well, I finally did. And here is how...

3 easy steps to painting a mountain with acrylic paint, how to, landscape

3 Easy Steps to Painting a Mountain With Acrylic Paint

3 Easy steps and techniques to paintng a mountain, learning how to paint landscapes, seascapes, if you want to see more of Allison Prior's free Painting and Drawing Lesson go to

create a unique piece of art using acrylic pouring technique

Create a Unique Piece of Art Using Acrylic Pouring Technique

Create a beautiful art piece using the acrylic pouring technique. It is such a fun and creative process you will be hooked!

i spit out a peacock, crafts, home decor, paint colors, painting, repurposing upcycling

I SPiT Out a Peacock - UnicornSPiT

I took a piece of glass and turned it into a beautiful peacock with the help of Unicorn SPiT! I did it over the course of one weekend and it was very easy to do.

diy hanging gold wall frame leaf art how to, crafts, how to, wall decor

DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art

I’ve filled the frame with a leaf decoration creating a modern look for a low price. Now is a great time for collecting foliage and pressing to use around your home as decoration.

hacking west elm art

Hacking West Elm Art

I love art, color and hacking! I'm always looking for ways to add color to my home and this is so easy to paint!

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

Vintage Buttons and Burlap Messages in Pretty Frames

Creating a family keepsake or special gift using vintage buttons, a little sparkle, a burlap backdrop and a pretty frame. Yes...please!

framed wallpaper panels, wall decor

Framed Wallpaper Panels

When I inherited some awesome leftover wallpaper from my aunt and uncle, I knew that I definitely wanted to use it. However, with the possibility of a move in our future someday, I did not want to commit to putting it straight on the wall. So, I whipped up these framed wallpaper panels to showcase this beautiful woods wallpaper.

diy fun challenge birch log painting, gardening

DIY Fun Challenge - Birch Log Painting

It occurred to me the other day that I have over a thousand projects pinned on my DIY to-do list Pinterest board, and do you know what? I haven’t done near as many as I should have! So in an effort to try out all the projects I have pinned, I am going to do a DIY challenge every Friday. I will pick a fun project that I pinned and do it myself. I will let you know how easy it was to do, and share with you my pictures! I encourage you all to get out there and test out all the DIYs that you have pinned and saved to your Hometalk boards!
If you have ever done a project that I have posted, send me your pics! I would love to see them!
Let’s get started with today’s project. This one has been on the to-do list for a while! I am so glad I finally did it! It is a beautiful DIY and very fun to do. I hit some bumps on the road, but I am pleased with the end result.

planked reclaimed wall treatment with picture frame

Planked / Reclaimed Wall Treatment With Picture Frame

Dressing up a bathroom wall with a picture and rustic wall treatment. I just added a 'before' photo of this very ugly wall prior to paint.

scalloped accent wall, home decor, wall decor

Simple Fish-Scale Accent Wall With Paint Pen

Hello friends!! Remember my guest bedroom that I zested a few weeks back?? Well today we are going to get zesty with a new accent wall. I love subtle geometric patterns and funky different accent walls. I love honeycomb and chevron and all those fun trendy walls we are seeing all across pinterest, but I must admit I don’t have the patience for those, nor am I a perfectionist. Which is why I was super excited about this wall, not only is it a bit more unique but oh so easy as well!!Photos by Jessica Helton Original Blog

celebration of colours unicorn spit

Celebration of Colours - Unicorn Spit

I just watched the video clip to Queen's "I want to break free" I was inspired, I had some blank canvases (a small table) and Unicorn Spit.

easy stenciling on an old window

Easy Stenciling on an Old Window

I have several old windows frames that I have upcycled into window displays for suncatchers! This is my latest one

diy faux live edge mirror

DIY Faux Live Edge Mirror

We all know how awesome live edge furniture looks. Sadly everything comes at a cost, and since I make a lot of stuff I need to watch my budget. Though this may not be a true live edge, with a little creativity you can create an awesome faux live edge piece. Even if you don’t need a mirror this faux live edge concept can be applied to almost any project you would like to make. If you follow me you know I have a thing for LED's, so if it’s not your thing you can look past that.I used pine lumber and shaped it to have a natural look. Then, added an inexpensive mirror and added LED's to give a nice glow. This could be floor standing or wall mounted mirror. Lastly, I used a plug in smart outlet that can be controlled via WIFI.

duct tape wall art

Duct Tape Wall Art

Some of you may have seen the video I posted previously, but now it's time for the long awaited tutorial of this pop art portrait! Duct tape is such an interesting choice for wall art because it comes in so many colours and patterns; it’s the perfect pop art medium!To start, mark out a grid on a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" backing (I used thin plastic but cardboard will work too).

painted barn quilts for the inside of my home

Painted Barn Quilts for the Inside of My Home

Being raised on a farm, I have a special love for the wonderful quilt squares painted on barns in Wisconsin. Last week, I saw a square with a blackface lamb painted in quilt hexagons. How clever is that!!!As I lack an outbuilding to paint on a square; I decided to try painting squares for the indoors. I had some small wood pieces cut and sanded from a left-over construction planks by my wonderful hubby. (I ask him when he gets home from golf, works like a charm.)

scrap wood never looked so pretty

Scrap Wood Never Looked so Pretty

I have been looking for a large scale art to put up on a wall in my office space. I wanted it to not just look pretty but also have a significance. Like most things, inspiration struck me when I least expected it!

decorative piece using color samples


Creating pieces by myself to decorate my home is one of the things which I am most passionate about. Many people think that things have to be expensive to look good, but that is totally false. You can create economical accessories which look as good or better than an expensive ones. Therefore, today I will be showing you a very interesting and easy DIY project.

d i y picture canvases, WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Picture Canvases

I am currently doing a room makeover for my daughters and i wanted some picture canvases for behind their beds. After looking everywhere i couldn't find the size that i wanted for less than $90 so i decided i was going to make them myself. I found my canvases at ROSS for $7.99 they came in a package of 2.I printed my pictures at Walmart in matte photo paper: my picture size was 20x30 and they were around $18 each. You can WATCH THE FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW..If you like it do not forget to subscribe for more tutorials like this one :)

diy pottery barn knock off diy botanical art

DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off DIY Botanical Art

This is an easy and inexpensive project to decorate your home. Botanical prints are so trendy; you can see them at many different stores. I have seen a couple of them at Pottery Barn and they were gorgeous but didn’t see myself spending more than $100 on a print. Instead, I decided to buy watercolors and make my own art.

what is she up to now beach window out of a clock , crafts, repurposing upcycling

What is She Up To Now? Beach Window Out of A Clock!

I bought a plastic clock for 3.99 at a thrift store and made into a fun 3D window to the beach. Thrift stores are full of these old clocks. My poor husband thought "What is she up to now?"