circle of love garden sun catcher, crafts, gardening, outdoor living, For inside circle Cut 15 of wire Insert end of wire and make loop inside center circle Then string on 22 acrylic beads

Circle of Love Garden Sun Catcher

Today is my daughters birthday and I wanted to dedicate this beautiful crystal sun catcher to her...

decorate your birdbath every christmas with this clever gorgeous idea, christmas decorations, outdoor living, seasonal holiday decor

Decorate Your Birdbath Every Christmas With This Clever Gorgeous Idea

I have to admit that I love decorating for Christmas outdoors just as much as indoors! My latest...

cheating with an instant full pallet garden walkway, concrete masonry, diy, landscape, pallet, repurposing upcycling, The pallets were then tucked into place

Cheating With an INSTANT Full Pallet Garden Walkway

Love pallet projects but find yanking the boards apart too much effort? Me too! So I came up with an...

how to make chalkboard garden stakes, chalkboard paint, crafts, gardening, how to

How to Make Chalkboard Garden Stakes

How to make chalkboard garden stakes requires just a few supplies and is an easy tutorial that...

the whirligig project, crafts, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling

The Whirligig Project

It all started with a trip to the Dairy Queen, a wrong turn and these strange looking things.

easter basket lawn decor

Easter Basket Lawn Decor

Here's an idea for a fun piece of lawn decor for Easter. I put together an oversized Easter Basket...

diy brick herb markers, crafts, gardening, Brick Herb Markers

DIY Brick Herb Markers

I saw similar herb markers at a charming little garden boutique for $10 each, but I knew it was as...

little fairy garden, crafts, flowers, gardening, Little fairy garden by Barb See more fairies afoot at or visit my website

Little Fairy Garden

Using silk flowers, a tiny fairy and a stylized bird cage, I made a little fairy garden. See more...

chalkboard paint plant markers, chalkboard paint, crafts, gardening, Let your wooden sticks dry and use your chalk to make your labels Stop by the blog for tips on how to prime your sticks before you write on them

Chalkboard Paint Plant Markers

Chalkboard paint is not just for indoor projects. Take the fun outdoors with these simple chalkboard...

painted fish umbrella stand, crafts, organizing

My Ugly $2 Yard Sale Fish Challenge

I like to challenge myself by finding the U-G-L-I-E-S-T item at a yard sale, taking it home and...

terra cotta pot lighthouse with solar light

Terra Cotta Pot Lighthouse With Solar Light

I had seen clay pot solar lighthouses on many DIY sites and I decided to give it a shot myself.

how to make a gorgeous garden gazing ball with these easy tips, crafts, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

How To Make A Gorgeous Garden Gazing Ball With These Easy Tips

I had been wanting to make a garden gazing globe for a long time. There are so many wonderful...

upcycled bowling ball yard art, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Bowling Ball Yard Art

I made myself a little lady bug for my yard from an old, upcycled bowling ball :o)

garden herbs, container gardening, gardening, how to, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Garden Herbs

I've had these wagon wheels, bought on a whim, leaning against our storage shed in a small neglected...

bird feeder craft recycled kids, crafts

Kids Bird Feeder Craft #Recycled #Upcycled #HomeCrafts

I took the opportunity to teach my daughter about conservation and recycling with this fun bird...

turn an old mason jar into a bird feeder

Turn An Old Mason Jar Into a Bird Feeder

This simple little project is a great way to welcome spring and attract some more nature into your...

rustic wooden pumpkins, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Rustic Wooden Pumpkins

I love decorating for fall. It's so easy and fun to put together a vignette using mums, pumpkins...

how to build a wire trellis for vertical gardening, diy, gardening, how to

How to Build a Wire Trellis for Vertical Gardening

At 8 feet high and 3 feet across, the galvanized-steel wire and cedar structure here provides 60...

how to make a penny ball for your garden, crafts, how to

How to Make a Penny Ball for Your Garden

After finding the inspiration on Pinterest, we knew we just had to make one for ourselves. We love...

build a p

Build a Pallet Sectional - Pallet Furniture DIY

You can find different creations with pallets all over the internet. From shelves, to tables, to...

repurpose pretty sunflower seed sack decor, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Repurpose Pretty Sunflower Seed Sack Decor.

This was a fun repurpose project I did today. Instead of throwing everything I used today in the...

flip flop planter using a dome floor lamp, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Flip Flop Planter using a Dome Floor Lamp

Turn a outdated dome floor lamp into a flip flop planter to see tutorial go to...

diy peacock from a whisk, crafts, how to

DIY Peacock From a Whisk

Ever since I created my whisk dragonfly and butterfly garden art, I've been on the hunt for used...

wire teacup garden stake, crafts, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Wire Teacup Garden Stake

Copper wire teacup found at a thrift store turned into garden stake!