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From Headboard To Reclaimed Wood Bench

At the beginning of summer I found a great deal on a bedroom set. The set was in decent shape, but the one part of the set I didn't really want was the headboard. I bought it anyway, then brought it home and figured out what to do with it...make a bench!
With a little help from my 10 year old Son, I was able to take items we had on hand to build this fun bench.
I started with 2 X 4 lumber we had leftover from a workshop project. From this I made a base, along with reclaimed wood I had in the garage.

kitchen update

Kitchen Update

This is a rental property we live in, so didn't want to spend a lot of money. We bought new handles off of Wish.com, new hinges from Amazon, which were 1/2 the cost than big box stores. Bought 2 sheets of 1/4 inch cheap plywood, it cost less than 14 dollar a sheet, had them cut them into 3 inch strips, bought wood screws, new white outlets and plates to replace the old ones(make sure you turn power off, before changing), some sanding blocks and wood filler, paint color of choice for cabinets, hi heat paint for back splash because ours is so close to gas top.Took off doors and drawers, filled in old holes, gave a light sanding, then painted. You do need a drill, jig saw or hand saw to cut the strips for back splash, we decided how long, so we could stagger strips, used quarters as spacers. I only used the high heat paint on the sections by the stove top. you need to cover everything with paint if it is the spray and use a mask/open windows/fans. It is not really very hard, but time consuming. we took 2 weeks to do everything, but could be done in a shorter time.

diy diamond tufted peacock blue velvet headboard

How We DIYed Our Velvet Diamond-Tufted Headboard

After unsuccessfully searching the world for a velvet headboard in the PERFECT shade of peacock, my husband and I decided to try making our own. What followed was an insane amount of blood, sweat, tears and tufting, but the final result was worth all the nervous breakdowns.

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Upcycled Porch Table

A neighbor was getting rid of this years ago and passed it on our way. It had some wear and tear even back then but now... now it was just looking so shabby and rotten...

mimosa bar, home decor

Mimosa Bar

I’ve been wanting to do a Mimosa Bar for ages, and when my family got together for Sunday Brunch a couple weeks ago, I seized the opportunity. It was loads of fun to create, and I love how fun and colourful it turned out.

diy granite countertops

DIY Granite Countertops

If you’re anything like me, you despise your old Formica and laminate counter tops. They stain easily, and not to they mention dent and scratch easily too! Furthermore, you’re probably wishing to hit the lottery some day just so that you can afford to replace the ugly things! I am dreaming of a gorgeous marble or granite counter tops!WELL, I think we’ve found a solution for you… a paint kit specifically for your counter tops! Remember you can view the full post and more details over on my website

a kitchen transformation you can do, kitchen design

A Kitchen Transformation YOU Can Do

I'm not yet ready to put in real granite, hard wood floors or even change the appliances out. But I couldn't stand this kitchen one more minute! As a stencil designer by trade, I need pattern! I need elegance! I need visual impact.

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Fit for a Queen

My mother always taught us to take good care of our furniture and since my sister and I learned so well, we were both able to use our childhood furniture with both of our girls. Well, as time went by our children wanted to upgrade to the grown up stuff, I made a bench once before with my husbands childhood twin bed and my sister liked it so much she wanted me to create one for her with our childhood bedroom set. It so happens the original color of the furniture is what she wanted but it needed to be refreshed since cream coloring doesn't stay so cream colored after 40+ years. The fabric she chose goes so well with this piece I think it turned out quite nice. Fit for a queen.

how to renovate your kitchen for under 600

How to Renovate Your Kitchen For Under $600

Hey yall! Today I'm sharing how I renovated my kitchen for under $600! It wasn't terrible when we moved in but it wasn't beautiful either. With a few simple steps you can update any kitchen into a room you want to spend all your time in!

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Dumpster Dive Headboard Transformed Into Princess Baby Doll Bed

I found this headboard lying up against the dumpster outside of my office last year. I didn't know then what I would do with it, but I knew I would eventually use it to make something really cool for a little GrandAngel someday. -- After seeing her face light up this Christmas, I sure am glad I did! :)

my diy solid walnut bedframe

My DIY Solid Walnut Bedframe

My friend just bought a new place and was looking spruce up his bedroom with a new bed frame. After checking a few store he was having a hard time finding something that he really liked, so naturally he turned to me, his friend who runs a DIY website, to help him build a custom bed frame. He plied me with compliments and offers of free food. I caved pretty quickly because I needed new photos for my instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/zacharyms/) and content for my website. My only condition was that he had to join me in the shop and help me build it, which he begrudgingly accepted..... Just kidding, he really wanted to help from the start.

needed a garden bench, how to, outdoor furniture

Needed a Garden Bench

Out of necessity for deck furniture I made this garden bench. I started out with twelve cinder blocks.

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How To Make a DIY Tufted Headboard for Under $150

I fell in love with a gorgeous Tall Headboard from Pottery Barn priced at $899. I loved the headboard...didn't love the price! A DIY was definitely in order...Using simple supplies and a little bit of work, I created a beautiful PB knockoff Headboard for under $150. The complete tutorial can be found at houseontheway.com.

bed room make over continued rustic headboard

Bed Room Make Over Continued Rustic Headboard

I am still working on my bedroom. I had 2 night stands that I refinished. I wanted a headboard to match.

tile over laminate countertops

Tile Over Laminate Countertops

I installed ceramic tile over my old 1980's laminate counter tops. I used a product called Simple Mat instead of thinset mortar to adhere the tile to the counter and then i used white unsanded grout to grout the tiles.

bar stand

Bar Stand

This Bar Stand is made using simple, and rather old, wooden crates, old door. Wood sanded, painted, polished and transformed into the arts & crafts style bar stand.

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EASY $20 Corner Bench

Need Seating for your outdoor space? I sure did. Ok so I am the queen of repurposing and salvaging things. And often I have problems throwing things out.DIY Corner Bench
So one day I’m sitting outside on my deck and I go to place my drink on my side table. It literally fell over at my very touch. Well needless to say, I didn’t expect that. Yes, that table was 10 years old and had been repainted every year for the past 5 summers, but I was sure it had at least another 2 or 3 summers left in it. So this prompted me to inspect my seating. To my surprise almost every seat that I had purchased from the thrift store and refinished (4..ok 5 years ago) had some level of dry rot. Darn, I needed to replace everything. But instead of getting down about it I took it as a sign that I needed to redecorate. So I put my thinking cap on. Problem: I needed seating. My budget:microscopic. But what I did have was a whole bunch of 2x3s that someone so graciously gave me recently because they were downsizing. So one Saturday morning while looking at the empty space where my table once stood I came up with a plan. I’ll build a simple corner bench.

a bed with canopy

A Bed With Canopy

A client asked me for a romantic bed. But she said she didn´t want a bed, she wanted THE bed. So I had to think of something special...

our experience with diy ardex counter tops, concrete countertops, countertops, diy, how to, kitchen design

Our Experience With DIY Ardex Counter Tops

Our Experience with Ardex Concrete Counters
This post by Little Green Notebook on concrete counter tops was the first I had seen of its kind and I was immediately inspired. I knew right then and there that I had to do that! It’s been a little over a year since I originally saw that post and I have finally made over my kitchen counter tops. So today, I am sharing Our Experience with Ardex Concrete Counters.

headboard turned bed and breakfast sign, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Headboard Turned Bed and Breakfast Sign

I was cruising down an aisle of a local thrift store a couple of weeks ago when a pile of dated hotel room headboards caught my eye. I knew the shape would be perfect for creating a sign. So this one became a Bed and Breakfast sign:

diy farmhouse bed, bedroom ideas, diy, painted furniture, woodworking projects, DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

I fell in love with Ana White's farmhouse bed plans (http://ana-white.com/2009/10/farmhouse-bed-save-158100_7467.html) and I just had to have it. I can't take any credit for the build, since it was built by my husband and our oldest, but I did all the begging and painting to get this done.

We decided to use pine because I wanted wood with lots of imperfections to get the look I wanted. We also, decided to build the version with out the box spring and I'm so glad we did.

faux four post bed

Faux Four-Post Bed

If you have a bedroom that needs a little touch to make the room complete, this is definitely a project worth looking into. As a kid, I always loved the thought of a 4-post bed -- there's something princess-y about it I guess. So now, instead of a princess, you can feel like a queen in your castle! :) We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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West Elm Inspired Headboard

Looking for a great week-end project to spruce up your bedroom? Our West Elm inspired window headboard plans may help!
I loved the look of West Elm's headboard but was having trouble coughing up the almost $400 to buy it. I asked my husband if we could build it. He mistakenly said "sure."
6 hours and ~$60 later we had our headboard. The plans and cut list for the headboard can be found at our blog.

headboard from a crib rail, bedroom ideas, repurposing upcycling

Headboard From A Crib Rail

We cleaned out the attic a few months ago. Our old crib was a drop side model and had a dated finish. I knew that should we have grandkids, I wouldn't feel safe putting them in this crib. I wanted to repurpose as many of the pieces as I could rather than have them languish in the attic.