vanity makeover

Vanity Makeover!

I have an apology to make. Last spring I posted my bathroom reveal and never followed up with how I redid our builder grade vanity. I truthfully think I was just burnt out after this remodel to even think about posting anymore about it.I started the project in February and didn't finish until mid June. I had the excuse of working full time and doing this makeover by myself on nights and weekends. Let's face it, this 50 something year old doesn't move as fast as I did when I was in my 30's. So all you 30 and 40 something year old DIY'ers....EMBRACE your YOUTH! Because the older you get, that body just may slow down a wee bit when you want to do your projects and you might not finish as quickly as you used to.Okay, onto the vanity. This is truthfully a pretty easy project. I wanted to change the builder grade vanity into an open shelf vanity. I even felt by opening up the vanity with the shelves even makes the bathroom look a little bigger.

champagne shimmer makeup vanity, Not my best staging

Champagne Shimmer Makeup Vanity

This is my idea of a simple Vanity Makeover using only 2 colors.

vanity rescue

Vanity Rescue

This Lady had great bones but was a mess.

vanity chair makeover

Vanity Chair Makeover

You know how I love a good garage sale find and here is yet another in need of a makeover. For more details and photos, visit my Vanity Chair Makeover post. Let's get to it!

a custom built bath vanity with a built in hamper, bathroom ideas, diy, small bathroom ideas, woodworking projects

A Custom Built Bath Vanity With a Built-In Hamper

We are a tall family and it was time for taller vanities in the bathrooms! I decided to start with the kids' bathroom and built them a functional vanity with a built-in hamper making use of wasted space!

anthropologie inspired storage cabinet

Anthropologie-Inspired Storage Cabinet

Handan is always shoving some piece of junk or another into my face and then demanding to know if I’m aware of what I’ll be doing with it. This usually happens while I’m trying to concentrate on something important, like television or video games or food.“Babes!” She cries, as a smile spreads across her face. “Babes! Do you know what you’re going to turn this into?” Whereupon she thrusts some splintered piece of furniture or rickety frame or broken bauble towards my averted eyes, tilting it this way and that. She usually attacks from the right, so I’ve learned to feint left, thus maintaining eye contact with my show, my game or my meal.“Hrnmph.” I say, hoping it conveys enough meaning to ward her off.It rarely does, and she circles around for another run at me.“Does my babes know what he’s going to make for me? Does he? Does he? Hey? Hey?”She’s like a buzzard on the scent of some carrion or wounded prey. I’m trapped, and she knows it. She always gets me when I’m sitting down. It takes a lot of time and energy to shift this much mass up off of the couch and get it running for the hills. She knows my weaknesses, and she exploits them.I sigh the long sigh of The Eternally Tormented Soul and meet her sparkling eyes with a heavy-lidded stare.“What am I going to do, my babes?” And so it begins…*****Our salvaged, purchased and collected picture frames number in the hundreds and mass about a metric ton. To me, they are a single, intimidating entity, but Handan can tell you the history of and plans for each and every one of them. Her brain is like a filing cabinet. This makes it nearly impossible to win an argument with her, since she has total recall of every word I’ve uttered since we met and has no problem repackaging those words and hurling them back at me at the most inopportune moments. Einstein once wrote to a friend that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This is nonsense. The definition of insanity is arguing with a woman and expecting to win.Anyway, back to the picture frames. Handan’s favorites are the ornate ones. The fancier, the better. She found one a long time ago at the dump that she loved. Yeah, yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, too. It even made the featured image of a post she wrote about finding free furniture. It’s a great post, and you should check it out if you haven’t read it already. Really, go read it, or I’ll make you argue with her :DHere’s the frame:

wooden bathroom countertop, bathroom ideas, countertops, diy, small bathroom ideas, woodworking projects

Wooden Bathroom Countertop

The cultured marble sink and vanity top in the guest bath was worn out after 23 years. We didn't want to spend a lot because we were faced with an expensive master bath remodel. I'd seen wooden kitchen counters and thought one might work in this room.

small bathroom remodel budget bathroom ideas, bathroom ideas, home improvement

Small Bathroom Remodel: Budget Bathroom Ideas

I had a budget of $200 to makeover a tiny 20 ft2 bathroom - it was very plain, plus it had a very dated, off-centered light fixture that needed to be addressed. I didn't want to spend much time on this makeover, so I opted to keep the neutral color palette so I wouldn't have to paint and here's the updates I chose to do:Add a contemporary tile backsplash above the sink area and change the mirrorUpgrade the lighting fixtureAdd a DIY storage cabinet above the toilet

this is my dream medicine cabinet in my master bathroom, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, home decor, kitchen cabinets, This is the front view with my floor to almost ceiling mirror as the door

This is My Dream Medicine Cabinet in My Master Bathroom

My cabinet measures 35 inches wide by 65 inches tall. Above the cabinet is a double light fixture. The door is made from a mirror that stands from floor to light fixture. Inside the cabinet is six shelves that hold all of our personal care supplies. Having the light above the mirror works very well. The other great benefit is that I can stand close to the mirror to apply my makeup, no more leaning over the counter to apply my mascara. This is one of my favorite home projects so far. It is so easy to find my hairspray now, no digging around in a lower cabinet, everything is easy to see now. For more views of our cabinet see my blog post.
I will be posting more about our bathroom renovation later.

diy makeup vanity desk

How To Makeup Vanity Desk

Well, I had a blast making this one. I tried covering all base with this while keeping it in a small foot print. This could also double down as an office desk as well. There is a lot of details in this build so I have a set of plans that go into greater details, cut list, and electrical hookup diagram for US outlets.Makeup vanity plans all my plans

road trash to a gem, sealed

Road Trash to a Gem

My friend and I are always on the lookout for the trash that people leave on the side of the road marked FREE! She came upon this table on the side of the road, picked it up, delivered it to me, and it sat for nearly a year. I knew it was solid wood, but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to tackle stripping the entire piece. Someone had already started to sand the top and I could tell it would be a long process. I took the entire piece apart and then it sat in pieces in my barn...just waiting patiently for me to figure out what I would do with it.

from sewing machine cabinet to charming vanity, decoupage, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

From Sewing Machine Cabinet to Charming Vanity

Once again, I brought home a piece of furniture that seemed hopeless! However, it had its chance!

diy bathroom storage cabinet, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor, how to, kitchen cabinets, storage ideas

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

I was looking for a fun way to store my bathroom goodies. I don't have great cabinet space, so I had to get creative. I decided to add a mirror to the front to add a little extra function. LOVE the results!

sewing cabinet repurposed, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Sewing Cabinet Repurposed

I picked up a sweet little sewing cabinet at a garage sale and repurposed it into a vanity for a small bathroom or powder room. Visit the blog for a before picture and see how I did it.

vintage mirror to command center, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Vintage Mirror to Command Center

Don't you love when you have an easy day at work on a Friday? You know... when there is not much going on, and you can actually surf on the web freely, maybe read some posts on your favorite blogs or maybe have a little bit of Pinterest time to yourself. Not that it happens often, but one of those Fridays as I was cruising on craigslist I got lucky enough to score a vintage tri-fold mirror for $20.

diy concrete countertop

DIY Concrete Countertop!

I started this project back in February and I have to tell you, it is kicking my butt!! I have never had a project take me this long. I thought, hey, it's winter in Wisconsin, I think I will finally give my 1990's bathroom a facelift. Guess what? I am still working on it!! Life happens and you just don't get stuff done as quickly as you would like. I have to keep reminding myself, I am in my 50's and not my spritely 20's.I am going to be posting my bathroom in the different steps that I have done so far and will post a final reveal at a later time. I feel I better post as I go, because the longer this takes me, this brain of mine might forget the steps on how I did things.

tutorial how to make a powder room vanity, bathroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

Tutorial: How to Make a Powder Room Vanity

What do you do when bathroom vanities at big box stores just don’t fit your space, style or budget? Build your own, of course!

bath vanity from upcycled dresser yard sale find, bathroom ideas, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Bath Vanity From Upcycled Dresser

After hunting high and low for a furniture piece at every thrift store and rummage sale we came across to fit our new bathroom narrow wall space AND accommodate our large vessel sink....we found this almost free find at the end of a rummage sale adventure!

classic vanity makeover, painted furniture

Classic French Style Vanity Makeover

This vintage writing desk/vanity was a Craigslist find! I very rarely paint furniture white, but this piece has such an elegant look that I really wanted to give it a classic, and neutral, new design. I failed on taking any real "before" pictures, but here's how it started:

sk s vain pink lady, chalk paint, decoupage, painted furniture

SK's Vain Pink Lady

This poor little lady had seen better days, heck she had seen better centuries. I was really hopeful we could save her.

glam vanity makeover, bathroom ideas

Glam Vanity Makeover

It was ugly. Bring on the paint-haters because I went to town on this one.

outdated vanity turned asian inspired beauty, home decor, painted furniture, the Finished vanity

Outdated Vanity Turned Asian Inspired Beauty.

Come see how I took this OUTDATED vanity and gave it an ASIAN inspired makeover.
Using CeCe Caldwells Pink Lady Slipper and some Goodwill fabric, I was able to transform this old outdated vanity into a pretty pink lady! 

bathroom vanity, bathroom ideas, diy, painted furniture, Chair rail applied to doors Changed hinges and pulls and painted

Bathroom Vanity

Our house is stuck in the 1980's and we are trying the "DIY Way" for improvements...before and after photos. Hubby used chair rail molding to cover the router groove in original vanity doors. Painted vanity Sherwin Wms. "Devine White".

this old maid

Antique Vanity Restoration

This old beauty was begging for someone to take her in and fix her up! The old finish was flaking, the veneer was peeling up, and pieces were missing. My first big undertaking and I was bound and determined to do her justice!

updated vintage vanity or dressing table, painted furniture

Updated Vintage Vanity {or dressing table}

This is a 1940s vanity that I bought off of Craig's List and updated with a coat of paint! It's darling!