inspired by french country chest furniture refresh, painted furniture

Inspired By French Country Chest Furniture Refresh

I found this tall cedar chest about three years ago at one of the most epic estate sales! I bought so much furniture and decor I had to take 3 trips with my SUV.
When I found this chest, I fell instantly in love with the legs. Two were not on the cabinet, but the legs were there so I took it and knew I would make her pretty and whole again.
After a very thorough cleaning, I got started painting. I painted the entire piece in Carbone by Faux Mineral Paint. I love this paint because there's no bleed through worry. The old stain that can normally bleed through red or pink, is stopped. OH and did I mention you don't need to wax the paint if you don't wax afterward? Can I get an AMEN?!

how to do a weathered wood finish on furniture, how to, painted furniture

How to Do a Weathered Wood Finish on Furniture

Here's one way of turning furniture in poor condition into a lovely addition to your home. I quit fighting all her flaws and she showed me who she is. A beauty, with many more years to offer.

easy writing desk project, crafts

Easy Writing Desk Project

Today I did something really fun! I remade my writing desk! Ooh, that was so inspiring.
I do not know what do you think about this project, but I delight!
This project was cheap, easy and such a fun way to renew the desk. I recommend you warmly to try this idea.

harry potter inspired desk makeover, how to, painted furniture

Harry Potter Inspired Desk Makeover

My daughter loves everything Harry Potter and asked for a desk in wizard style for her room.

diy headboard slip cover rosette bunk bed redo, bedroom ideas, home decor, reupholster

No-Sew Drop Cloth Rosette Headboard Slipcover - Easy Bedroom Update

I had an old bunk bed that wasn't getting any use. So I decided it was time for an update. I started by removing the upper bunk of the bed to convert it to a comfy guest bed. But I wasn't crazy about the way the bunk bed's metal frame looked. And I couldn't remove and replace the headboard and footboard because they were part of the frame. And it wasn't something I could reupholster either. So I got creative and decided to make a slip cover for the frame.

4 poster bed becomes a desk

4 Poster Bed Becomes a Desk

This could easily be entitled the "transformer desk project" because most people are just stunned when they see how I disassembled an antique bed and created a desk!

whimsical raised planters upcycled from curbside drawers, gardening

Whimsical Raised Planters Upcycled From Curbside Drawers

I wanted two raised planters to plant next year's herb garden in, but I didn't want to pay the almost $100 price tag for a pre-made raised planter! So I set my mind thinking about what simple item I could find and re-purpose for this project.

painted the drawer fronts of my new modular closet organizer, how to, painted furniture

Painted the Drawer Fronts of My New Modular Closet Organizer

I painted a geometric line pattern across the fronts the drawer section of my new modular closet organizer

drawer finds a new life as a storage ottoman, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Drawer Finds a New Life as a Storage Ottoman

Have you ever had an old drawer lying around and didn't know what to do with it? After transforming a dresser into a media stand, that's exactly what happened to me. Inspiration finally hit, and I turned my old drawer into something useful...a storage ottoman.

repurposing an outdated entertainment unit , entertainment rec rooms, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Repurposing an Outdated Entertainment Unit.

We are firm believers in recycling, repurposing and reusing. We also love mid century modern furniture, particularly teak. The days of entertainment units, which were so popular in the last couple of decades, has ended, mostly because TVs are so much bigger and don't fit.
We have already several pieces of Danish mid century teak furniture, including a table, chairs, wall unit and sideboard, all pieces have been picked up at second hand stores, garage sales or thrift shops. We have been looking for a coffee table to match the rest of our furniture but had no success.
We live in a small cottage so size of coffee table was restricted to what would fit in our space. We found this solid teak entertainment unit at a garage sale and husband thought he could certainly get enough material from it to make a coffee table, so we offered them $25 and hauled it home. It was really heavy to move!!!!

horizontal blinds to headboard in one day

Horizontal Blinds to Headboard in One Day

Nowadays they don't seem to sell the type of headboard that I'm looking for. They are too small, come with a head and footboard, or too bulky. For a smaller room I can't have something as large as what I could find in a store or online...and then the price is crazy.So as I was putting drapes up in one room I knew I had to get rid of a ton of blinds. They are in good shape so I really didn't want to just throw them out so yes......I stored them. I'm glad I did because it hit me...shiplap is all the rage right now...and with all crazes, it will not be as cool in a year or two, so why pay the price for the wood when I can do it out of blinds. They are perfectly level, no warps, knot holes, etc. Plus the best part is that this headboard will not weigh a ton and need to have huge wall anchors to attach it.So away I went to the proverbial drawing board. What can I put these slats on? I want to keep it light...foam board. I got 2 packages (a set of 2 so 4 total) at Walmart for 3.50 each set. I only needed 3 foam boards but it was cheaper this way. Plus, I'm thinking of making a second one for a gift if this turns out the way I hope.I used just about everything that I had on hand in the house. If you needed to buy all of these items your cost would run about $40. And that includes purchasing some horizontal blinds.So here we go.....

repurposed bed frame to garden bed, flowers, gardening, raised garden beds, repurposing upcycling

Give Your Veggies a Real Bed

It's a popular idea to use an old metal bed frame to create a garden bed, and this one is particularly well done.
I saw this garden on a local tour and fell in love with all of the creative ideas.

faux four post bed

Faux Four-Post Bed

If you have a bedroom that needs a little touch to make the room complete, this is definitely a project worth looking into. As a kid, I always loved the thought of a 4-post bed -- there's something princess-y about it I guess. So now, instead of a princess, you can feel like a queen in your castle! :) We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

headboard makeover from drab to fab


When deciding on the design for my headboard, my first thought was: “Get rid of the wood and add some glamour!” I’m so happy with the final product, it really helped me achieve the upscale look I was going for & compliments my purple and silver color scheme.
Why pay more when you can make it for less?

antique desk redo using diy chalk paint and diy dark wax, chalk paint, painted furniture

Antique Desk Redo Using DIY Chalk Paint and DIY Dark Wax

This was my first time working with chalk paint and simply love it! I think I have found a new addiction! lol I have to give credit where credit is due so here is the blog site I basically followed. I did do a few things differently such as, the CHALK PAINT recipe I used was 2 1/2 TBS plaster of Paris 1 1/2 TBS warm Water mix to a paste then add to 1 Cup of paint. The only reason I used a different recipe is because I didn't need that much paint. (1 cup covered the entire desk and the drawers using only 1 coat) I did not paint my areas black that I wanted to show through. I wanted them to show the actual wood tone. but I DID do the vasseline. I tinted my own dark wax...more on that and the recipe I used here As far as prep work, I scrubbed her down with 1/2 cup vinegar to 4 cups water Sanded the original finish off the top Stained it with Varathane early American That's it! OH! The hardware...well, they were black and nasty so I tossed them in a container of apple cider vinegar and water (i didnt measure, i just dumped) and left them soak a few hours. Rinsed them, wiped them down, and the beautiful patina of the brass was there! So I slapped a layer of the finishing wax on them, left it sit about 10 minutes, then buffed them out.
***NOTE*** If you notice your paint going on a little gritty, don't worry! once it is dry you can lightly sand it with a fine grit sandpaper and you'll be set.

diy reclaimed wood bed, painted furniture, woodworking projects, Finished reclaimed wood bed

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed

Some friends of mine were throwing away some wood from an old deck. So my husband and I snagged the wood and decided to make a bed. It took about an afternoon to build and a couple more days to stain and seal it to allow for drying time. We are totally in love with our free bed!

ikea rast chest hack

Ikea Rast Chest Hack

One thing I wanted to keep in mind when I was working on my most recent Home Office Makeover, is that I wanted it to be very budget friendly but still have the outcome that I am looking for. Since I am a huge lover of DIY, that is usually where my mind goes when I think about a room renovation. I first think about what I can do myself and try to go from there. My go to for inspiration is Pinterest and I seem to always find something I want to tackle. For the home office I was looking for an affordable solution for storage other than my built-ins, but that still fits into the feel of the room. I have seen so many people hack Ikea furniture and I thought I would give it a try. I picked the Ikea Rast Chest. I went to Ikea, picked up 2 Rast Chests and made my own spin on an Ikea Rast Chest Hack!

modern coastal office makeover, home office, lighting, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Modern Coastal Office Makeover

Hi friends! This modern space is WAY outside my design comfort zone but I really enjoyed putting it together! I incorporated some coastal elements by adding twine to the basket pendant, the oversized woven basket on my desk and paint dipped baskets on the bookshelves. The accessories, like the shell bowl, starfish, octopus print and large coral, also add a coastal touch.
This space has to wear so many hats. It’s a place for me to blog but also has to function as a small photography studio. We needed space for little man to do his homework as well as office supply and craft storage.

an embroided bed

An Embroided Bed!

I bought this beautiful white bed without the roses on the headboard! I forgot to take a photo of the "before", but I can show you the process!

creating a tiered flower bed made with re purposed drawers, flowers, gardening, painting, repurposing upcycling, wider view

creating a tiered flower bed made with re-purposed drawers

I knocked out the bottoms of the big drawers and hammered holes in the little ones for drainage. I painted first with Kilz to try to water proof. I know they are a temporary pretty but it was loads of fun! Wandering Jew, Polka Dot Plants and Torrenia

how to make a star wars hovercraft bed, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Star Wars Hovercraft Bed

A bed that floats?! Or at least looks like it's floating? This is a great weekend project that will make you the coolest parent on your block!

how to paint the mexican serape painted headboard

How to Paint the Mexican Serape Painted Headboard

It looks difficult, but I'm going to show you step by step how to paint this colorful headboard. You'll end up with a beautiful hand-painted piece of furniture, that people won't believe you did yourself! The painted design is inspired by Mexican woven blankets. If you head over to the full blog post at you'll get extra tips and information - like the exact list of paint colors I used.

diy sawhorse desk, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Sawhorse Desk

Just in time for school to start, we created a sawhorse desk for our boys!

an ugly dresser gets a rustic make over, painted furniture, rustic furniture, reupholster

An ugly dresser gets a rustic make-over

I scraped all of the sponge-paint off of this $25 craigslist dresser and recovered it with cowhide and upholstery tacks.

country furniture pine painted furniture, painted furniture

Country Furniture, Pine Painted Furniture

Antiques online shop with huge array of antique country furniture,pine painted furniture, pine antiques, antique oak furniture and French antiquefurniture.