license plate journal desk set

License Plate Journal & Desk Set

I bet you have at least one license plate hanging around somewhere. Once you start to make gifts it becomes a habit. And it starts to become expected. So what can you get that car enthusiast guy? Yup, it’s birthday time for my ‘cars-and-everything-about-cars’ son. How appropriate is it that this license plate is from the vehicle he spent most of his childhood in… oh the memories…

up cycled army field desk, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Up cycled Army Field Desk

A friend scored on this curb find with a well traveled Army Field Desk. She requested that it match her office furniture, which was not Army green. This transformation is so chic!

vintage sewing table to nightstand makeover, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Vintage Sewing Table to Nightstand Makeover

I didn’t want to buy a brand new nightstand unless it came with a whole new bedroom set. Since that wasn’t going to happen, I began the year long task of dragging furniture up and down three flight of stairs but nothing worked. Nothing until I tried the vintage sewing table my grandma gave me.

re stain a desk add silver leaf

Re-Stain a Desk + Add Silver Leaf

Bored with your furniture? Why not rework it?

my desk rescue, painted furniture, This sad massive desk was in need of a makeover

My Desk Rescue

I found this solid oak desk in the parking lot at my local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity's building supply). It needed some help, but it was the perfect size for my new office so I took it home. Did I mention it was FREE?! Check out the transformation here and see more photos at

a desk divided, bedroom ideas, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

A Desk Divided

Come see how Kristy from Robb Restyle turned an old desk into two beautiful side tables in Sunday Tea and Bliss!

old file cabinet to classy fabric storage

Old File Cabinet to Classy Fabric Storage

Looking for a way to store all those pieces of fabric you’ve been collecting? Well it ends up a 2 drawer file cabinet might be the answer to your problems! SEE ALL PHOTOS PLUS GET FREE LABELS HERE

floating desk build, home office, painted furniture, tools, woodworking projects

Floating Desk Build

When Steph decided to turn her guest room into an office, it was apparent she needed a new desk. There is a great nook in the room that just cried out for a built in, floating desk. Research on the web showed it was a completely do-able project, so we thought, why not?
We don't necessarily encourage you to use our step by step tutorial but encourage you to study our procedure as a way to education yourself on how to and how not to do things if you decide to build your own floating desk. We are so happy we tried this, we learned so much from it, and are excited to share!
We bought some new materials for this but also reused a lot of materials we had.

from this to that an old desk gets a new life as a kitchen island, kitchen design, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

From This to That - An Old Desk Gets a New Life as a Kitchen Island

Old desk found on Kijiji for $40. It was sturdy with good bones. An additional $40. In materials and a little creative thought, turned it into a Kitchen Island.

make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster

Make a Sewing Machine Cover

Since I inherited my grandmother's old sewing machine and have been sewing a lot more, I've been keeping the machine out between projects. I want to protect it from dust (and cats), so I usually just pop the hard cover it came with over it and let it be. However, the cover isn't anything to write home about. It's bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing, so I decided to make a sewing machine cover so that the machine would look more like a decoration in the room.

vintage green desk makeover, painted furniture, rustic furniture

Vintage Green Desk Makeover

I love living life spontaneously. I have met more people, found more beautiful places, and lived a more joyful life by being free spirited and able to go with the flow. On Sunday my family and I ventured over to St Paul, Minnesota for dinner and on the way I decided last minute that I wanted to swing into a thrift store to look at furniture, because I had that ' I really need to work on something' feeling! I came across this white desk buried amongst other random items, and as soon as I saw it, it was love at first sight, I instantly saw what I would do with it when my eyes came across it in the thrift store.
As silly as it sounds, I had a hard time falling asleep that night because I was so excited to get my hands on this desk and dig into a new project! I woke up early yesterday and started on it, and finished by midnight! This was the first big furniture revival project I have completed in one day, start to finish, which left me feeling really accomplished, motivated for the next project ..and really tired!
This desk & black chair will be on display and for sale at The Living Room Coffee House, located on Cameron Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin , I will be delivering it on Wednesday February 5th.

diy craft table

DIY Craft Table

I am an avid budget friendly DIYer… In fact, I love crafting so much that I decided to turn a hobby into somewhat of a business. The only problem is that my crafting addiction was taking over my home. There were craft supplies on the dining table, on the kitchen counter, in the living room, in the bathtub. Ok, maybe not the bathtub, but literally they were everywhere! I have a spare bedroom that served as storage and that is just no way to live! So I decided I would clean it up and create my very own craft space. I began my project with a DIY craft table!

repurposed desk into chest, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed Desk into Chest

I took apart an old 90's desk, stacked the two pieces into a tall multipurpose chest.

repurposed treadle sewing machine dining table, diy, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

Repurposed Treadle Sewing Machine

I love treadle sewing machines. My mom always had one. We actually used it on occasions too. That bullet shaped bobbin always intrigued me.

coastal style casual desk makeover, chalk paint, painted furniture

Coastal Style Casual Desk Makeover

I recently found this cute desk on Craigslist and couldn't wait to give it a new look! I LOVE all things beachy/coastal so it was easy for me to know what I wanted to do with it!

before after a diy desk makeover from the 1980 s, painted furniture

BEFORE & AFTER: A DIY Desk Makeover From the 1980’s

Please tell me, dear reader, would you have left this piece of wood furniture untouched?
Don’t answer that.
It wasn’t until I was looking at a picture of it and the realization hit me:

diy file cabinet desk, decoupage, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY File Cabinet Desk

I'm here for another round of The Home Depot Gift Challenge! I'm really enjoying teaming up with some of these amazing ladies and really getting my creative juices rolling! In this challenge (if you are new here) we are to take one item from The Home Depot and create something with that item. We are not sponsored by Home Depot; we just love their products and visit them frequently! This month's challenge was all about furniture legs.

desk makeover with menards chalk paint, chalk paint, painted furniture

Desk Makeover With Menards Chalk Paint

When I discovered that Menards carried chalk paint I had to try it out - especially since the price was only $19.97 for a quart. Don't expect this paint to be front and center in the paint department though, you'll have to walk way in back to the end of one of the paint aisles.

vintage school desk gets modern makeover, painted furniture

Vintage School Desk Gets Modern Makeover

During one of my trash picking adventures last summer, I discovered this amazing vintage school desk sitting road side. I absolutely loved the shape of it and could not resist shoving it into my car to take home for a future project.

cricut tabletop makeover

Cricut Tabletop Makeover

I found this cute little table at a garage sale and thought it perfect to hold my Cricut and store my PC underneath at the same time. My Cricut Explore Air is a bluetooth, however the distance and wall were preventing a reliable connection. It needed to be relocated closer to the PC. A small drawer provides even more storage when needed, albeit a little bit of storage. At first, my intention was to simply give it a fresh paint job and put it in place. Boring but functional!!!

from dated desk to french secretary, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

From Dated Desk to French Secretary

Find out how I took a dated desk, added a book shelf, and got this!

ugly industrial file cabinet gets makeover to farmhouse industrial, home office, painted furniture

Ugly Industrial File Cabinet Gets Makeover to Farmhouse Industrial

Basic metal file cabinet gets makeover to farmhouse industrial style cabinet...with the cutest feet!
Needing more filing space for over flowing torn magazine inspiration DIY ideas, I bought an ugly duckling metal cabinet for $12 a our local thrift store.
I have the privilege to join each month, a creative group of bloggers to create themed DIY furniture makeovers. This month was industrial style. Industrial style is new to me and it took the transformations of the group to help me understand and appreciate the industrial revolution happening now.

diy sawhorse desk, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Sawhorse Desk

Just in time for school to start, we created a sawhorse desk for our boys!

the desk that took some taming

The Desk That Took Some Taming

This desk glared at me for months before I decided to tackle it, I should have known it was going to give me a run for my money. I didn't have any firm plan and that was my first mistake.

4 poster bed becomes a desk

4 Poster Bed Becomes a Desk

This could easily be entitled the "transformer desk project" because most people are just stunned when they see how I disassembled an antique bed and created a desk!