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When a DOOR Becomes SO Much MORE!!

My brother in law gave me a door from his rental, knowing I could do something with it. Well challenge accepted! I knew what I wanted to do, so I got started as soon as I could. Though with life and work, it took me a few days longer to finally complete. It wasn't that hard to do, more the cleaning up of things beforehand. Loving the end result May just hang my coat up and sit awhile.......

an old table goes from frightful to delightful with fusion mineral pai

An Old Table Goes From Frightful To Delightful With Fusion Paint!

Do you have old or dreadfully dreary decor in your home? We all have a few pieces that need a good makeover. I’ve been on a mission to transform these old yet still wonderful pieces around my home and every time I transform them, I’m so excited and glad I did!This end table is about 35 years old and it was really starting to show its age. It’s a beautiful and well-made piece, and I knew it was time to give it the makeover it deserved.

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Repurposed Door Hall Tree

Some of you may have tuned in to our Facebook live segment a few weeks ago—if you did, you’ll remember the T-shirt giveaway went to a viewer who suggested I create a hall tree out of an old door we had sitting beside our garage. I have to admit that I had never heard the words “hall” and “tree” together before doing this project, but once I looked it up, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with it. I did all of the prep work for this project but Rob helped me with the construction of it and I’m so pleased with how it came out.

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Upholstered Bench From a Coffee Table

We were given this old dated coffee table from our neighbor. We honestly didn't really know what to do with it until one day The Beard sat on it when we were hanging in the garage and It hit me. Turn it into a bench!

farmhouse style shiplap coat rack

Farmhouse Style Shiplap Coat Rack

Hey hey friends! Who’s ready for another DIY? This one may be a little more involved than my typical DIYs, but definitely worth the effort. I’m going to show you how you can make your very own farmhouse style shiplap coat rack.My husband and I worked on this project together and I’m so pleased with the way it came out. I’m always so impressed with his skills. I love that I can give him a vision for something I want and he brings it to life. Of course, my favorite part was styling it all after it was completed. But working with power tools, is pretty high up there too.

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That Time I SPiT on a Sofa Table...

I am a furniture hoarder... okay i admit it.
If i had the room in my house or garage or had a bigger vehicle to lug around pieces you would probably end up seeing me on an episode of hoarders buried alive. Since i have 2 kids and a small car i find unique ways to bring special treasures home. I found this cute little sofa table online and purchased it for 40$ i seen it and knew exactly what i wanted to do with it. you know that feeling when you look at a project and imagine it in its full glory... that's how i felt about this. This table was my very first SPiT project, a lot of people either love Unicorn SPiT or hate it. I Love it although not every piece done in US is to my taste but that's the great thing about art its is subjective, eye of the beholder kind of thing, which leads me to this sofa table. I love jewel tones i'm a sucker for them and that's just what i had in store for this one!

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Organize Your Entryway in a Day With a Corner Unit

In NYC, every nook and cranny should be utilized! As soon as you walk into this apartment, you're smacked in the face with a long and narrow hallway to your left and the only bathroom directly in front of you. Where do you drop your keys? The mail? Your purse? We hate shoes piling up on the floor more than anything, so we knew we had to come up with something creative. We had a 14" x 12" corner full of valuable real estate, but we knew we couldn't just install boring floating shelves or shop forever for a perfectly-sized, expensive piece of furniture. Reclaimed wood, old spindles, and plumbing fittings and piping would do just the trick. We created a tall corner unit with 5 shelves--perfect for catching those small everyday items that can otherwise make your entryway look cluttered.

farmhouse makeover for a buffet console

Farmhouse Makeover for a Buffet/Console

If you are someone whole loves farmhouse style decor, but don't want to buy new furniture, here's a way to give a farmhouse look to any type of buffet, console, or anything with cabinets.

4 awesome home furnishing hacks using crates

4 Awesome Home Furnishing Hacks Using Crates

Crate are all the rage and chances are that you have at least 1 crate DIY in your home. Here are 4 more that are a MUST.

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Repurposed Washstand Harps

Something I have seen a lot of at auctions, yardsales, estate sales and hiding in barns and buildings I get called to pick. Wash stand harps. I'm always keeping my eyes open for ideas to create. I've seen a few things but this was by far my favourite. A lot of people have those awkward places in their house. Something needs to go there, but nothing is thin enough. Another idea, as a temporary Christmas stocking holder if you have no fireplace. Or, with a mirror, a quick little vanity check at the front door. Quite a few ideas to stem off them really. Now, I'm not saying start pulling these off of antiques. However, if you happen to find some that have lost their bottoms ..... this would be a handy piece to make with them. Fairly simple. Colour the base or leave it original if you like, find the width of the top piece of wood you want to use as a topper, stain it, wax it, paint it, clear coat it, leave it au natural, whatever your home decor calls for. Run a decent strip of adhesive along the "top" of the harp (actually the old bottom) add your piece of wood ... (keep in mind you will need to leave space behind it to accommodate for the width of your baseboards wherever you choose to home it.... ), a few nails or screws down through the wood into the harp, add some tiny L brackets for extra support if you like and you are done. These will need to be attached to your wall to ensure they don't fall over, simply just put an L bracket on the underside of the table top and and attach to your wall. If you can't find a stud, use drywall anchors. That's it. That's all! Easy Peasy!

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Industrial Spool Hall Tree

I wanted to do a hall tree unlike any I had ever come across. We have various sizes of these industrial spools that we do lots of things with. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do and when I told my husband, I got his usual response of "huh?". Boy am I glad he went on this journey with me and so is he!!!

diy sofa table for only 30, painted furniture

DIY Sofa Table for Only $30

Do you ever walk around your house and decide that you need to change things up? Make things like more grown up? Well about two months ago, that was me. I decided that I wanted to make my house look nicer and not as "cutesy". So one particular day I had had enough with some of my decor so I took out a hammer and started taking things down. And I am happy to say that I love the area so much more than I did before!

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Pet Food Storage Solution

She needed something small-ish for her entry, to sit on and store her cats food in. A little finesse here and some pizazz there and BAM! Done and in her new home! A most fabulous lil lassie came into the store and I noticed her looking at a few things but didn't seem to have that AHA moment. I questioned what she was looking for and she said, something to put in my front entry, something I can sit on, but yet hide my cats food in. We sat for a few minutes looking at pieces and pondering and going over decor colours and choices. She wasn't finished the area yet, so opted for natural wood. The measurement of the space was pretty small, so most of the larger things I carry weren't working. She left it with me along with some fabric and I went on the mission. Luckily, I hoard crates! (trunks and crates are my secret obsession) I also have a fab box of cute feet stored in my attic. ( Ok, now that can sound very very weird if not used in context haha) Here is what I came up with. visit us on facebook for our never ending repurposing fun.

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DIY Entryway Bench

After I finished building an entertainment center for my home, I had a lot scrap wood left over. I decided to use some of the leftover wood to make a bench for our entryway.

diy console table

DIY Console Table

This simple console table is beautiful and very easy to build! It's perfect for a small and/or narrow entryway! If you like this project, you can see more easy and affordable DIY project ideas on my blog, Love & Renovations

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Tips & Tricks for Hiding Those Cords

Why would you settle for messy cords around your console or table when you don't have to. A few easy tips can get your space looking clean and beautiful.

restyled bombay console table, painted furniture

Restyled Bombay Console Table

NOTE: This is not an antique and it had a lot of deep scratches in the top because the pine is so soft. I had to patch several deep scratches with putty before priming the top.
I fell in love with with the raised carving on this table, as well as its unique shape. But the finish was dated and reminded me of the 70's and I wanted to give it a new, chic loo

diy shiplap staircase organization bench video

DIY Shiplap-Staircase Organization Bench (VIDEO)

How to build an organization bench with a shiplap wall!

diy console table, diy, painted furniture, woodworking projects

DIY Console Table

I'll tell you what, I'm officially a sucker for leather and amazing table legs. Put those two together and you have a match made in heaven.
The project was so simple. It helped transform a plain, unused corner in to something fun and inviting.

diy french style seat made from two old chairs, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

DIY French Style Seat Made From Two Old Chairs

I created this piece for the I found these two Louis style chairs and turned them into a French style sofa/seat by adding some mdf board and re-upholstering it all. I loved the shape of the chairs and did not want them covered (even though that was initially the plan). I am glad I stuck with the original features and refreshed them a little.

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Building a Hall Tree From a Door & Dresser

I found this $5 little dresser at an estate sale, it was disgustingly gross. It was covered in nasty gunk & smelled so awful.

build a modern coat rack

Build a Modern Coat Rack

Here is a modern piano-style coat rack I built using Walnut

hall tree, diy, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Hall Tree

A friend asked me to build her a hall tree. We could not find a door that she liked, so I built it from scratch. Once painted, she wanted it antiqued.
I started with rough cut lumber and cabinet grade plywood for the base. I used bead board from Lowes for the back. I'm pretty happy with it, and I think she is too.

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Creative Pantry Solution for Small Spaces

My sister recently moved into a new home. It's slightly smaller than their previous home, which means less storage space. The major kitchen dilemma is it's lacking a proper pantry. After analyzing the space, she determined the best option was to utilize the Mud Room, located off the kitchen, for extra storage space. She found this old storage locker at a vintage store for $30

35 thrift store find to front porch decor annie sloan chalk paint, chalk paint, curb appeal, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Old White in it s new spot on the front porch

$35 Thrift Store Find to Front Porch Decor (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®}

I came across this super heavy, solid hall tree in pretty great shape....just very outdated. Orangy oak and tarnished brass hardware. $35...sold. I didn't originally intend for it to go on the front porch...but it ended up there! And it's a great addition to the ever evolving front porch.
****This is not an antique piece of furniture. It is a repro from the late 70's/early 80's.****
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