endtable facelift

EndTable Facelift...

I picked up these gorgeous end tables because.. of, uh, THAT DETAIL! I saw so much potential in them.

stunning outdoor sofa refresh with shibori

Stunning Outdoor Sofa Refresh With Shibori (Indigo) Dyeing.

One of my favourite places in the summer is the outdoor sofa in my back garden. When l get 10mins to myself I love to just lounge on it sipping cocktails and flicking through interiors magazines.My sofa is an Ikea Ammero which has lasted really well considering it's had to put up with the unpredictable British weather for 7 years. However even though I store away the cushions in the winter they were looking rather grubby and ready for a refresh.

re uphostered, diy, home decor, repurposing upcycling

From Old And Faded To New And Fabulous Recovered Ottoman

I was looking for an ottoman for the family room area in the basement but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I had also stayed away from ottomans that had piping sewn in because I thought in order to reupholster a piece of furniture like this I had to include the piping and I was not interested in doing all of that extra work.

tired old bench, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, Ta Dah

Tired Old Bench

I bought this bench in my local supermarket 12 years ago.
The weather and the dampness of the area took its toll on the wood.

ice dyed linen beach picnic blanket, crafts, how to, outdoor living, reupholster

Why Everyone's Copying This Ice Dye Technique

I confess I am a textile addict. Last year I found myself toting a crappy old sheet to the beach or to the park and this year I decided to do something about it! I had seen a couple of pictures floating around online of ice dyed pieces and thought it would give a nice finish to some linen fabric to make a light and easy carry-along blanket or throw. The ice and the dye really do all the crazy work for this easy and addictive dye technique.

cooler sidetable

Side Table With Bonus Cooler!

I am super excited about this project and can't wait to share it with you. This is an easy and inexpensive side table that doubles as a cooler! So useful and the best part is that you can take it with you - football games, parties, camping, etc. You can see more of my crazy creations here

look how adorable this wooden stool is now

Look How Adorable This Wooden Stool Is Now!

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to updating an old wooden stool because it's easy to give your wooden furniture a new life with some paint and our stencil patterns. Today we're sharing a DIY stenciled wooden stool makeover using our Summer Blossom Flower Stencil one of our NEW Flower Stencil Patterns.

refinishing bar stools to look new again

Refinishing Bar Stools to Look New Again

We inherited these hunter green bars stools from a house we bought and then later sold. I’ve wanted to refinish them ever since, and I finally did it! Here is how….

diy pallet furniture, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, pallet

DIY Pallet Furniture

One of my favorite things about our house is the fenced in back yard and patio with a carport roof above. My husband and I spend many evenings sitting outside on our patio enjoying the Texas weather, before it gets too hot. We love to entertain, and I had bought a little patio seating set last year but it only seats 4 and most times we have more people over then that. That’s where this project was birthed from and here is how I did it.

revamping pation chairs

Revamping Patio Chairs

The other day I was given two old patio chairs by a friend who didn't want them anymore as they had rusted very badly and she wanted to purchase some smaller chairs for her balcony as she doesn't have that much space. She knew I could revamp them and that we had plenty of space for them around our villa, so gave them to me.

diy weathered wood picnic table, outdoor furniture, painted furniture

DIY Weathered Wood Picnic Table

I gave a rustic weathered wood finish to a $100 Lowes picnic table. Making it go from plain and ordinary to refined and beautiful.

outdoor beach bed

Outdoor Beach Bed

I didn’t have the money to spend $2k on one of those fancy outdoor beach beds, so I built my own!

grill cart makeover, chalk paint, outdoor furniture, painted furniture

Garage Sale Grill Cart Makeover - A Real Trash to Treasure!

For the first time ever, Hubby actually encouraged me to go garage saleing -- he wanted a grill cart, but didn't want to pay retail prices -- I gladly accepted the challenge!

revamping grandma s cart

Restoring Grandma's Cart

This cart belonged to my grandma. It's been inside, outside, rained on, snowed on, and thanks to the dogs, has been pottied on. I've been hauling it around for fifteen years with the goal of restoring it. I ignored (several times) being told to trash it. Here goes.

diy pallet coffee table, painted furniture, pallet

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

I know many of you have seen and probably coveted the old rail carts that everyone is using for coffee tables, but if you can't afford the real thing why not make one!?
Here' an old tutorial I pulled up with some updated photos on how to make a pallet coffee table.

ghost lamp shades i have been told , lighting, window treatments, windows

Ghost Lamp Shades.... I Have Been Told.

When I picked up these 2 ghost lamp shades(that's what someone told me what they are called. I thought it was something like "skeleton"lamp shade, haha), they didn't look like this. Well, I forgot to take a picture of "real" before. Coincidentally, I found an internet image that looked like the way it was when I saw them. What are the chances??!

wooden bench upcycle

Wooden Bench Upcycle

I got this wooden bench from a thrift store but it didn't match my home's colors. I knew it was time to upcycle it using a wood grain tool and a stencil. You can see more of my crazy creations here

diy firewood and kindling storage, diy, outdoor furniture, rustic furniture, seasonal holiday decor, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Firewood and Kindling Storage

I wanted a firewood rack to match the corner bench I made and to continue with my plan to create an inviting front porch. Here's what I came up with!

easy ish garden seat bench tree protector

Easy(ish) Garden Seat / Bench / Tree Protector

You can never have too much garden seating, and my wife had planted some fruit trees (Grapefruit, plum and Banana), which were often run into by our clumsy dogs. So as I had a couple of hours to spare and a fair bit of timber left over from other projects* -- here we go* I am terrible at estimating how much wood I need for doing things and always order too much

iron bench table into chair ottoman, how to, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Iron Bench & Table Into Chair & Ottoman

This past weekend I was able to do a little hocus pocus and turned an old, dilapidated iron bench and table thingy into a pretty magical chair and ottoman. This set was generously given to me by a good friend. (Thank you, Kirk!)

monday makeover, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture

Monday Makeover

I’ve had this bistro set for about 14 years. I was going to sell it at the yard sale but decided not to – glad I didn’t. Here is the table.. before

weatherproof outdoor pillows

Weatherproof Outdoor Pillows

These pillows are inexpensive, easy, can be adjusted to any size, great for decor and kid fun, and they are weather resistant! I'm going to show you how to make a size for a chair, but think of how kids would love a big yard sized one! That will be one of my next projects - all the fun they'll have. You can see more of my crazy creations here

pebble topped five gallon bucket table

Pebble Topped Five Gallon Bucket Table

I already made one of these little tables with Dollar Store glass gems and it came out colorful and blingy. I knew I wanted to make one with a pebble top and pallet boards and boy, am I happy with the way it came out!!

faux fur foot stool

Faux Fur Foot Stool

You've probably noticed how hot Mongolian fur (or faux fur) is in the interior design world right now. It's popping up at all of the high-end stores, in designer pillows, rugs and foot stools. I fell head-over-heels in love with the footstools at West Elm, but didn't love the price that came along with it. So, what's every DIYer to do? Make it for much less of course! This one is SO simple and inexpensive, you just have to give this trendy project a try.

diy vintage fur ottoman from an old cable spool, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY Vintage Fur Ottoman From an Old Cable Spool!

We have been wanting a small foot rest or ottoman for our sun room for a while. Recently, fur ottomans have been popping up all over the place - but they can be pricey. So when I found this old tattered (real!) fur coat at the thrift shop for $8, I snapped it up.