window box cheap hack, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling, add plants and mulch

Window Box Cheap Hack

if you don't want to go and buy liner from your plant store to hold soil and plants in a window box...

repurposed vanity, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed Vanity

A freebie transformed into a potting bench

growing in containers, container gardening, gardening

growing in containers

this wood platform collects all the water that drains out of the bottom and waters another plant in...

baking tin herb planter

Baking Tin Herb Planter

I like to collect baking tins…. Large ones, small ones, round ones, square ones, pastry ones. I like...

diy cute pots

DIY Cute Pots

Hey everyone! I whipped up the cutest little pots this weekend! I was feeling the January blahs this...

succulent ice cube tray, gardening, repurposing upcycling, succulents

Succulent Ice Cube Tray

Found this vintage GE Ice Cube tray at a thrift store. Do you remember these old trays?They made the...

diy watercolor sharpie planter, container gardening, crafts, painting

DIY Watercolor Sharpie Planter

When it was time for another Monthly DIY Challenge with my blog friends, I had to get super...

diy gnome garden, gardening

DIY Gnome Garden

I will show you how we made a gnome garden from start to finish!

modern planter box, gardening

Modern Planter

For this project, I'm going to make a modern planter. Feel free to make this box as big or small as...

new look for an old basket, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling

New Look for an Old Basket

Need a quick front porch project…
Got any old baskets lying around the house?

a vegetable and herb planter pretty enough for the front door, container gardening, flowers, gardening, outdoor living, There is no reason to think a beautiful container garden has to be limited to flowers Vegetables and herbs and be just as head turning

A Vegetable and Herb Planter Pretty Enough for the Front Door!

Learn how to plant a mixture of edible and ornamentals to create a beautiful display. The wonderful...

upcycled chair to planter a place to plant yourself

Upcycled Chair to Planter: A Place to Plant Yourself!

On our local Garden Walk, my daughters especially loved the planters made from old chairs. So I...

how to create a succulent monogram wreath, flowers, gardening, succulents, A listing of the succulents that I used for this project

How to Create a Succulent Monogram Wreath

Hey guys!
I wanted to drop in and show a quick tutorial for these beautiful monogrammed succulent

how to build a composting system from pallets, composting, diy, gardening, go green, how to, pallet, repurposing upcycling, A two bin system allows for piling kitchen and yard waste on one side to decompose and storing the finished compost on the other side

How to Build a Composting System from Pallets

After seeing countless photos of these systems on Pinterest and in the blogosphere, we finally got...

reclaimed wood planter, container gardening, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Reclaimed Wood Planter

Sometimes a unique kitchen catch all can be quite the farmhouse style with next to nothing for cost!...

diy wine bottle waterer for potted plants, gardening

DIY Wine Bottle Waterer for Potted Plants

Living in wine country means, with great certainty, that one has a decent stockpile of wine bottles....

turn plain flower pots into cute ones

Turn Plain Flower Pots Into Cute Ones

Do you have some flower pots lying round that are not exactly pretty? I have several: some are...

plastic bottle planter wreath, container gardening, crafts, flowers, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling, wreaths

Plastic Bottle Wreath

After making a few Plastic Bottle Planters,,...

diy succulent garden tutorial, diy, gardening, home decor, succulents

DIY Succulent Garden

I don't know about you, but I LOVE me some adorable succulents displayed in the house, especially...

how to make a diy flower tower for your backyard or porch, container gardening, diy, flowers, gardening, how to, Petunia flower tower it will look even better when the flowers fill in I used an inexpensive plastic pot for this project

How to Make a DIY Flower Tower for Your Backyard or Porch

On the blog today, I share how to make your own beautiful flower tower for your patio or porch. The...

indoor gardening filing cabinet makeover, gardening, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design

Indoor Gardening: Filing Cabinet Makeover

You can't have too many indoor plants during the winter time! They remind us of the new life and...

diy raised garden bed, diy, gardening, raised garden beds, woodworking projects, Plant your favorite veggies and herbs

DIY Raised Garden Bed

Growing up, my parents had a huge garden. Summer evenings had us picking corn, green beans,...

my garden spill pot, gardening

My garden Spill Pot

Great use for a broken pot - just lay it on it's side add soil & plants... & watch plants grow :)

drip paint pottery, crafts, See more pics and the step by step at

Drip Paint Pottery

Striking and graphic pots just by dripping paint over the sides. You'll love this craft! :)