got hill no problem, landscape, outdoor living, ponds water features, The Manin Attraction is 16 above the patio level


If you are lucky enough to have a slope on your property and fortunate if it is in your backyard, transforming it is what we do.........enjoy

water feature pump winter storage tip, home maintenance repairs, ponds water features, Store Pump in the basement or in a location where it will not freeze Once you find a good location for your Water Feature or Pond Pump make sure the bucket is filled all the way with water cover with plastic wrap and you are done

Water Feature, Fountain or Pond Pump: Winter Storage Tip

It is a good idea to remove your Water Feature or Pond Pump for the winter. It is possible that water has traveled inside the pump and if it freezes and expands, this is very bad. To keep the water from evaporating, cover the bucket with plastic wrap.

raised beds and matching pool shed

Raised Beds and Matching Pool Shed

In an effort to be more earth friendly, our goal was to garden as much as possible (in our already full yard) and make it look good, too. Last spring we added a wooden cover for our pool equipment. Initially we added it for aesthetic purposes but realized how much sun the equipment gets (we're in TX!) and how hard that is on the system - so turned out to be very functional. After a few years of so so crops in the ground (it's red clay), we decided that raised beds were the way to go and wanted them to match the pool shed.Before you get started the first step is to collect lawn trimmings and branches - this is what will fill the bottom half of your raised beds...we collected for an entire season to fill all of these beds. This will compost over time and save you alot of money on soil/compost.

water features big and small to inspire you, gardening, landscape, ponds water features

Water Features Big and Small to Inspire You

In this post I have a wide variety of water features to inspire you.
Find additional pictures to pin here:

how to build a window box, container gardening, curb appeal, gardening, how to, woodworking projects

How to Build a Window Box

My husband and I participated in an exterior home makeover sponsored by Lowe's, and we built some window boxes for the homeowner. I wanted to share with you some of the details of this project!

make your pallet sofa for less than

Check Out Our XL and DIY Pallet Sofa to Relax Outside....

As you can see this couch is perfect for outside, and the fact that I have it since 5 year can really unsure you that it’s a long term DIY. Here I will show you the evolution in this project and what I have been able to do each year. Believe me this is the type of project you will enjoy doing in your garden (specially when it bring so much joy in your family) the color really brings another atmosphere at homeCheck out our video for more and feel free to share this article to support our other idea of housing!!!!

diy watermelon rope swing, crafts, how to, outdoor living, porches, seasonal holiday decor, woodworking projects

Watermelon Rope Swing

I've been wanting a rope swing in our yard for years and now we finally have one! Using a pre-cut wood round that I braced for extra strength and painted to add a little extra fun!

camellia sasanqua shishi gashira is one of my favorite camellias because it blooms, flowers, gardening, Camellia sasanqua Shishi Gashira a prolific winter bloomer

Camellia sasanqua 'shishi gashira' is one of my favorite camellias because it blooms in December, January and sometimes

into February, adding a lovely bright color to the garden when there's usually nothing else blooming. Unlike most sasanquas, it has a dwarf, spreading habit reaching from 3.5'- 6' tall and wide. My mature Shishi Gashira is on the small side because I prune it once a year, immediately after blooming, to keep it full and compact. My neighbor's which was planted at the same time but has never been pruned, is the larger size and more wispy. I find a place for this plant in most of my designs. I love that it's also winter hardy and can be used in a part sun/part shade location.

paint bucket water feature, home maintenance repairs, ponds water features

Paint Bucket Water Feature

My husband always wanted to create one of those floating water features where the tap is magically suspended above a watering can. He bought some of the supplies, but that's as far as he got. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on his stash and decided to order a pump so I could make it for him.

from lawn to vegetable garden

From Lawn to Vegetable Garden

We decided to go with a much bigger vegetable garden this year and after all of the hungry critters last year we knew we needed a fence. We picked a flat, sunny, well-drained 20x20 ft square and staked it out. Fortunately we have been able to use Will's parents' tiller since it works with our little 1980s John Deere, which never ceases to amaze me with how capable and industrious it is! Best Craigslist purchase ever... except maybe my car, but that's another story.

easy amazing diy modern plant wall

Easy & Amazing DIY Modern Plant Wall

So what do you do when your budget is limited, your backyard is small and boring, and you long for that cool “Dwell” high end vibe? You do this. Best. Project. Ever. This DIY modern plant wall just may be our proudest DIY moment yet! And it was easy. Be sure to click through for the entire tutorial at the end!

how to build a fairy garden waterfall with foam in a can, gardening, how to, ponds water features

How to Build a Fairy Garden Waterfall With Foam In A Can

I love Fairy Gardens so I wanted to build a waterfall and make it magical. I bought some cans of fire retardant Great Stuff and made it happen :-)

painted stepping stones

Painted Flagstones on Concrete, Stepping Stones

I painted flagstones on my concrete sidewalk. Adds so much to the look of the house.

4 gorgeous string light ideas to light up any room in your home

4 Gorgeous String Light Ideas to Light up Any Room in Your Home.

Got your old Christmas lights lying around? Here are 4 ideas for how to turn them into the coolest decor!

pondless waterfall build, outdoor living, ponds water features

Pondless Waterfall Build

A few pics of a recent Pondless Waterfall build. Pondless Waterfalls are a great way to enjoy the sight and sound of a water feature without the maintenance and up keep of ecosystem pond. They can be built to any size, shape, or length, and even be incorporated in rain water harvesting systems.

ponds pondless waterfall koi ponds outdoor living water features water gardening, outdoor living, ponds water features, The finished product A wonderful Pondless Waterfall to accent your yard

Ponds, Pondless Waterfall, Koi Ponds, Outdoor Living, Water Features, Water Gardening

A Pondless Waterfall is perfect for families with small children, or for someone who doesn't want the upkeep of the pond addition. The sound of rushing water is relaxing and the view isn't too bad either! If you are in the Central KY area give us a call! 888-297-6637
To see more, click here:

screen doors screen , doors, Privacy and Pizzaz

Screen Doors Screen!

Used old screen doors on a project to add a little privacy behind our hammock area.

my biggest landscaping project ever part 2, landscape

My Biggest Landscaping Project EVER. Part 2

Since deciding in 2013 to build our own home and home site we have been busy..

turn a meh corner garden corner into a wow in 6 easy steps, gardening, landscape, And here it is

Turn a Meh Corner Garden Corner Into a Wow in 6 Easy Steps

Once upon a time this used to be my favorite corner: a small herb garden, where I grew plants for cooking and herbal concoctions. There was rosemary and thyme, sage, mint and lavender. And plenty of flowers.
But a few years of neglect and a termite nest-we have subterranean termites, the exterminator explained-turned a beautiful corner into an eyesore.
Until now.

townhouse muddy mess to secret garden, how to, landscape

Townhouse Muddy Mess to Secret Garden

We bought our townhouse 7 years ago and every year from spring through fall every time it rained we had to dodge a muddy mess to get from our deck to our driveway. We got several bids from professional landscapers ranging from $3500 up to $7500 for a deluxe flagstone design that was gorgeous but way out of our ballpark!

keep your pets water cool

Keep Your Pets Water Cool

With summer temperatures reaching into the high nineties this summer has become critical to make sure my pets have cool fountain water to drink. I had been adding ice to the water several times a day. During a rainy day recently I discovered that my large umbrella was dent and once I put it up it would not come back down. I left it on the porch for disposal, several days past and while I was checking the pet’s water I noted the umbrella and thought why not use it for shade above the fountain. If water has shade it will stay much cooler. I cut off milk jug, used Goo Gone to remove the label and washed it in Dawn dish liquid. Next I placed the umbrella in the empty jug and filled the jug with gravel, which I washed clean of dirt and debris. My pets are small making the height of the umbrella just perfect for them. The cover of the umbrella is still in good shape, no holes, rips or tears so I feel it was a good environmental friendly choice to recycle it, rather send it to the landfill. My pets love it! The cat climbs around the edge of the fountain under the umbrella and drinks from the upper level of the fountain. Cats certainly are smart animals.

got cracks fill em, gardening, landscape, Looking down the stone stair and loving the Irish Moss and sedum in the cracks These had been planted a year or so ago and were spreading nicely

Got Cracks? Fill 'em

Placing Irish Moss, Thyme and sedum on a stone stairway.

diy umbrella planter, flowers, gardening, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture

DIY Umbrella Planter

Are you tired of your potted flowers always having to sit off-centered on your outdoor table because the umbrella pole is in the way? Me too! I decided to solve that problem by making my own umbrella planter!

just wanted to share a photo of the fountain i made using rhurbarb leaves, gardening, Photo of my water fountain made using Rhubarb Leaves

Just wanted to share a photo of the Fountain I made using Rhurbarb leaves.

I used 2 different size Rhubarb Leaves, but they need to be large.
You will need a large table, large pieces of plastic. Play sand I am not sure how much, but a large bag. Place the plastic bag flat on the table. Take the sand and form it making a dome. It will need to be enough for the leaf to cover. Sand should be heaved up in the center.
Place the leaf over the sand, leaf should be out to the edge of the sand. Place leaf so that you are looking at the veins. Vein side up. If you tear it you can patch with another leaf. You will notice in the center of my picture Ii have an indention in mine. You don't have to do this step but I made these as butterfly puddler's and this held the sand. If you want to do this step I used a small round plastic butterbowl, and cut a round hole in the leaf towards the top of the leaf, and pressed the bowl into the sand to form the indention. Make sure you cut the leaf to fit the bowl only, and no more.

updating front entrance with flagstone, concrete masonry, curb appeal, landscape, stairs

Updating Front Entrance With Flagstone

My neighbor, who is a true artisan stonemason from Portugal, offered to update my front entrance with flagstone. Since he and his wife moved next door to me, he has transformed his home into a one of a kind beauty that includes a stone patio, fountain, walkway, and beautiful landscaping with a stacked stone wall. So naturally I jumped at the offer since I had been concerned about a crack around my steps getting bigger (the builder said they wouldn't fix small cracks such as this) as the house continues to settle.