planter repair and new home, Blue really updated them

Planter Repair and New Home

Well, Spring is here and we have been getting some great weather. time to think about sprucing up the yard. My son’s friend was here and had these in the back of his truck. Of course I asked what he was doing with them ‘Oh gonna Trash them one of them is blown out on the side” he graciously gave them to me rather than find a way to get rid of them. That is how I got started with this project. With a little all purpose gorilla glue some tooth picks, henry’s Lightweight concrete and paint I had a vision and it was easy.

quick and easy curb appeal

Quick and Easy Curb Appeal

What can you make with a $2 ladder, $6 worth of flowers, and purses by the pound? A very bright, eye-catching display to brighten the front of my home! This past winter has been so long and so cold, most of my plants froze to death, despite my taking precautions such as wrapping them in lights and putting cuttings in water in the house. I desperately needed some life and color to add to the curb appeal until the native plants grow back.

summer container planting, container gardening, flowers, gardening, hydrangea

Summer Container Planting

This pot is planted with an Endless Summer hydrangea and surrounded by light and dark lobelia and ultra lilac petunia

diy crackle painting a terracotta pot

DIY Crackle Painting a Terracotta Pot

This will be my first attempt at doing this.I hope it works out.You can do this with anything like furniture,pots,bottles,vases.Im starting with a pot.Supplies you’ll need.1)2 colours of acrylic paint.Your preference of colours.I chose white and black.2)Paint brush3)Crackle medium4)Varnish to seal the paint5)Terracotta Pot

potted planters with personality

Potted Planters With Personality

Summer is here and I love to have potted plants on the deck and by the front door but wanted something different than the boring terracotta pots so this is what I did.

5 diy concrete plant stand, concrete masonry, container gardening, diy, gardening, how to

$5 DIY Concrete Plant Stand

After browsing Pinterest for awhile one day, I came across this video on how to make a concrete stool for only $5. Say what?! So, I attempted it myself. We didn't need a stool, but we needed a cute plant stand on our porch. I was skeptical of how well it would actually work, but I was incredibly thrilled with how it came out!!

kokedama from plant cuttings, container gardening, gardening

Kokedama From Plant Cuttings

After recently pruning my pothos houseplant, I looked down at the pile of cuttings, and hating to throw them away, thought it would be a great opportunity to root them and try my hand at kokedama. Kokedama, which translates to moss ball, is a traditional Japanese garden art form. Forgoing the pot, plants are grown in a ball of soil that is covered with moss and wrapped with string. Kokedama can be displayed on a stand or plate, or suspended to create gorgeous string gardens.
As it turned out, kokedama are easier to make than I imagined they would be. It's a great project for those on a budget because the cuttings are free and there's no need to buy an expensive flowerpot. And if you are lucky enough to have moss growing in your yard, it costs next to nothing!

monogrammed summer pots, crafts, decoupage, outdoor living

Monogrammed Summer Pots

I decorated these pots with colorful fabrics and mod podge! I even monogrammed one with vinyl from my Silhouette machine. It is so easy to spruce up your pots for the summer!

diy hanging planter, container gardening, crafts, gardening, how to

DIY Hanging Planter

This super simple project transformed boring, frumpy plastic hanging planters (that I picked up for $3 each at my local hardware store) into hanging planters that are more my style! The whole project only took a couple hours – and I’m in love with how they turned out!

may day flower basket

May Day Flower Basket

Happy May Day! Spring is in full bloom and whether you’re decorating with faux flowers or fresh ones, May Day has always been a day to show off some floral decor. I found a long wall basket at Goodwill recently and even though it was black and not at all spring like, I knew all it needed was a couple of coats of paint and some pretty flowers to have a perfect May Day Flower Basket.

diy hanging succulent planter

DIY Hanging Succulent Planter

Use a dollar store bowl, embroidery hoop, and cord to create this trendy hanging succulent planter.

hanging basket how to, container gardening, gardening, how to

Hanging Basket How-To

As the weather begins to warm up, more time is spent outside enjoying the great outdoors. Just as you add beautiful decor and floral arrangements inside your home, why not spruce up your yard or patio with some beautiful hanging plants? They add visual interest and a pop of color to any outdoor space. Hanging baskets are so easy to put together and a great way to incorporate your own personal style. Doing it yourself is not only simple, but you have more quality control than the ones you pick out at a garden center. You can mix and match color combinations, textures and different heights.

rag painted terra cotta planters

Rag Painted Terra Cotta Planters

Rag Painting Terra Cotta Planters using Decor Art Outdoor Patio Paint. This is an easy and fun project.

up styling a painted terracotta pot into a faux concrete pot, concrete masonry

Up-styling a Painted Terracotta Pot Into a Faux Concrete Pot

I had this old blue terracotta pot sitting in my workshop that I used for holding water to wash my paint brushes and I had an idea one day to give it a bit of a facelift ...

how to make a raised planter box


I have made a few planters, but this is by far my favorite one.This could be made for interior or exterior. Since this was made for indoors I used pond liner and a plastic planter box. I used pine lumber, so I didn't want the lumber to have direct contact with the soil. For exterior use, my suggestion would be to use Cedar lumber, this is common for exterior planter box and it's ok to have direct contact with soil. Of course, any protection wouldn't hurt. Cedar is also known for repelling some insects.Although the stand looks like metal, this is all made from wood. I used select pine and pine common board.

fast easy indoor miniature garden ideas for the black thumb, crafts, gardening, home decor, Turn a cache pot and a bowl into something green and growing

Fast & Easy Indoor Miniature Garden Ideas for the Black Thumb

We reinvented the cache-pot to include our miniature gardening! Here's part one, click into the blog for more details!

turn an old wood bowl into a hanging plant shelf, container gardening, gardening, painting

Turn an Old Wood Bowl Into a Hanging Plant Shelf

I found an old wood bowl at the thrift store earlier int he summer. One of those dime a dozen bowls, nothing really special. It was $2! I bought it, but wasn't sure what I planned to do with it. I didn't need a large wood bowl, but I figured I'd come up with something eventually.

trash can flower pot planters

Trash Can Flower Pot Planters

Need a large planter, but don't want to spend a fortune? I hear ya! Large flower pots and planters can be costly, but trash cans aren't. Here's how to turn a cheap trash can into a gorgeous large flower pot or patio planter.

turn your wicker basket into a hypertufa concrete garden basket, concrete masonry, container gardening, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Turn Your Wicker Basket Into a Hypertufa Concrete Garden Basket

I sometimes collect baskets to put pots in my garden. Unfortunately they do not last but one season because wicker rots out in the weather. I do not know why I did not do this sooner but here is my solution for any of those $1 wicker baskets you find at garage/yard sales-
Dip them in hypertufa (or concrete) and turn them into garden planters and baskets. There are steps to follow and you need to find baskets that will soak up water to make this work. I did 3 baskets and now I am going to hunt garage sales for more!
Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

window box cheap hack, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling, add plants and mulch

Window Box Cheap Hack

if you don't want to go and buy liner from your plant store to hold soil and plants in a window box just use a giveaway fabric bag!

how to turn a plastic frame into a plant holder, gardening, how to

How to Turn a Plastic Frame Into a Plant Holder

Have a plant that you wish to hang without having to macrame or drill wood for shelf? See how I repurpose an old plastic frame to make a plant holder that takes only a few easy steps to make one for less than $5

pedestal gardening

Pedestal Gardening

This is the time of year I'm always itching to get some outdoor DIY projects done. Here in the deep south, the azaleas and Bradford pears are in full bloom so, regardless of what the calendar's planting time!

a flower pot with sweater, container gardening, crafts, repurposing upcycling

A Flower Pot With Sweater

An apartment without plants is unimaginable for me but even as a child I realized early that I dont have the green thumb. Amazingly, there are many plants that enjoy first drying up regularly followed by having their own small lakes in the pot in which they can swim until the roots rot away. Despite my bad habit, it grows and prospers in my apartment and as a result (and because there are so many pretty cheap pots to buy at flea markets) I have a pretty impressive collection of flower pots.
But since I only have limited storage space, I reckoned that my solution could possibly be not to buy new pots but instead to sew covers for my pots out of sweaters that I can change any time depending on the colors of the plant, season and interior design.

diy moss planter terra cotta pots

DIY Moss Planter-Terra Cotta Pots

I love all the moss covered items I've seen lately and knew I could create something rather than buying it.

distressed stamped d cor pots, crafts, how to

Distressed Stamped Décor Pots...

Distressed with white paint, and stamped with cute pictures, these DIY décor pots, are fabulous for holding bits and bobs.