how to grow tomatoes in a bucket on your patio, decks, gardening, homesteading, how to, patio, The Tomato Bucket Planters

Grow Tomatoes In A Bucket On Your Patio

What began as a little experiment to grow a few salad tomatoes at the house has turned into one of...

transitioning in the fall garden easy to grow fall garden plants

Transitioning in the Fall Garden! Easy to Grow Fall Garden Plants

Fall has long been one of my favorite seasons. While I do love the heat and excitement of the...

how to build the ultimate tomato cage for under 2 the stake a cage, gardening, The cages holding our Roma Tomatoes nicely

How To Build The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2....The...

You may chuckle at the name - but "Stake-A-Cage" really is the best way to describe the trellis...

growing white pumpkins, gardening, Pumpkins need at least 90 100 days to grow and mature

Growing White Pumpkins

White pumpkins have become very popular in decorating for fall, but they can be hard to find and...

following up on straw bale gardening, gardening, Peppers planted in late June

Does Straw Bale Gardening Really Work?

In late June we did an article on Straw Bale Gardening. We published it on Hometalk and it generated...

garden transition to fall and preparing for next spring

Garden Transition to Fall and Preparing for Next Spring

The summer heat has taken its toll on the garden, and now that Labor Day is past, it is time to...

how to transplant heirloom tomato plants into the ground, gardening

How to Transplant Heirloom Tomato Plants Into the Ground

Tomatoes are a warm weather crop; they do not tolerate frost and do not like cold, wet weather...

how to save heirloom tomato seeds, gardening, Step 1 pick out the very best tomatoes for seeds that will make the very best tomatoes

How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving heirloom tomato seeds brings back those memories of science classes. The seeds can't be just...

sweeten your tomatoes with baking soda, gardening

Sweeten Your Tomatoes With Baking Soda.

Want to grow the sweetest tomatoes around? Use baking soda near your plants in the garden.

re growing celery from celery, gardening, How to grow celery from celery

Re-growing Celery from Celery

Have you heard of Re-growing Celery from Celery?
I LOVE this idea for my garden! Did you know that

how to grow asparagus, gardening, There is nothing like fresh picked asparagus from the garden

How To Grow Asparagus

There is nothing like having fresh asparagus from your own garden! Asparagus is just one of those...

yogurt container make perfect tomato planters, container gardening, gardening, All grown and ready to go into the ground

Yogurt Container Make Perfect Tomato Planters

For tomatoes (and peppers too) I like the (free) yogurt containers. It seems like they have the...

how to grow popcorn shoots, how to

How to Grow Popcorn Shoots

The decision to garden in the winter is an easy one to make. It requires very little time, space and...

growing tomatoes in five gallon buckets, gardening, These plants are on my deck easy access to my water hose but don t over water Tomatoes are sweeter when they are in dryer soil

Growing Tomatoes in Five Gallon Buckets

Whether rich or poor or experiencing drought or heavy rains, you can grow tomatoes in a five-gallon...

how to grow cucumbers on a trellis small space gardening, gardening

How To Grow Cucumbers On A Trellis - Small Space Gardening

Simple way to keeping vining cucumber plants contained in a small garden.

growing rainbow carrots from seed to harvest in raised planters

Growing Rainbow Carrots From Seed to Harvest In Raised Planters

I love to grow carrots and this year I planted rainbow carrots. I have raised beds in my backyard...

use reusable grocery bags to grow potatoes, gardening, Roll down sides to allow sun and rain to reach potatoes

Use Reusable Grocery Bags to Grow Potatoes

When I discovered that the potato grow bags cost $20 each I decided to try using my old reusable...

frustrated with staking or caging your tomatoes try this, gardening, The staking system makes it easy to pick and tie up tomatoes and keeps your garden looking neat and clean

Frustrated with staking or caging your tomatoes? Try this!

Over the years we have tried several methods of staking and tying up our tomatoes. We are now at...

grow spinach indoors in winter, gardening

Grow Spinach Indoors in Winter

We grew spinach in window boxes indoors all winter long. It's so easy anyone can succeed at it!

the keys to growing great tomatoes, gardening, A bowl of Amish Paste Tomatoes

The Keys To Growing Great Tomatoes!

Whether you have grown a garden for years, or will be planting your first this season – chances are...

transform a 5 gallon bucket into a tomato planter

Transform a 5 Gallon Bucket Into a Tomato Planter

My husband had a set of 5, 5-gallon buckets stacked in the corner of the garage. Which piqued my...

diy tomato cage plant stands

DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stands

This is one of the EASIEST projects I've ever done, and it only costs a few dollars. I needed a good...

tomato planters from 5 gallon buckets, container gardening, gardening, how to

Tomato Planters From 5 Gallon Buckets

I’ve never been much of a gardener. Nope, neither of my thumbs are green and I’ve come to terms...

2 garden gathering basket

$2 Garden Gathering Basket

Gather your garden goodies and wash them with this easy Dollar Store hack!

how to wash tomatoes, gardening, how to

How to Wash Tomatoes

What do you do when you are given a large amount of tomatoes?
I usually grow my own tomatoes and