self watering concrete planter

Self Watering Concrete Planter

We can’t keep plants alive. So today we’re making a DIY concrete self-watering planter in the hopes that the plants will take care of themselves haha.

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Using Grey Water to Sustain Your Landscape

Having lived in California my whole life, I've learned the words "water conservation" and "drought" many times here. It's something I remember my parents talking to us kids about when I grew up in Northern California. I remember that we only flushed after going "number 2", otherwise, you just left it in there and flushed at the end of the day so we wouldn't waste water. We couldn't run the water while brushing our teeth. It didn't seem horrible - just being careful with water. Now I live in Southern California, where we have even less rain than Northern California, and a drier climate. This year, they are saying is the worst drought in recorded history in the state of California - which may not bother you, but guess what? You probably get a LOT of your food from California. So, our decision to "go native" and plant a drought tolerant front yard couldn't have come at a better time! But, we've recently discovered something else - grey water. Do you know what that is?
Grey water is the water that comes from your washing machine, kitchen sink drain, bathroom sink drain, or showers and bathtub drains. It's not sewage, just dirty water. Plants can handle grey water - alongside regular watering. I wouldn't recommend it for an edible garden {unless you have set up a very careful system that doesn't touch any fruits/veggies}, but it works great for our front yard plants and potted plants. You must ONLY use non-toxic detergents and stain removers in your laundry, no bleach or chemical cleaners. See below for more information.

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Re-purposed 55 Gallon Vinegar Barrel; Now Rain Water Collector

There are some really good '' rain water collecting '' posts on Hometalk. It was a while ago that I came across Wet and Forget's post and the very nicely painted barrels that were displayed. At the time I wondered why I had not thought to paint one or both of the rain barrels my mother uses.
It was late last year so not the time to do anything then but having emptied the barrel recently that was kept in the basement for winter watering I decided that it was time to paint it.

water plants while on vacation with drip irrigation

Automatically Water Plants & Flowers While on Vacation!

Are you tired of constantly having to water your plants and flowers and can't keep them alive. Do your plants die from lack of water while you are on vacation? I've found a great solution that waters everything automatically using drip irrigation and my water bill hasn't changed!For more detailed instructions and product recommendations please visit the original article linked at the end!

water saver sticks

Water Saver Sticks

I root feed and water my tomato plants. I use my DIY water saver sticks which I make out of old vacuum tubing and re cycled pop bottles. If I use plant food I mix it in with the water. Mix it well so it won't block the holes in the bottle cap

self watering planters from soda bottles

Self Watering Planters From Soda Bottles

These very unique planters are not only upcycles they are self watering therefor are much more hands off than many plants. You busy folks will appreciate that! They are made from soda bottles and the gold spray paint really gives them a metro modern feel. Click For More Pics

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Rainwater Harvesting System

The news isn’t very promising when it comes to our national drought crisis. According to the 2015 United States Drought Monitor, if you live west of the Rockies, you are in a long term drought situation! One thing that all of us can do to help with the drought is to start collecting the rain that does fall on to our roofs (houses, sheds, doghouses, etc). This is called rainwater harvesting and although this particular project may be on the advanced level, you can absolutely install a 55 gallon rain barrel and reap the benefits such as much.

never water your garden again, gardening, The completed garden though this was about a month ago and the plants are huge and flourishing now

Never Water Your Garden Again

I'm terrible about remembering to water plants and therefore have never had a successful garden. My brother, however is an amazing gardener and took pity on me and my crispy dead plants. He created a garden for me using drip irrigation, a programmable watering timer, and lots of mulch...which means it pretty much takes care of itself. I am happy to report that it is flourishing and all I really have to do is go pick my veggies! Go here to read the full tutorial, including links to the materials used -

diy rain chain

DIY Rain Chain

I love rain chains! I think they look so much better than a regular downspout and work just as well. But the copper ones are usually pretty expensive to buy so I decided to see if I could make one.

how to make an ugly rain barrel beautiful, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Ugly Rain Barrel Beautiful

Didn't know how to hide an ugly blue rain barrel that was on my deck.

how to concrete pump house, concrete masonry

Vertical Carved Concrete Pump House

I have flower beds all throughout the yard. Which, in the heat of summer requires hoses all over the yard. I'd like to say "he loves me" and that's why he trenched water lines everywhere to help me keep my flowers alive, but the truth is he was really sick of hoses everywhere! I'll take it- watering is so much easier!
Now, to hide the pump...sounds like a good summer project doesn't it?

diy rain chain

DIY Mini Rain Chain

Hi there, Hometalk Friends! Creating a DIY rain chain has been on my mind since spring and I finally figured out a simple, thrifty way to do it. Today, I'll show you how easy it is!

how to have beautiful plants all summer long even when you re away, container gardening, flowers, gardening, A Rainbird automatic watering system we purchased from Home Depot and it s a DIY project

How to Have Beautiful Plants ALL Summer Long ... Even When You're Away

I told you the secret to having hanging ferns that are the envy of the neighborhood: NOW I'll show you how to keep your flower beds and container plants looking great all Summer long ... even when it's HOT ... even when you're away on vacation! Interested?

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Changing It Out/saving Water

My wife and I had talked about converting the lawn in the back yard to xeriscaping for several years. Over the last 4 years, California has experienced a terribly deep drought. This plus the California Turf Replacement Rebate Program provided the spark for us to undertake it last fall.

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Four New Ways to Use Old Sponges

A sponge is handy when you make a mess, but that’s not all they can do around the house! If a sponge is on its last leg, try one of these four uses for old sponges:

how to build a simple aquaponics system using an ibc

How To Build A Simple Aquaponics System Using An IBC

Have you ever wanted to get started with aquaponics but maybe you thought it looked a little difficult? Well I hope this post can convince you otherwise. Here is how to build a simple aquaponics system using an IBC.

creating a xeriscape backyard landscape, gardening, landscape, We even managed to plant a few onions and greens

Creating a Xeriscape Backyard Landscape

We are transforming our builder's grade small backyard using xeriscape ideas. Our plan is to integrate a few seasonal vegetables into two large beds.
Because we live in Texas water is a huge issue so we are making sure that this yard will use very little water. Many of our plant choices will be xeriscape plants that can survive our hot Texas summers.

rain chain

Rain Chain

I’m with several folks here on Hometalk in that I love rain chains. While visiting my sister we went thrift shopping and I found these metal cups (some kind of gelatin mold or baking cups – not sure). As soon as I saw them, rain chain jumped into mind. When I got home I already had all the other parts I needed. Of course, there are a myriad of variations you could use when making this project; this is the path I chose.

recycled soda bottles as hanging seedling rain chains, crafts, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, This is all 5 of the rain chains hanging together in my Japanese Maple tree They are hung on a white plastic clothes hanger

Recycled Soda Bottles as Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

Ok Folks! Here they are as promised!I used the top portion of the 3 liter soda bottles that I had left over from when I made the hanging planters last week.I knew they would come in handy for something.I got my inspiration from a teacher on hometalk that had her students grow carrots in 3 liter soda bottles.Last year I made the mistake of trying to grow my lettuce seedlings inside my house and my 20 lb cat decided to walk right through them and smooshed them all.Live and Learn!I have very limited sunshine in my yard because we have a lot of mature trees.These seedling rain chains will allow me to move them around the yard to follow the sun.I'm not a serious gardener but I do like to watch things grow.Plants are like our babies after all!This is an experiment.My husband wants to use them to grow strawberries but I already planted the strawberry plants somewhere else.I know that the pics are hard to see but tomorrow I will have the dirt and the seeds in the holders and I promise to take more pics so you can get a better idea of what I am trying to do.Hopefully I will have some carrot seedlings soon that I can transplant.This was extremely easy.Children would get a big kick out of doing this.I'm channeling my inner child!
Ok. Not sure if this is the place to post instructions but I will give it a try.
1.) Take your empty soda or water bottle and cut off the top portion right above the label. I found it was easier to leave the bottle cap on while I was sawing and then just remove it and recycle it.I haven't figured out what to do with those yet.You can smooth out the rough edges with a pair of scissors.

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DIY Automatic Slow Release Plant Feeder

I love plants, and flowers of any kind, really! What I don't like is leaving home for a few days only to discover that one of my plants has died. It's happened quite a few times, and for me, it's devistating. I've tried to have someone come over and water them for me, but I really don't like to ask. So, I came up with a solution, and it's free! I made my own automatic slow release plant feeder, and you can too!

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Using a Rain Barrel to Collect Condensate From Your Air Conditioner!

The a/c causes lots of condensation that just runs out onto the ground. From what I've read, condensate water from the a/c is 99% pure clear water, no chemicals, just a bit of dust! Why not catch it and use it? We did just that! Here's how we did it.
It took right at a full week to gather a barrel full of water. That's approximately 55 gallons of water that would have otherwise jut gone onto the ground. Now we use it to water all the little plants and the garden!

diy rain chain, flowers, gardening, outdoor living, A rain chains can be functional if used in place of downspout but mine is more of a lovely little water feature

DIY Rain Chain

I love rain chains, and although they're traditionally made of copper, I made one from my favorite thing, terra cotta :) and it turned out ever-so-lovely! I found a home for it on the back deck where we can see it from the screen porch and from inside the house. Not only does it add a beautiful element on sunny days but it is a tranquil water feature when it rains. Detailed instructions on the blog~ xo

diy rain barrel, go green, recycle food grade plastic drum

DIY Rain Barrel

more info at

diy sprinkler system blowout

DIY Sprinkler System Blowout

How to winterize or blow out your sprinkler system. Easy DIY project.

diy self watering planter

DIY Self-Watering Planter

Self-watering planters make gardening a breeze. No more guesswork on how much to water your plants! Now you can make any container a self-watering planter.