how to hide an electrical box

How to Hide an Electrical Box

Raise your hand if you have an ugly electrical box you have to stare at while doing laundry! We have one in our laundry closet and it was a not pretty. The solution: hide it with an easy DIY.

my entry way makeover, cleaning tips, foyer, home decor, After painting and screwing the hooks in

My entry way makeover

We are in a split level and the minute you walk in it was a dumping ground of shoes and coats and there's no real entry way. By installing some simple boards,painting and using some vintage screw in coat hooks, the coat problem was taken care of. It was sunder $25.Now I need to figure out the dang shoe thing.

faux subway tile plus a giveaway

Faux Subway Tile [plus a Giveaway!]

We haven't done much in our laundry room since moving in and we finally decided to tackle it. Sure, it could have been worse but between the floor (which had stains all over it from who knows what) and the blue paint on the walls, it felt very out of place in the rest of our neutral, woods and whites, home. After creating an inspiration board, I realized that I REALLY wanted subway tile in our laundry room. BUT..... that just wasn't in the budget, so I partnered with Cutting Edge Stencils and came up with a way to fake it.

old clothes hamper makeover, bedroom ideas, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Old Clothes Hamper Makeover

I'd had three canvas clothes hampers for at least 8 years. They were pretty hammered and the sides bowed out with so much use. As I was redoing my bedroom and these stayed in there I wanted them to match. New ones could have been $80! So I had the idea to makeover the ones I had. My only cost was the paint. **FREE PATTTERNS AND MORE PHOTOS HERE***

laundry basket upcycle

Laundry Basket Upcycle

Learn how to transform a plain dollar store laundry basket into a pretty burlap basket for your home storage and decor needs! This is an inexpensive project that does not take a lot of time to make, yet the results are fantastic! It will be a great addition to your home. (You can see more of my storage and organization projects here!)

you won t believe this amazing deck restoration from old to fab, decks, home maintenance repairs

You Won't Believe This Amazing Deck Restoration. From Old to Fab!

Anyone have a deck that looks like this? After 20 years our deck had seen various stains and paints and was in desperate need of a makeover!

kitchen table makeover

Kitchen Table Makeover

Is your small kitchen, or another room, in your home looking kind of drab? Dress it up with a punch of color! By making over a main piece of furniture in a room with paint, you can make the space look brighter and feel more welcoming for very little money.

organizing my current

Basket With Handles for My Crochet Project

I am moving from room to room and like to keep my projects organized so I can take them with me. I had this dollar store basket left over from some gift baskets, so I wanted to put it to good use. I can easily take it with me on long drives. The fabric was added to the basket so the yarn would not get frayed or damaged.

renewing a second hand kitchen table with paint

Renewing a Second-hand Kitchen Table With Paint!

I needed to replace our very dated 1985 table and chair set. Oh my, it was TIME! I found this very solid and well-built table in online classified ads and, though it looked okay as it was with a cream paint and heavily varnished, it wasn't the colour for me. I knew I could paint it, so we picked it up and brought it home for a transformation. Out went the 1980's set and in came a classic, solid table that can stand the test of time. Here's how I did changed it up ...

craft room diy desk tutorial, craft rooms, diy, how to, woodworking projects, Two places for sitting plenty of workspace and storage galore

Craft Room DIY Desk Tutorial

I have a small 10x10ft craft room in my home and needed to find a desk that would provide workspace and storage. After scouring the web and nearby stores, I figured my best option would be to build my desk using some simple supplies.
I purchased some white kitchen base cabinets from Lowe's, plywood for the base of the desktop, and laminate flooring for a finished look on the top. Add a little molding and it was perfect!
Two places to sit, 10 feet of workspace, plenty of storage, and one happy crafter!

how to turn your table into a farm table

How to Turn Your Table Into a Farm Table

Currently trending right now, Farm Tables and Farmhouse Decor are EVERYWHERE! I recently had a client that wanted to transform her outdated dining room table she had for years into a rustic Farm Table without breaking the bank. I was able to do just that using just one material- PAINT! This DIY Farm Table is super simple to tackle and create and will save you a ton of money. You'll be loving your new farmhouse decor in literally a day. The best thing about this technique is that you don't have to use a natural wood table. Even if your table is mahogany or dark cherry wood, just by using a good oil-based primer and some paint, you can transform it into a farm table. Try this technique out on any table in your home, whether a coffee table, end table, kitchen table, or even a headboard or wood plank wall. Anything made of wood would look amazing using this process. To start, simply sand down the entire table to get off any rough spots or debris. Wipe clean and prime the table entirely using a good oil-based paint if your table has a shiny varnish topcoat, or is super dark. If not, a regular water-based primer will work just fine.

modern farmhouse laundry room reveal

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room REVEAL!

We built a room on the back of our home to create a mud room/ laundry room for our family! It is super functional for us. The room includes a folding and sorting station for laundry, a washer and dryer station, a sink station, plus a coat station too. We DIY'ed this whole project by ourselves and you can too! Come check it out!

cork flooring transformation, flooring, home improvement

Cork Flooring Transformation

Each summer, I like to do a different home improvement project. This summer was no different. I decided to do a cork flooring bedroom project. I decided to removed the carpet in the smallest room in our house. It’s our daughter’s room.
Benefits of doing cork flooring in the bedroom (the reasons why we went with cork):
Softer on the feet than hardwood.

bringing fall to your front porch even with a pink door, curb appeal, doors, painted furniture, porches

Bringing Fall to Your Front Porch, Even With a Pink Door

If you're like me you don't have time to re-paint your front door with the season. I really struggled with how to decorate for fall with my Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Blush door. Thankfully I found the solution!

boys rooms, bedroom ideas, home decor, painting, This handpainted map has the names of family members for various islands beaches and coves for a fun personal touch

Fun Rooms for Boys

Here are a few samples of rooms for boys I have painted. Several are model homes for Beazer Homes and Terri Kemp Interiors.

front foyer before after, closet, foyer, painting, wall decor

Front Foyer – Before & After

They say first impressions are everything.
I used to think the entryway of a home served one purpose—a place to toss your shoes and coats. After living in and renovating a few homes myself, I soon began to realize it’s a little more than just that.

laundry room get s a makeover, diy, home decor, how to, laundry rooms, organizing, shelving ideas, storage ideas, The finished room

Laundry Room Gets a Makeover!

Laundry today…or…Naked Tomorrow!
It’s finally finished…let the unveiling begin! As promised, one laundry room complete with built-in cabinets! I shared my story last week of how I was folding towels when our shelving above the washer and dryer came flying down and landed on my chest, shoving me into the wall. I thought lemons, why not lemonade ;-) I reached up and kindly helped the rest of the wire shelving release from the wall showing the shelving its new home in the garage floor, then I got to work designing a new space complete with laundry room cabinets and tons of great storage.
Let’s face it, the laundry room was not high on our list of projects, but now that I had been attacked, the laundry room’s ranking moved to #1 on my list. We started planning by asking how much time we spent in the room, defined our work zones to include places for both dirty and clean clothing and designed the new flow. We made sure to include plenty of space for functional laundry room cabinets. After all, if it’s efficient, it will stay clean – right? ;-)

painted weathered wood tutorial

Painted Weathered Wood Tutorial

I’m guessing that most of you have seen my DIY farmhouse table and bench post, right? This was my first major furniture build and I absolutely LOVE my table and do not regret building it at all. Yes–I just bought less than $100 in supplies, spend a little time and practice building this table, and BOOM saved myself about $3000 (since all similar tables in stores were at least that much!)

creative camps children s bedroom, bedroom ideas

Creative Camps - Children's Bedroom

This is an interesting and creative way to spruce up a child's bedroom. Instead of building a tree house on the outside bring the outdoors inside! This works well, especially in states where it gets very cold and the kids can't play outside. The tree mural and the wooden "bridge" across the two beds, including the headboards are unique and inventive.

diy master bedroom closet makeover on a budget

DIY Master Bedroom Closet Makeover on a Budget

We’ve been working on it slowly for a couple of months around other projects and, well, life. It’s been 8 long years living with these pieced together racks so it’s time to get organized. I can’t say that I’m not embarrassed to be showing you this but here’s what needed to happen:

laundry room makeover for under 50 and 2 hours, diy, laundry rooms, organizing, painting, shelving ideas, storage ideas

Laundry Room Makeover for UNDER $50! (and 2 Hours)

See how I turned my problematic laundry room into a beautifully organized room for UNDER $50 and 2 hours!

new wall art for my little fashionista, bedroom ideas, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, wall decor

New Wall "Art" for My Little Fashionista

My tween daughter is all girl so when we couldn't find any typical wall art that we liked to decorate this bare wall in her bedroom,

craft room closet makeover love my diy home, closet, craft rooms, diy, home office

Craft Room Closet Makeover {Love My DIY Home)

My mom passed away December of 2014. She lived in our home in our 3rd floor apartment.
One of the first things I did was convert her bedroom over into my craft room. It was to her room first that I would to run each time I finished a project or posted a DIY tutorial.
She was my best cheerleader.

a diy turquoise front door, curb appeal, doors, paint colors, painting

A DIY Turquoise Front Door

Remember back in this post when I lamented over our front door color? I wasn't sure what to choose that was going to go with our red brick exterior and brown screen door. Well, ever since I painted our screen door black, my color options for our front door were wide open. I could go with any of my original contenders (yellow, red, or navy), or could stay true to my aqua-loving self. The result? A turquoise front door!

porch transformed to a sunroom

Porch Transformed to a Sunroom

We have lived in our home for almost four years and have enjoyed our covered porch/deck overlooking our pool. But, I have always wanted to enclose it with windows to make a real room that we could use all year long.